Chapter 115 – Control

The words sounded nice on the surface but it was in fact filled with an intent to threaten.

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A shiver ran down Huan Qing Yan’s spine, a real sister like her would only cause her sleepless nights.

Suddenly, she felt her pig spirit treasure feeling slightly unhappy and seemed to be trying to shake off something as it grunted a couple of times within her mind. This pig spirit treasure of hers rarely moved within a day, ignoring her even when she called.

How come it has a reaction now?

Huan Qing Yan’s swept her gaze and saw the spirit treasure imprint on Huan Meng Yue’s wrist was faintly glowing. The glow was targeted at her own wrist, what’s happening?

Is Huan Meng Yue trying to use her Rouge Bird Spirit Treasure to control her Pig Spirit Treasure?

And her Pig Spirit Treasure had discovered this and thus felt unhappy and tried to shake off her control?

If her Pig Spirit Treasure was controlled, what would happen?

Huan Qing Yan was unable to guess exactly what would happen but she could not startle Huan Meng Yue and let her know that she noticed. At that moment, their team began to move.

The host of the event was a person who possessed a lion spirit treasure, he used a voice akin to the roar of the lion, controlling everyone’s ears within the event, “We will now begin the first round of the selection process! Every spirit master will come up to identify a hundred different types of ingredients. Only those who can identify more than eighty ingredients will be allowed to enter the side gate of the palace and take the second round of the selection.”

Huan Qing Yan and Huan Meng Yue could no longer bicker as they followed the group towards the exam area.

Along the way, Huan Meng Yue began to ponder. Her spirit treasure could even affect Bai Cheng Feng’s spirit treasure, how come it failed when it came to Huan Qing Yan’s spirit treasure?

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Was it because Huan Qing Yan’s star talent was higher than hers?

Or was it because her cultivation level was lower than Huan Qing Yan’s?

Huan Meng Yue was unhappy about this outcome but she had no other choice. She will try again after she caught up to Huan Qing Yan’s cultivation level!

As long as she could control Huan Qing Yan’s spirit treasure, everything else would be easy.


Within the royal palace.

Jo Mo Ya was standing at a concealed corner with his hand behind his back as he looked at the crowd within the parade square below him.

Mo Si was standing behind him and said, “Young Master, the Hanging Cloud’s emperor is truly taking things to the extreme. All he needs to do is to send an imperial chef to serve in the Aged Consulate, yet he used the royal announcement of finding a spirit chef for you to spread the news about you gracing the Hanging Cloud Empire…”

“We shall just follow our host’s arrangements.” Ji Mo Ya’s refreshing voice replied. He was wearing a snow-white robe, looking extremely dashing and at ease. Even though he was standing in a dark corner, the glow coming out from him made him stand out easily.

“Young Master, this does not match your character! When have you become so easygoing? Eh, who’s that lady below? Is this subordinate’s eye playing tricks on me!? Isn’t that Lady Huan! A young mistress like her is interested in a thousand spirit stones?” Mo Si saw Huan Qing Yan within the crowd.

Ji Mo Ya had noticed her since some time ago, the Feather Guards had submitted the list of participants who registered for this event for him to check much earlier on.

“Mo Si, I have a mission for you.”

“No matter what dangers I must face, I will always be ready to fulfill your orders Young Master.”

“Bring this to the Huan Estate right now.” There should be no one within the Huan Estate since most of them were here for the event, to show support for Huan Qing Yan.

Ji Mo Ya passed a bronze mirror to Mo Si, the mirror was ancient looking and well-worn from being used for a long time, there were also exotic silver patterns carved on it…

Mo Si accepted the item as his smiling expression turned solemn, “Young Master, this is the ancient mirror? With this mirror, even the most powerful concealment methods of demons would be exposed after they were shined by it, causing their souls to scatter! It also has the ability to detect the residual energies of demons who stayed at a place before…”

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