Volume 3, Chapter 1-5: Looks of a Girl, Heart of a Woman

We were now in the middle of February. It was now a certain day before the fourth term students’ graduation party.

I was soaking my feet in the footbath in the mansion when someone hugged me from behind.

“Guess who it is~?”

The girl that is hugging me is small, but her chest that’s pressing against my back is unfitting of her small frame.

This has to be —

“That voice…Sophia.”

“Ehehe~ yep!”

Sophia walks around and sits down next to me while putting her feet into the footbath.

“It’s so warm. Soaking in a footbath during the winter is the best.”

“Right? It’s amazing.”

“Yep, soaking my feet in here on a chilly day with some ice cream would be amazing.”

“Sophia, do you want some ice cream?”

I’d personally like a mandarin orange, but the oranges in this world aren’t that sweet. That’s why I’d like to get Sophia what she wants.

…hmm, maybe I should try to create some delicious oranges next? Though, creating an orange that’s as delicious as a mandarin orange would be difficult. Maybe I should first try to find the most delicious orange in this world.

As I was thinking about this, Sophia grabbed onto one of my arms.

“What are you thinking about, Leon onii-chan?”

“I want to eat delicious oranges while soaking my feet in the bath.”

“Oranges, huh…Alice onee-chan was saying the same thing.”

“In the world we were originally from, it was common to eat oranges with your feet under the kotatsu.”

By the way, Sophia now knows about our past lives. We told Claire and we didn’t see any reason to hide it from Sophia.

And so, we also told Milli and Michelle.

To be honest, I expected them to be more surprised. Everyone seemed to think it made sense considering all the knowledge that we had.

“The kotatsu…that’s something like a heated blanket, right?”

“It’s similar. The feeling is almost like a footbath, but you can enjoy the warmth of a kotatsu while lying down.”

I personally prefer a kotatsu…well, if I were to come up with some sort of shallow bath that I could lie down in…no, I’d be too afraid of drowning. Let’s stop thinking about it.

“Sophia, are you interested in a kotatsu?”

“No, I love the feeling of the footbath.”

“Really? I don’t think anything compares to the feeling of a kotatsu.”

“But I wouldn’t be able to bathe together with Leon onii-chan using a kotatsu.”

“…bathe together? Did you learn that from Alice?”

“Yep. She told me that it’s the perfect time to seduce you because your guard is lowered.”

…she even said that. What is that girl teaching the pure Sophia?

“I’m going to tell you this now, everything Alice says isn’t right.”


“Yeah. She was talking about mixed bathing but we only have our feet in the bath.”

“But earlier, when Sophia hugged you from behind, Leon onii-chan enjoyed the feeling of my chest, right?”


Due to her surprise attack, I wasn’t able to prepare myself for that feeling. That’s probably why she noticed. I’ve noticed that recently, Sophia has been able to use her ability more and more effectively.

Considering everything Alice has been teaching her, that is a terrible combination. It would be impossible for me to deceive Sophia when she does something like this.

“Ah~, sorry. I just didn’t realize how much you’ve grown.”

“Ehehe~ It’s embarrassing, but if it’s Leon onii-chan, I’m okay with you liking it.”

“Hey, girls shouldn’t be saying that!”

“It’s because I’m a girl that I can say that.”

“That’s true, but that’s not what I meant!”

“Sophia will be twelve-years-old this year. It’s possible for us to get married now, Leon onii-chan. I hope you’ll think about that.”

“E-Even if you say that….”

In my opinion, Sophia’s chest is about equal to that of a girl in her late teens.…….Well, in this world, you’re considered to be an adult at around age twelve, so she is around the age to be thinking about stuff like marriage.

“Sophia is learning a lot from Alice onee-chan and Milli okaa-san. I’m trying my best every day.”

“Trying your best?”

“”Yeah. Like the other day, I learned to tie a cherry stem with my tongue.”

“What is that idiot Alice teaching you!?”

“No, it was Milli okaa-san that taught me that.”

“Milli did!?”

What was she thinking? Why would she teach Sophia something like that?

Well, if she’s teaching her that then there is only one thing…uwaa I don’t want to think about Milli talking about things like that with Sophia.

“Alice onee-chan told me that, because I’m so shy, that if I were to know this technique it would be 100x more effective on onii-chan.”

That girl — what is she teaching the innocent Sophia!?


Sophia looks rather young for her age. She’s also rather short, but her chest is growing at an accelerated rate.

Such a young and pure Sophia…yet, she’s already mastered such a mature technique…*Gulp*

— Wait, why am I gulping!? I shouldn’t be thinking about stuff like that!

“Ehehe~ Leon onii-chan is thinking about doing ecchi things with Sophia.”

“Gyaaaaa! Don’t read someone else’s feelings without permission!”

Due to her ability, Sophia seems like she may be my most formidable opponent.

“F-For now, we can hold off on talking about it. Even if you say you’re going to be twelve, your birthday isn’t until December. That’s nearly ten months away.”

Obviously, I have several reasons for trying to hold off these talks.

Even though twelve is a marriageable age in this world, I still have the mind of a Japanese man. My mind is still resistant to marrying someone of that age.

So, I wanted to postpone talking about that until Sophia is as old as possible. I’m not trying to postpone to avoid answering or because I would tell her no.

— Yes. I’m beginning to realize I have feelings for Sophia as well.

At first, I thought it was brave of me to choose only one person. No, I feel that way even now. However, if it is courageous to choose one person, then isn’t it even more courageous to choose three?

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…Alice has really corrupted my way of thinking.

Still, the feelings I have for Claire and Sophia are a little different from the feelings I have for Alice, but they are still real.

And that’s why I want to wait until Sophia is older.

Though, it might be bad if Sophia can read my true feelings.

“Oh yeah, Sophia, is school fun?”

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“It’s really fulfilling. I’ve made a lot of close friends.”

“Is that so?”

“I accidentally called Lyanna ‘onee-chan’ in front of everyone, so everyone knows I’ve been in school for a while now.”

“Eh, are you being bullied….?”

“Bullied? No, they treat me almost like I’m on the same level as the teachers.”

“Ah, that’s what you meant….”

Honestly, Sophia probably has as much knowledge as the teachers. She’s probably younger than the rest of the students, so I’m sure they think she’s quite amazing.

It’s good that she isn’t being bullied, but it is a little sad that she’s not treated equally among the rest of the students.

It would be nice if Alice joining the school caused a change in the environment.

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