Chapter 116 – Demon Revealing Mirror

“Isn’t this an Orange Ranked magic weapon that your father left you? For this subordinate to use it, the restriction must be removed, right?”

Using this Demon Revealing Mirror would cause a rather large commotion.

To activate it, one must be at least an Eight Star spirit master. When the mirror was activated, winds and clouds would gather and create an ever-changing scene, if the mirror detects any demonic energies, it would create a scene of dark gloomy clouds that churns the surrounding spirit energy.

Different from its title, this mirror does not simply reveal the original form of something or someone after it captures them in its reflection.

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In fact, this is a murderous mirror that would automatically attack upon discovering demonic energies.

In addition, this mirror’s origin… was extremely special.

That was why Mo Si was so surprised.

His Young Master had made an unexpected decision to use the ancient demonic mirror on the Huan Estate, it seems that his Young Master had determined that the Greater Demon wreaking havoc within the Hanging Cloud Empire originated from the Huan Estate.

However, even if that was the case, was it a level that required the use of the mirror? The origin of this mirror was extremely large, why use it for an irrelevant person of the Hanging Cloud Empire? It was simply a waste of using a precious item on an insignificant task.

Ji Mo Ya was able to guess Mo Si’s thoughts and said, “So be it. I will go there personally then.”

As the words left his mouth, his figure immediately disappeared from the spot.

When Mo Si realized what happened, he immediately chased after like a shooting star, “Young Master…”

D*mn it, when did Young Master’s cultivation improve so much. He was unable to catch up at all.

After checking his surroundings, he noticed that the figures of Mo Wu and Mo Liu who were hiding nearby were gone, they had reacted faster than him and moved off together with the Young Master.

This caused Mo Si to feel an even stronger sense of pressure, at this rate he would be reassigned to the Feather Guards!

What a miserable fate!


Within a small wooden hut that was built for the event, was where the test took place.

Only one person could enter at any point of time, if the person passed, they would be given a token and sent to the outer regions of the hut. If not, the person would be immediately kicked out of this area.

Huan Qing Yan was currently queuing up in line. Huan Meng Yue took the test earlier than her. By using the Ninth Prince’s token, she obtained special treatment and was placed in the priority line for the test. After a while, Huan Meng Yue left the hut with a light smile, in her hands was the palace token.

When everyone saw her, their confidence was greatly increased, “If such a young spirit chef could pass, I think the test should not be too difficult.”

“All of you do not know who she is? She is Ninth Prince’s candidate! She might have used some underhand method. She was originally the fiance of Young Master Hou and now has a complicated relationship. Look at her face, that coquettish glow could only mean that she is no longer a girl but a woman, a nice sl*t.”

The voice slowly turned into a slightly lecherous tone.

The gathered people also looked at Huan Meng Yue with unsavory eyes as well as some disdain.

No matter how good Huan Meng Yue’s innocent expression skills were, she was unable to hold it up now. She never expected that within such a short span of time, the rumors outside had affected her reputation to such a degree.

In addition, as a female, if she went up to confront them, it would not only be unable to stop the rumors, it might also create another story for people to mock her with.

Therefore, she could only coldly stare at the people discussing, memorizing all their faces.

Humph, when she returns to Lord Ninth, they would have their just desserts.

When her gaze landed on Huan Qing Yan, it turned even sharper.

Huan Qing Yan treated as though Huan Meng Yue was invisible but, within her heart, she was filled with joy.

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It looked like the influence of Imperial Censor Wang and his gang of old friends were quite powerful and possessed many people under them. All it took was every person under them to spread what happened that day and this illicit news would only turn from bad to worse as it was being spread…

Her first move against Huan Meng Yue, to crown her with the title of ‘Flirtatious Sl*t’, had succeeded.

The way they treated the reincarnated girl in the past would be returned to them slowly, one at a time.

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