Volume 1, Interlude A: And So It Begins

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A female figure, shrouded in darkness, watched the two friends depart. She sat on top of a nearby roof, a slight grin developing on her face.

“I think this should satisfy you. I’ve made contact with him and now it’s up to the both of them to meet your expectations,” she said, glancing up at the night sky for an answer.

A slight breeze blew past her face after she finished speaking. The woman nodded in response and leaped off the roof, landing on the brick floor without any issues.

“There’s no need for such secrecy, really. I doubt they realized anything yet. But then again, it is the Gatekeeper we are talking about. She’ll be the first to realize anything,” the woman remarked, furrowing her brow.

The breeze grew stronger, enough to move the woman’s hair so half of it covered her left eye. The woman sighed, adjusting it back. Her expression then shifted to one of minor agitation.

“You don’t have to do that. I already know what you’re trying to say. Yeah, yeah, I get it. Of course I’ll continue monitoring them. You know this isn’t my first time doing this kind of thing,” she said with confidence.

She then snatched a small piece of paper floating in the air. The mysterious figure walked over to a nearby street lamp, reading the contents. She scanned the area before pulling out a lighter.

The woman lit the piece of paper on fire, holding it in her palm. She made a fist, crushing the burning item. After relaxing her hand, no trace of the paper or any burns from the flame remained.

“Hmmm, never is easy for any side, is it? Another thing I have to deal with now,” the woman lamented.

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Walking off into the darkness, she vanished. Anyone observing her would have seen her visible for one moment and then disappearing soon after.

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