Chapter 61: Just by wishing for nothing to happen will make the situation worse

Just by wishing for nothing to happen will make the situation worse


In a slightly cloudy summer day, Germa was gazing at the town from the rooftop of a random building.

The strong wind swung Akuya’s hair, the person who was possessed by him.


“Well then, now that I’m familiarized to this body, let us start.”


A wicked grin reached Germa’s face, making Akuya’s gloomy expression become way more ominous than how it was already.


“I’m intending to grant this body’s wish, however, first, I need to finish my business. It will take a considerable amount of time, after all.”


Stretching his arms towards the sky, a black magic emitted from his hands.

After leaving it for a short moment to condense, he then released it straight to the sky.

By the time Germa stopped releasing that magic, the sky was already full of gray clouds whirling around the spot he aimed at.

Because of that, the weather had a drastic change and the sky became completely cloudy.

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“This should do it. All I need to do now is to wait for it to finish.”


Uttered Germa, seeming satisfied by the cloudy sky.


“My power will increase even more and the world I’ve been yearning for will take form after I finish this. I will become the god of this abandoned world. At that time, all the angels, especially the ones who humiliated me, and that violent woman will become powerless.”


Getting heated up by the moment, Germa raised his voice.

If this world had a god, then it would be natural for that god to come and arrest Germa.

There’s no way that such a god wouldn’t notice Germa’s obvious interference.

The only interpretation to the lack of reaction to his behaviors is that this world doesn’t have a god. And Germa has already realized that.


“Come to think of it. There was something that bothered me earlier.”


He said to himself with a confused expression.

Germa can see the memories of the person he possesses. And inside Akuya’s memories,  he saw a strange person.


“Who could it be, I wonder.”


It was the person who casted that spell on Akuya in a way that should be impossible for a normal human.

Germa couldn’t stop thinking about him.

After all, for him, there was no way someone with that power could exist here.

As far as this world is culturally developed, its people don’t have any special powers. Germa knew about this fact.

Despite that, that human harbors a clearly deviating amount of power.

Germa couldn’t measure his power only from Akuya’s memories, but he still decided to be vigilant from then on.


“Well, everything will be clear once I meet him. I just made an insurance in case something happens, anyway.”


Germa muttered as he gazed at the cloudy sky.

What he did just now was something that makes his ideals take form in reality as well as an insurance against that strange human.

A human that holds a mysterious power in a world where everyone has a low fighting ability.

That was enough reason for Germa to make him vigilant.


“Okay then, everything is ready. All that’s left is granting this body’s wish.”


Finishing his preparations, Germa turned around and set to look for Kamaishi and Yato.


“First, let’s start by that human female. It could serve as a good shield against that human.”


Making his usual wicked grin, Germa uttered to himself.

With every step he made in the rooftop, his body gradually turned into darkness until he eventually disappeared in the shadows.




“We bought alot!”

“Thankfully, I remembered the other stuff I needed in class.”


Kamaishi and I went to a stationer.

Since I bought many things next to the notebook, I started feeling that my backpack got pretty heavy.

I did well going with her.

When we were calking together while chattering, Kamaishi pointed at the sky as if she saw something odd.


“Ah? What is that?”


Following the direction she pointed at, I noticed that the sky was full of clouds making a weird shape.


“I wonder…”


Kamaishi seemed pretty bewildered by what she saw.

All the clouds were whirling around one spot almost like a tornado.

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It was indeed a scenery that could catch anyone’s attention. However, for me, it was something else that made me confused.


(Wait, that spot is emitting a very sinister ambiance around it…)


Standing dumbfounded by the ominous aura released from the sky, Kamaishi talked to me.


“Kamiya-kun? What’s wrong?”


Looks like she noticed my unusual reaction to what’s happening.

That means everyone else here, including her, doesn’t see that sinister aura.


(…… Guess I’m gonna have to go.)


Presuming that leaving the sky like that would lead to an undesired result, I spoke to Kamaishi with my eyes fixed on the clouds.


“Sorry, Kamaishi-san. I just remembered something. I’m going to have to go.”


Finishing that line, I went jogging in the direction of those weirdly shaped clouds.


“Eh? Wai- Kamiya-kun?!”


Kamaishi was surprised by the sudden change of plan, but I didn’t turn around and instead just waved my hand and kept running.

Making sure she no longer saw me by taking a different path, I used 【Space-Time teleportation】 and immediately moved to a place near those clouds.

I hope that nothing happens… well, it will though.

I felt slightly dejected by the incident that was about to happen.





The colonel


“Hey, look at those clouds.”

“What is that!? I never saw a cloud taking that shape.”

“It looks like something that could show up in an anime.”

“I see!! I get it now!”

“What did you get?”

“Laputa should be above those clouds.”

“Eh? But it should be a dragon nest in that case.”

“There should be a dragon nest above those clouds then!”

“Then how do you explain that curl?”

“Laputa’s lightning will strike from the center of that curl! That colonel is definitely looking down at us now while saying something like ‘hahaha, look! Humans are like garbage!’”

“What will happen if a lightning really strikes?”

“This zone would probably turn into a sea of flames.”

“… should we run?”

“… let’s run!”


TL note: I did my best with this bonus part. I don’t even know what’s laputa or who’s that colonel, so if anyone gets the reference, please explain~~


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