Chapter 40: 20 Missions

Apparently, Li Daxing’s bad reputation seemed to be widespread among the freshmen. As soon as the five girls heard that Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was the one who beat him up, their gazes clearly displayed shock and hesitation. The girl who had looked at him with disdain just now quickly took a step back.

“Just wait and see!” Those girls didn’t forget to leave a fierce remark behind, glaring at Wang Huan before leaving. Su Ke, however, didn’t pay attention to it. It’s good that they got scared and ran away or else wouldn’t I have to really go up and xxoo them?

“You should also hurry back!” Su Ke turned back. Only then did he notice that there were scratches on Wang Huan’s cheeks, from which a little blood was seeping out. He immediately informed her. “Wang Huan, you’re hurt! Quickly go to the infirmary!”

“Aaah?” Her expression became dark. “Those little sl*ts, I’ll kill them!” She seemed to have also felt a little painful heat from her cheeks, and since she couldn’t deal with them now, she pulled Li Yan to leave. It appeared that she seemed to care about her face very much.

“Brother Su Ke, thank you~.”

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Su Ke waved towards them and was just about to enter the classroom. The students within the corridor had all hidden far away. Suddenly, Wang Xiaogang made his appearance. “Su Ke, did it feel good?”

“Why didn’t you come out just now?” Su Ke punched his shoulder.

“How could I dare to? I’m not as awesome as you. Your moves just now were too cool. The first one, the Perfect Dress Stripper, if you hadn’t changed it mid-way, the girl’s belt would’ve definitely fallen. And the one after that, the Nine Hidden Butt-Grabbing Holds, once it rushes out with a thunderous force of several thousand catties, their buttocks would definitely be bruised. As for the final one, the Divine Draconic Breast-Grabbing Hold, it was simply too unpredictable. As it set out, it didn’t even distinguish between allies and enemies!”

Wang Xiaogang held back his laughter, which made his face appear to be just like a blooming chrysanthemum.

His words made Su Ke embarrassed. The situation just now was too risky. If he had really used Military Fitness Boxing to deal with them, those girls would’ve all dropped down on their backs, just like wild geese laying down on the calm sandbanks.

“You can get lost!” Su Ke said and entered the classroom. As expected, he noticed that Wei Lan was glaring at him, pouting with a sharp expression on her face as if there were a deep and great hatred between them.

“Hehe!” Su Ke smiled towards her but instantly received a cold harrumph as a reply. Wei Lei turned her head to the side. The mission to help Wang Huan escape from the encirclement had been completed just now; of the remaining missions, one was to invite to Liu Qingqing to lunch, and the other one was to placate Wei Lan’s anger.

Giving an embarrassed laugh, Su Ke scratched his head and went to his seat. Anyways, everything should work out well if I say a few good words to her on the way back home.

The class starting bell was rung, but Su Ke couldn’t enter into a mood to study this time. His mind was still in chaos. Ever since I’ve mysteriously obtained this Flower Pickup System, I feel as if my entire world has changed.

Have I become cooler? Su Ke could only think in this direction!

Girls had never taken the initiative to speak to him before and even looked at him with disdain, treating him like air. But now, Wei Lan, Li Feifei and that girl from today, Liu Qingqing who had confessed to him, no matter the reasons, Su Ke had already become involved with these girls.

But I still don’t know anything about this Flower Pickup System. I only accept the missions passively each time and complete them. Although it isn’t too troublesome, no one likes the feeling of being manipulated like a puppet.

Su Ke propped up his chin with his right hand, watching the blackboard with rapt attention. He adopted a look like he was earnestly listening to the class and then accessed the Flower Pickup System’s space again. Looking at the LCD screen, there were three ongoing missions on it.

“Mission: Obtain Wei Lan’s first kiss; Reward: Senior High School Comprehensive Sciences Proficiency (Intermediate Level).”

“Mission: Invite Liu Qingqing to have lunch together; Reward: 500 RMB.”

“Mission: Placate Wei Lan’s anger; Reward: 300 RMB.”

Why did these missions appear? Su Ke pondered, but the LCD screen didn’t have anything else on it except for the missions. According to reason, there should at least be an introduction or something!

“Mhm?” As Su Ke thought this, he was suddenly startled. At this moment, he noticed a very very small square frame at the lower right corner of the LCD screen with word ‘Help’ written inside it.

Su Ke was absolutely sure that this square frame didn’t exist before because he had searched every nook and crook of it and still hadn’t found anything the last time he researched it.

Finally, something new has arrived! Without any hesitation, he directly touched that ‘Help’ section.


There was no reaction. Su Ke touched it again.


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Still, there was no reaction. Su Ke’s heart couldn’t help feeling angry. This sound resembled the sound a computer made when something went wrong. He was about to curse out when he looked at a notice which had appeared at the bottom of the LCD screen.

“Help function will be unlocked after completing 20 missions!”

“Current Status: 17 Missions, 14 Completed Missions!”

“Fudge!” Su Ke found this to be too unbelievable when he saw this notice. He had arduously completed missions from the first day he had started accepting missions, and including those three ongoing missions, the total turned out to be just 17 missions!

“Inviting Liu Qingqing to lunch and placating Wei Lan, these two missions can be settled quickly, but these add up to only 16 missions, that’s still four less.” Su Ke felt somewhat anxious. But no matter how anxious he was, he had excluded the mission of obtaining Wei Lan’s first kiss.

Humanity’s desire for knowledge was unbounded due to their curiosity. That’s what pushes the progress of Science and acts as a major component towards the development of society. And now, Su Ke was already distraught with anxiety due to his curiosity. To understand the mechanism behind the working of this Flower Pickup System, he had to complete 20 missions as soon as possible.

But Su Ke could only wait for the system to issue the missions. He could only worry helplessly as he didn’t have any other means.

At last, it was time for the dismissal of classes. Su Ke packed up his things into his schoolbag and raised his head to look at Wei Lan. This girl had already left the classroom.

“Wei Lan!” Su Ke quickly yelled, but that girl had no intentions of stopping. She didn’t even turn back and even sped up her pace.

“Fudge! She’s really angry!” Hurriedly packing his things, he chased after her immediately. Su Ke was waiting to complete the mission, and if he let her run, wouldn’t that be too dumb?

“Wait for me! Why aren’t you waiting!” Su Ke chased after her while gasping for breaths. Besides turning back to glare at him, she simply didn’t even respond to him.

“I say, beauty Wei Lan, are you really that A-N-G-R-Y!” Su Ke stood in front of her and blocked her path.

“Humph! Why don’t you speak then? What’s the matter between you and Li Feifei? And that Liu Qingqing? Furthermore, why did you grope that girl, even feeling up her bosom?” Wei Lan questioned with a cold and expressionless face.

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