Chapter 63: Such a degraded act for a god

Such a degraded act for a god


Germa who received my strike, glared at me with provoking eyes.

He rubbed his stomach while making a pained face.

After the pain flew away, he finally lat out his hand from his stomach and calmed down again.


“I didn’t expect you to make a surprise attack. Are you fine with whatever happens to this body?”

“It’s not like he was my acquaintance or anything like that. Even if I gave him some damage, I will heal him at the end anyway.”


Well, I don’t fall bad at all hitting that gloomy guy honestly.

He seemed to be a great enemy for Kamaishi after all.

I won’t be responsible for whatever that may happen to him.

It’s all his fault.


“Honestly speaking, I don’t care about what could happen to his body. So yeah, you can just stop thinking about using it as a shield against me.”


Noticing that I wasn’t lying when I told him so, Germa went quiet for a moment, then floated back his wicked grin.


“I see, this is very regrettable. I thought you would show some hesitations, but it can’t be helped now.”


Finishing his words, Germa started emitting black magic from his body.

Together with Akuya’s creepy grin, he seemed way more sinister than before.


“I’m going to have to fight you fairly.”


Germa said as he showed off his composure.

When I got in touch with his black magic, I suddenly put on my guard.

Its ambiance had abruptly changed. Looks like he started to get serious.


“I have no idea about how you erased my spell, but in the end, you’re just a human. There’s no possible way you could defeat a god like myself.”

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Immediately after finishing that line, Germa created a tremendous number of black spheres behind him.

The black spheres kept increasing in a fast pace until they exceeded a thousand.

A thousand spheres made from a black mist floating around us.

I couldn’t hide my impression when seeing that incredible scenery and I let out a sound of admiration.

Lina, as well, remained gazing at them with an impressed expression.

As expected from a god. Doing this much isn’t that difficult for him.


“First, let’s start with a little test.”


Germa raised his hand and lowered  his wrist.

Following that signal, all the black spheres swooped down at me and Lina.

When Lina was about to use here void magic skill to erase the spheres, I stopped her at a close timing by raising my hand.

Making sure she understood my intention, I created a shining yellow sphere behind me.

I mean, obviously, light is the standard weapon against darkness.

Confirming the size of the sphere, I instantly made the same amount of them as Germa’s.




Following that single word, all of the light balls I made went directly to bump against Germa’s black spheres.

Light and darkness. The yellow spheres collided with the black ones, then both turned into light particles and disappeared.

At this race, all the black spheres should disappear.

Or that’s what I presumed before Germa made his next move.


“You seem to be capable. How about this then?”


Before the yellow and black spheres finished colliding, Germa commenced his next attack.

A black mist appeared out of the blue and tried wrapping me inside it.


“This is not gonna work you know.”


I quickly erased the mist using 【Erasure Magic】, though I didn’t realize that it was nothing but a distraction to conceal his real move.

When I looked in front of me after taking care of the mist, countless black spears were already surrounding me in every direction.

As soon as they established their aim, all of them were launched at me at the same time.




Clicking my tongue, I tried teleporting using 【time-space teleportation】, however, Lina made her move before that.


“Won’t let you!”


Screaming, she used her void magic to cover the spears surrounding me.

All the spears turned into ash and disappeared in no time.


“You seem to have forgotten my presence here.”


Said Lina when she stood next to me.


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“Thanks for the help.”

“Don’t let your guard down. You’re fighting against a former god. You should be ready for anything that may happen.”

“She’s right.”


Germa followed up Lina with a similar voice tone.

Although, that voice didn’t come from the front but from behind.


“Your back is defenseless.”


Somehow, he showed behind us and reached his hand.

Instantly, Lina turned around to face him, but it was already late. His hand was about to reach her.

At this rate, she will be caught by him… at this rate.


“Yours is too.”


I teleported behind Germa who appeared behind us first, then placed my hand on his back.

Of course, such a move was out of his expectations, so he couldn’t hide his startled expression.

He swiftly turned around, though just like what happened to Lina, he was already late.




I released a shockwave of compressed wind at him.

As a result, a sound of explosion reverberated inside the town and Germa got blown off with a flexed back.




He screamed as he got blown away, but as expected from a god, he used his legs to stop on the way.




Screaming a word that completely ruined the intellectual ambiance he gave off until now, Germa stood up.

With a rough behavior, he created a giant black mist and went inside it.

In an instant, another black mist appeared before us and he stepped out from it.

That was probably a type of teleportation. He probably used the same technique to teleport behind us earlier.

Leaving behind his black mist while being out of breath, he still insisted on showing his composure and talked in a forced tone.


“That was quite effective. I honestly didn’t expect it.”

“Well, thank you.”

“Give it up! You can’t defeat up alone.”


Hearing Lina’s warning, he seemed to admit the fact that he can’t defeat us and kept quiet for a while.

Well, he’s been bragging about victory before even trying to fight. He’ve got to admit it now.

After a moment of silence, he looked as if he thought up of something and brought back his wicked smile again.


“I see. Indeed, It looks like I’m in disadvantage against the both of you. I admit that, however…”


He then created that black mist once again and carried something out from it.

After the mist finally disappeared, I widened my eyes after confirming the person he was holding in his arms.


“How about now?”



The person Germa was carrying was Kamaishi.

Lina couldn’t hide her bewilderment and screamed her name.

Looks like she was unconscious for that she didn’t move.


“I assume this human would serve as a good shield this time.”


Keeping the same wicked smile in his face, Germa shifted his gaze to Kamaishi.

I can’t believe that a god went down to the level of taking hostages.





Erasure Magic


“Your 【Erasure Magic】can erase anything.”

“Yeah, It’s probably the stronger among my skills.”

“Doesn’t have a weak point?”

“I’d say the fact that it can’t affect a living form, or that it could delete only one thing at a time. If I use 【Space Magic】, I can erase many things in one try, but that also takes time. So I can’t use it in battles that depend on speed.”

“I see. Then can you use 【Space Magic】to erase the memories of inhabitants of a different world?”

“That’s possible.”

“… Don’t do that!”

“I didn’t say I’m going to do it…”


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