Chapter 104 – This Green Hat

Huan Qing Yan was also not a miser and filled up the bowl for him while asking, “My Lord, you have eaten my food, let’s end all of our grudges with this and stir clear of each other’s way, how about it?”

Ji Mo Ya raised his head, “Oh, do we have any grudges?”

Huan Qing Yan was awestruck for a moment before she heh hehed and replied, “No, no. This little girl only has gratitude to Lord, there’s absolutely, absolutely no grudges…”

Isn’t there a saying by the ancients, if you received benefits from someone, you should give that person some face?

But when it comes to this man in front of her, why did it become useless?

What was he trying to portray with that blatant look of ridicule within his eyes? It gives a bad feeling like a cat toying with a mouse, an absolutely bad premonition…

Oh, the sin!

She wondered if the shoe’s still inside the toilet pit, she must send someone to check it later. At most, she would just offer a humble apology.

As Huan Qing Yan’s mood was fluctuating, Ji Mo Ya had cleaned the bowl for the second time.

He said with his charming and refreshing voice, “I seemed to have forgotten to eat breakfast this morning, do give me another bowl.”

An empty bowl was placed in front of Huan Qing Yan.

Huan Qing Yan came out of her thoughts, it was not the time for her to think about random things, if she continues thinking, she would have no chance to enjoy the Chestnut Rice Spring Mushroom and Phoenix Bone Pot.

The most important thing between the vast heaven and earth was to eat!

Let’s think about things later.

Therefore, without constraint she boldly began to contest with the Lord silver mask opposite her and started a competition of speed eating…

Within fifteen minutes, the two of them had cleaned out the large basin!

Not even a morsel was left!

Huan Qing Yan lost slightly, she only managed to eat five bowls while Lord silver mask ate six bowls.

The lord silver mask’s graceful table etiquette has outclassed Huan Qing Yan by multiple levels as not even a single grain of rice could be seen around his mouth. While Huan Qing Yan on the other hand, not only had her faced covered in rice, even her hands were covered in them…

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In the end, Lord silver mask pushed away the table and bowl before leaving without a single word of thanks.

Huan Qing Yan looked at his disappearing back as her soul seemed to be lost somewhere for a long time.

A person won someone that possessed a pig spirit treasure in a competition of eating speed, who is that person!

At that very moment, she only had one wish: She will dig out that shoe from the toilet pit personally in apology and plead towards that great Lord to never come back again.


The Hou Estate.

After Madam Huan left, Old Master Hou was angrily sweeping the teacups on the table onto the floor.

Shattering all of them into bits!

Old Madam Hou was beside him trying to appease him, “My husband, why are you so agitated? If you are that angry, why did you not annul the engagement with Madam Huan just now? You could have saved yourself from the energy, sigh! That Huan Family is also something else, they are the one who brought up the proposal, yet it became such a big incident within a blink of an eye, are they trying to find trouble with our family?”

But they also could not blame the Huan Family, Madam Huan had explained that the Ninth Prince got attracted to Huan Meng Yue when he visited the Huan Estate. In addition, Madam Huan came to find them immediately to explain the situation, even willing to annul the engagement from her side and not only return the betrothal gifts but also compensate the Hou Family with fifty thousand silvers as a token of apology. She was truly sincere in trying to make amendments.

Although the Old Master Hou was angry, a sly smile was hanging on his face, “Annul? Lord Ninth is trying to bully our Hou Family by getting involved with our family’s future daughter-in-law. Ending things so easily now is not worth this green hat* being placed on our family, isn’t it?”
*Cuppa: Wearing a green hat means being cuckolded in Chinese. It originated from a story about a merchant who was asked by his wife to wear a green hat she gifted him whenever he goes on long multi-day trips, saying it was a safety charm from her. The merchant who loved his wife deeply listened to her and did as requested. However, it was in fact a sign used by the wife to tell her adulterer that it was safe to sneak into the house to meet her at night. When the adultery was exposed, it became what it was meant now.

“Husband, what do you mean?” Old Madam Hou was confused.

“Our Hou Family had always been supporters of Lord Crown Prince, Bai Cheng Feng is now picking a fight by stealing our future daughter-in-law, in a way, it is also picking a fight with Lord Crown Prince and implying that Lord Crown Prince is of no importance to him! I am going to the Crown Prince Estate, I will ask Lord Crown Prince to support us…” Old Master Hou asked his wife to prepare a change of clothes after explaining.

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