Chapter 81 – Yellow Veggies and Roasted Fragrant Malt

As she was halfway through the process of stir-frying, another notification appeared: Little Cooking Assistant would like to suggest the owner to add the Huan Family’s Aged Soup in the sequence of white, green, yellow…

There’s a Little Cooking Assistant?

Huan Qing Yan was shocked beyond shock and had reached the point of feeling numb at the surprises the ancient bowl had displayed.

She did not stop and proceeded to follow the suggestion adding the three colors in sequence.

After a series of cooking actions, the ingredients were cooked and was ready to be served!

“Ding! Discovered Food: Yellow Veggies and Roasted Fragrant Malt, 30 Spirit Energy, Additional Attribute: 1 Stamina Point.”

Huan Qing Yan was beyond happy!

She had succeeded this time!

She managed to create food that possessed an additional attribute!

She just became a Basic Spirit Chef, yet she was able to produce food that boosts attributes. This happened because of the little cooking assistant that came into existence after the dimension leveled up and definitely not because she had reached the level of a Master Spirit Chef.

When she looked back into the memories of the reincarnated girl, she was unable to make attribute-boosting foods till the day she died. Therefore, she voluntarily moved the Aged Soup to the Ninth Prince’s Estate as she was afraid of being discarded by the Ninth Prince and hoped he would treat her well because of it. In the end…

Pui! No point thinking about that male trash.

Huan Qing Yan happily cuddled Little Xing Han and showered him with kisses, causing the little boy to giggle joyfully.

When Huan Jiu Li returned and discovered the situation, he was very happy for Huan Qing Yan. Huan Qing Yan gave the plate of food to Huan Jiu Li.

“Brother Jiu Li, this is only for you. The whole dish only increases 1 point of stamina, if we split it among ourselves, it wouldn’t have much effect. It is better to let one person eat it and boost a point of stamina, so you should do it!”

Huan Jiu Li dare not accept such precious food and gestured for Huan Qing Yan and her brother to eat instead…

But Huan Qing Yan forcefully gave it to him and said, “There’s still a few Yellow Veggies and Fragrant Malt in the ingredients room. I can easily make more of them quickly.”

Only then did Huan Jiu Li accept it with joy.

Huan Xing Han was looking at him with a tinge of jealousy, he had eaten food that boost the stamina attribute only a few times and remembered them as delicious. Even though his Papa could make them, there was a probability of failure while most of those success cases were offered to the royal family, therefore he rarely had the luxury of eating it…

A short while later, Huan Qing Yan quickly managed to cook up another three plates of the dish.

She placed a joss stick on plate, as an offering to her Papa!

“Papa, Little Yan is offering you this. Please be rest assured, Little Yan is now able properly inherit your legacy.”

After she paid her respects, the trio cleared their respective plates of Yellow Veggies and Roasted Fragrant Malt, the attribute boost had made the food even more fragrant and delicious than normal.

After the three of them had their fill, Little Xing Han blissfully rubbed his stomach and said, “Sis, from now onwards, I want to visit this place every day. I had a lot of fun here.”

Huan Qing Yan laughed.


Hanging Cloud Empire, Outskirts of the Capital, Chang Ting Mountain.

Several elderly morning joggers were running towards the peak of the mountain and were practising a session of Tai Chi to train their bodies. When suddenly, one of them smelled a strong stench of blood…

A corpse was laying on a grass patch not far from them, the person seemed to have only died recently. On the person’s chest, was a gaping hole that was dripping blood.

One of the elderly joggers who was a Two-Star Spirit Master smelled the air and said, “There’s a strong demonic scent not far from here, I will give chase. The rest of you should go inform the authorities…”

His companion stopped him and said, “Do not be rash. This must be related to the recent heart digging murder incidents that targeted Spirit Masters. I heard it was done by a Greater Demon and is something you are unable to go against. We should play safe and inform the authorities together…”

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