Chapter 102 – Succulent And Smooth Texture

Silver light armor, silver mask, even the gloves were silver in color, a clear and calm gaze that shone like the starry night while the person exudes a graceful and elegant aura that gives off a slight feeling of distance!

It’s him?

Huan Qing Yan’s mental state was stunned as she wondered How did he get in? This was a restricted area within the Huan Estate protected by a spell formation!

“*Cough*, may I ask how did Lord Silver Mask enter the Aged Soup Tower?”

Ji Mo Ya replied casually, “I was investigating a case in the Wang Estate next door and somehow passed by here unknowingly. So this is the famous Aged Soup Tower of the Huan Estate, ok, would it be a problem if I take a look around here?”

A refreshing and charming voice was heard.

Huan Qing Yan got speechless.

Their family’s Aged Soup Tower was protected by a spell formation that was set up by a high-rank spell formation master. Many people have had designs for their family’s thousand-year-old soup but were deterred because of the spell formation, yet how did he enter?

What’s more, is a place protected by a spell formation for people to casually look around?

But she could not offend this person, this person gave off an enigmatic feeling and had a mysterious identity, someone that could make Bai Cheng Feng show a lot of courtesy. Huan Qing Yan was unable to guess who this person was but she was sure of one thing: she could not offend this person.

On top of that, this person had helped her with her papa’s case last time and she owned him a huge favor.

“No problems at all! The Aged Soup Tower is a forbidden area within the Huan Estate and also the place where my papa kept the spirit food ingredients. It is not really a big place and is mostly empty, only a few basement levels worth of ingredients are stored…” Huan Qing Yan said, accompanied with a smiled.

“I only wish to take a random look.”

As Ji Mo Ya spoke, he went to the left edge of the room to check before going to the opposite end on the right.

He seemed to be really focusing on his investigation and was looking for something…

“Then please help yourself. This little girl has yet to finish breakfast, do you wish to accompany me for a meal? Kekeke…”

“Up to you!” Ji Mo Ya turned and headed towards the Old Soup Room.

Huan Qing Yan also did not bother about him, their soup was not something that could be copied that easily so she let him do what he wanted and headed towards the pot that was still cooking. If it continued to cook, the contents would burn.

Therefore, she immediately transferred the food into a large wooden basin.

She initially wanted to eat directly from the large basin but now there’s a handsome guy in front of her, she needs to maintain a lady’s demeanor.

She got a smaller bowl instead and filled it up before sitting down on the table to enjoy her meal.

The spring mushroom melted instantly when it entered the mouth, it was fragrant and distinct while the phoenix bone was stewed soft, allowing the bones to be eaten along with the skin, giving it a succulent and smooth texture. The chestnut rice was savory and powerful, leaving a rich aftertaste within the mouth…

Huan Qing Yan could not believe that this was made by her.

Although the taste of food made from spirit energy ingredients were naturally delicious, what she had made this time was so good that it would not lose out to the green jade tofu made by her papa last time.

A notification came from the ancient bowl, “Discover Chestnut Rice Spring Mushroom and Phoenix Bone Pot, Culinary Rating: Good, 100 spirit energy points…”

A hundred!

Only allowed on

Eh, there’s also a Culinary Rating? Good? If the rating is good, then in theory, the dish would have reached the level prepared by an Intermediate Spirit Chef.

Culinary Rating from lowest to highest was as follows: Normal, Good, Excellent, Exquisite, Perfect.

While a Spirit Chef could be split into the following levels from lowest to highest: Apprentice, Basic, Intermediate, High, Master, Grandmaster, Legendary.  

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Apprentice and Basic Spirit Chefs could only produce Normal rating food. While Intermediate and High rank Spirit Chefs could produce up to Good rating foods, Master rank could produce up to Excellent rating while Grandmaster and Legendary Spirit Chefs could produce Exquisite and Perfect rating food respectively.

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