Chapter 103 – No Longer Tolerate

Huan Qing Yan did not think it was due to her skills, she had only made a handful of dishes so far and could not have reached the level of an Intermediate-Rank, at best she was at the level of a Basic Spirit Chef. She believed it must be due to the assistance of the ancient bowl that allowed her to produce dishes that reached the standard of an Intermediate Spirit Chef.

On top of that, there seemed to be new information given after the ancient bowl increased by two levels. It could now identify the quality of the cooked food, what a nice upgrade.

Huan Qing Yan did not hesitate to gobble up her bowl instantly before filling it up again…

That’s when she noticed from the corner of her eyes that a silver figure had been standing beside her since God knows when.

Huan Qing Yan jumped in surprise, this person’s speed was even faster than a ghost!

“My Lord, have you finished looking? If you did, then this young girl shall not be sending you off. Do feel free to visit again…” Huan Qing Yan gave a courteous bow.

Just leave already! Can you let this lady eat her meal in peace?

Who knew the silver mask guard decided to sit down opposite of her before saying, “Miss Huan, is this how you treat guests? An important guest is here and yet you did not even serve tea?”

“The Lord has advised well but the Aged Soup Room does not have tea. May I trouble the lord to move outside with me instead…” Huan Qing Yan smiled for show.

Within her heart, she had been grumbling: A person that entered the forbidden area uninvited, yet justly described himself as an important guest?

How thick must his skin be?

The reason she did not bother to argue nor did she kick him out immediately was because of the favor he did for her before! Yet he dares to criticize her.

If this continues, she will no longer tolerate!

“Since there is no tea, you can always use a substitute to receive the guest, right?” Ji Mo Ya looked at the basin of Chestnut Rice Spring Mushroom and Phoenix Bone Pot after speaking…

Huan Qing Yan suddenly understood! Ai, you should have said so early!

Why are you being so implicit for? Seriously.

She went to get a clean bowl and filled it up before serving it to the silver mask guard, “My Lord, forgive this little girl’s poor manners, please enjoy…”

*Click* Ji Mo Ya removed the lower portion of the mask…

Revealing his mouth and chin.

That thin, lightly pink and luscious lips was even more sexy and good looking then a woman’s. If not for the fine and well-groomed little beard on his chin as well as that prominent Adam’s apple, Huan Qing Yan might have thought that the silver mask bro was actually a woman instead…

Huan Qing Yan suddenly had the impulse to remove his mask and casually say this sentence to take liberties at him: my little beauty, come, smile for this master…

However, this person was currently displaying a fussy look as he placed the a grain of chestnut rice into his mouth and said, “The texture is passable, just the amount of spirit energy is slightly too little. What is this dish called?”

“Chestnut Rice Spring Mushroom and Phoenix Bone Pot. One bowl provides 100 spirit energy points, it is not really little.” Huan Qing Yan said unconvinced.

100 spirit energy points was little!?

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This could be considered as a rare item among common low rank spirit masters, okay?

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If not for being within the rather well-to-do Huan Estate of Huan Imperial Chef, would you be able to enjoy something that’s worth 100 spirit energy points? This was the type of good stuff that money can’t buy.

“Oh. What is your spirit chef rank?”

“Should be Basic.” Huan Qing Yan honestly replied.

How long was it since she awakened her spirit treasure? Being able to reach Basic rank within such a short time could only be done by individuals of extremely high talent. However, the time she spent within the ancient bowl was not short either.

“It seems like you have some talent as a spirit chef.” Ji Mo Ya might be portraying a nonchalant and casual attitude while looking extremely graceful, but the speed at which he gobbled down the food was extremely fast too. Within a short while, the bowl was wiped out and placed in front of Huan Qing Yan.

“Another bowl.”

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