Chapter 5: Boss Who is Cold On the Outside but Warm on the Inside


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Just as the young secretary is about to admit fault, she sees Si Zheng Ting frowning before drinking the milk.


The secretary is shocked.


Mr. Si hates the fishy smell of milk the most.  He also usually hates other people disturbing his routine; just what is happening right now?


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As the warm milk settle in his stomach, his entire body suddenly feels full.  Perhaps it is the work of his heart; the pain in Si Zheng Ting’s stomach gradually lessens.


He lowers his head; a complicated look flashing in his eyes as he looks at the milk.


After a while, the meeting has not end and Zhuang Nai Nai gradually feels bored.  She walks towards a resting room nearby.


After she sits for a while, her head starts nodding off while her eyelids turn heavy.


During a brief break in the meeting, Si Zheng Ting walks out and discovers the silhouette of a woman in the nearby resting room.  She is already on top of a table, asleep.  She appears to be in deep slumber, without a care for the world.


Si Zheng Ting glances at her a few times before turning around, intending to leave.


At that moment, the woman suddenly moves and coughs a couple of times.  She shrinks her body and hugs herself.  She is too tired and sleepy.  She simply changes the direction of her head before continuing to sleep.


Si Zheng Ting pauses in his step, suddenly speaking to the assistant next to him with an icy tone, “Where do you spend the company’s money on?”


The assistant does not know why he is getting scolded.  When he follows the direction of his eyes, he finally understands why.   He feels like he is too wronged.


Nevertheless, he does not dare to complain.  He stands in his spot with a straight posture, “It was my negligence, sir.”


He then rushes into the resting room and turns off the air conditioner.  When he turns around, he finds that Si Zheng Ting is still there, frowning.  He then, takes out a blanket from inside a drawer and wraps them around Zhuang Nai Nai’s body.


This time, when he turns around, the doorway is already empty.


The assistant wipes the cold sweat on his forehead, sighing in his heart: He must be the most thoughtful assistant in the world.  He has perfected the art of reading minds!  It is really hard to serve a boss like this!




Zhuang Nai Nai is awoken by a sound from outside.


“Miss Zuo, she is inside.  I personally saw her chasing after Mr. Si, refusing to let go.  Mr. Si completely ignores her.  She is just a wishful commoner wanting to climb up the social ladder, wanting to become a phoenix.  She wants to marry Mr. Si?  Hmph, she can dream on!”


“Hmph, what phoenix?  She is a magpie at most!  At the end of the day, Gu Enterprise is nothing but nouveau riche,” a cold voice says in a haughty tone.  “She is not good enough for Ting gege.  She actually dares to make a ruckus in his company?  She is absolutely shameless!”


(TN:  Gege means brother.)


“What you said is right, Miss Zuo!  What kind of a person is Mr. Si?  Only someone like you is good enough for him.  If it weren’t for this Gu Qing Yan, you would have married him long ago!”


“I really want to see how this Gu Qing Yan looks like!”


The two people’s voices are not low, they clearly wants her to hear this on purpose.


Just…. That haughty voice is somehow familiar to her ears.


As she thinks of that, the sound of footsteps becomes closer.  A beautiful woman appears in the doorway.  Her face is haughty in a cold manner, her chin is tipped slightly.  Her curly hair is let loose on her back while her arms are crossed.  She is wearing a Chanel dress, while her entire face gives off the air of a spoiled rotten young miss.

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