Chapter 82 – Eight Lifetimes Of Blessings!

As the group of elderly men prepared to descend the mountain, the corner of a person’s pants was being pulled, it was the hand of the corpse pulling at that person.

The corpse said, “The cave at the back, has… has…”

He died before he could finish speaking.

The person must have used some sort of secret technique to allow him to stay alive for a period of time despite losing his heart and he used that opportunity to relay his last message.

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The elder men puffed up their chest courageously and head towards the mountain cave mentioned. What they saw shocked them as they saw several corpses within it!

The victims have all died for some time.

These frightened the group greatly, causing them to scurry down the mountain in fear.


A joyful atmosphere of song and dance was currently undergoing within the Golden Oracle Hall of the Imperial Palace.

Within the hall, the Emperor was wearing his golden robe embroidered with dragons that covered his plump circular body snugly. The middle-age man in his forties was currently smiling brightly.

He gave a toast towards the Young Master of the Ji Mo Clan sitting beside him.

Ji Mo Ya had long removed the attire of the Silver Mask Guard and was wearing a moon white long robe, on his waist was a snow white belt while his black hair was casually tied up with a silver ribbon. Some strands of hair were moving without any wind, like the renowned people of ancient times, and due to the halo emitting from his back, it caused his face to dim and prevent people from seeing his face clearly. Only the side of his face was visible and it emitted a calm, graceful and noble appearance that looked as though it was sculpted by a master sculptor.  

He was courteous and all smiles but one could feel a sense of distance from his courteous manners. He returned the toast to the Emperor and occasionally replied a few sentences, causing the Emperor’s smiles to grow even wider.

The hall was seated full of people, near to the Emperor sat more than ten princes to the left and right while officials of authority were seated neatly after the princes. The officials were all showing expressions of adoration as they looked at the important guest from the Ji Mo Clan.

“I would never have imagined that I would have the great fortune to witness the Young Master of the Ji Mo Great Clan visiting our Hanging Cloud Empire. I must have accumulated eight lifetimes of blessings!”

The voices of bootlicking were constantly being heard from the far reaches of the hall.

“Indeed, seeing an immortal level person like Young Master Ji Mo, able to witness his charms and etiquette had greatly broaden my horizons!”

“Lord Emperor, you must do your best to make Young Master Ji Mo stay with us as long as possible, so that we could admire his immortal-like form longer…”

The Emperor who was in a great mood, laughed out loud and said, “This was also this emperor’s wish too. As Young Master Ya is currently not in a hurry, he has agreed to spend some time in Hanging Cloud Empire and see what our empire has to offer. He will be staying in the Time Consulate, so rest assured my beloved officials!”

“That’s great!”

“Rumor has it that Young Master Ji Mo’s spirit treasure was a spirit dragon of heaven and earth, it has the occasional ability of flying into the sky and cause spirit rain. It will truly be the blessing of our Hanging Cloud Empire if such a miracle happens…”

Ji Mo Ya only focused on the food and drinks, his actions were like those of an immortal within the eyes of everyone and was noble beyond words.  

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The emperor said, “That’s of course. However, Young Master Ya did not bring a Spirit Chef with him. Since he is planning to stay within our empire for a period of time, he cannot do without a Spirit Chef. Therefore, this emperor will be thinking of ways over the coming days and see what we can do to select a suitable candidate to cook for Young Master Ya.”

“Indeed, that’s a must.”

“Please allow this Prime Minister to arrange it. This Prime Minister would ensure everything is in place, please be assured Lord Emperor and Young Master Ji Mo. Hahaha…”

As everyone engaged in jovial conversations, the Ninth Prince who was seated among the princes spoke, “Young Master Ya, we have discovered some leads regarding the murder of the Martial Officer. I hope to get Young Master Ya’s comment on what we have found.”

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