Chapter 62: You should always strike your enemy when they look away.

You should always strike your enemy when they look away.


When I got close enough to the whirling clouds, I used 【Wind magic】 to fly and approach the spot.

The more I got closer to the clouds, the sinister aura released from that spot increased. I even noticed black mist gushing out from its center.


“What’s that?”


I wondered when I realized the existence of the black mist.

It felt extremely ominous.

I don’t know what it was exactly, but I understood very well that it’s something very bad.

When I stayed gazing at it for a while…


“Kamiya Yato.”


Lina came flying from behind.

I made a light greeting to Lina who had already transformed into an angel.


“Yo, Lina. So you ended up here as well.”

“Who wouldn’t end up here after noticing that weird cloud.”


She had a point.

I tried asking Lina about the origin of that cloud.


“Do you have an idea about what’s going on?”


Fixing her gaze at the sky, Lina replied.


“Probably… no, that’s definitely Germa’s act. He’s the only one who can do this.”

“You mean that fallen hatred god?”

“Yeah. As his title suggests, he is the god of loath. He can absorb the evil emotions inside the human heart and transform it into his power… which is magic.”


He can absorb evil emotions? That makes him an evil god even worst than a fallen god.


“Those clouds probably serve to amplify the hatred inside of peoples. That black mist is the materialization of evil emotions. Once it reaches a certain amount, everyone in this city will become controlled by their hatred and start rampaging around. To top it off, only those who have a high level are able to see it.”


I was honestly surprised after hearing Lina’s explanation.

That’s pretty scary!

It basically means that once that mist reaches a certain amount, this city will turn into a lawless area.

I didn’t expect that a god would be this dangerous.


“Are we going to be okay? I mean, we’re pretty close to the mist.”

“Because of our levels we should be able to resist it for a period of time. Well, if we have the 【Mental resistance】 skill, there would be no need to worry about it in the first place.”


Is that so? Then I should be fine in that case.

Though, despite realizing that I would be fine against the black mist thanks to the 【Mental resistance】 skill, there was still a problem that had to be solved.


“How can we stop it?”

“Despite how it looks, it is still a type of magic. I can erase it using my void magic, but that will take some time.”


At the moment when Lina activated her void magic and raised her hand to the sky…


“I can’t allow this.”


We heard a resounding voice coming from somewhere.

Lina and I looked around to find its source, but nobody was there.

In an instant, a black mist appeared before us bringing a single person to view.

I doubted my eyes when I saw that person.

This guy…


“Is that you, Germa!?”


I was dumbfounded by Lina’s question.

Isn’t that the gloomy guy who was hitting on Kamaishi that time?

What’s going on here?


“Oh, aren’t you the angel of that time? Thank you for letting me escape that day. Because of you, I was able to find this lovely resting vessel.”


Hearing Germa’s sarcastic reply, Lina couldn’t hide her frustration and clenched her fist.


“Is that really Germa? I already met him the other day, but he didn’t give any godly vibe.”

“Germa have the ability to possess any human who harbors an extreme amount of hatred. The last time you met him must be before he was possessed.”


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Well, he did seem pretty angry at that time. I guess it’s only natural for him to hide that much hatred in his heart.


“But still, it seems like I am very lucky. I never thought I’d meet both of my targets at the same time. Though I did lose my composure when you saw through my magic.”


Grinning at both of us, Germa sounded very pleased… and looked so creepy as well.

That was my honest impression when I saw the gloomy guy smiling.

Hm, but wait…


“Both of your targets?”


Leaving Lina aside, I don’t remember doing something to Germa.


“Yes, this body’s wish is to have you dead. That’s why you became one of my targets.”


I didn’t know how to react to what Germa just said.

That gloomy guy wants me dead?

Well, he seemed to hate me that much, so it’s quite possible.

If I knew this was going to happen, I would’ve cast a death curse on him instead.


“That only makes you a fool to show up in front of both of your targets like that.”


Lina smiled with satisfaction.

She was right. No matter how strong he was, it should be pretty tough even for a god to fight against two people.

However, contrary to our expectations, Germa seemed to find what she said funny and started laughing.


“Is that all you have to say? Indeed, if I was still in the same conditions the last time we met, I wouldn’t have a chance against the both of you. But now, I already found a good resting vessel and my wounds had considerably healed. It is now impossible for me to lose against you. I don’t know about you, but I guess you’re the same level as that angel. I can’t see why I would lose.”


Germa spoke as if he had already confirmed his victory.

Looks like he was assuming that I’m on the same level as Lina.

Well, there’s no way he’d know that I’m far stronger than her.


“Then try defeating me. I will bring you down and erase those clouds.”


Saying that, Lina took out her sword.

Accepting her challenge, Germa started emitting a black aura from his body. Both of them were ready to start fighting at any moment.

Though, I stopped them from doing so.


“Lina, wait. I need to do something before you start fighting.”

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“I will just erase those clouds…… Erasure.”


Immediately after I chanted the spell, the black mist above our heads had suddenly disappeared and the sky went back to its normal blue and clear color.


“…… Ha?”


Apparently not expecting something like that to happen, Germa let out a confused voice as he gazed at the sky.

Just as Lina said, if that was a type of magic, then I can just erase it using my 【Erasure magic】skill.

I could’ve done that from the start, but I couldn’t find a good timing.

That’s why I decided to erase it now, before it becomes my turn to fight.

It would be pretty bad if I was to run out of magic after the fight, after all.

Lina was surprised for a second as well, but immediately calmed down after uttering something like “ ah, I almost forgot you can do that.”

She already became used to it.

On the other side, Germa was still staring at the sky absentmindedly, not believing his eyes.

Of course, I wasn’t so nice to wait for him to come back to his senses.


“You shouldn’t look away in the middle of a battle.”



I teleported near Germa and caved my fast in his abdomen.

Not having the time to counter-attack, he didn’t know how to react and instead drew back while holding his stomach.

As expected, he wouldn’t go down with only this much.


“I assume you’re ready, fake god. It’s time for punishment.”


I said to Germa who was still holding his stomach and glaring at me.






Erasure magic


“Your 【Erasure magic】is a cheat skill.”

“Yeah, it can erase anything as long as it doesn’t directly affect life forms.”

“Anything, huh… then can you erase this?”

“What’s that?”

“The trash I forgot to take out today.”

“You think I’m a trashman?”


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