Chapter 83 – Widespread Panic!

Everyone in the hall naturally knew the specific murder case the Ninth Prince was referring to, their gazes all landed on the Ninth Prince.

“Ho? What have you discovered?” Ji Mo Ya smiled gently.

The Ninth Prince swept his gaze at his surroundings before speaking with a clear voice, “The murder cases target Spirit Masters specifically. After they were killed, the murderer used a special method to dig out their hearts which was where the Spirit Treasures were. In fact, the murders were for Spirit Treasures and has nothing to do with hate or revenge! This proves that there is a demon hiding within the capital of our empire.”

These were information that everyone knew, after all, close to twenty of such cases had happened already. Only the demons would use the evil method of eating the Spirit Treasures of humans to improve their cultivation. However, the Spirit Masters who were killed were all low ranked, therefore they suspected that the demon hiding in the capital was not very strong and thus did not cause any great panic.

Everyone continued to listen patiently.

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“Next, this Prince had also discovered some common traits amongst the victims. Firstly, they were all Five-Star ranked or lower. Secondly, they were all individuals who possess some level of status and power…”

When he said those words, the officials within the hall all noticed that they had fulfilled those requirements.

They were all low rank Spirit Masters who possessed status and power, these caused the tension within the hall to increase slightly.

“What must we do? Lord Ninth, please apprehend this vicious demon as soon as you can!”

At that moment, a guard who was directly under the Ninth Prince was approaching him to give a report, the expression of the guard looked anxious.

The Ninth Prince had just reached the height of his speech and was slightly unhappy at being stopped, he chided the guard and said, “Why are you being flustered for? Are there new developments? If so, I want you to report it to everyone. Let Lord Father and Young Master Ya listen and join in too.”

The guard also felt that the information he had would not be a secret, it would be news that everyone would learn about soon. Therefore, he loudly reported, “We discovered close to twenty corpses without hearts within a cave located on a mountain outside the capital. We are currently trying to investigate the identities of the victims…”

Those words immediately caused widespread panic within the hall!

The Ninth Prince’s face flushed. He just announced that a common trait of the victims was that they were all people of status and power but now, there were close to twenty unidentifiable victims…

“Lord Father, this son will proceed to investigate immediately. Young Master Ya and everyone else, please continue to enjoy yourselves.”


Huan Qing Yan had originally planned to continue her momentum and practice each dish the dimension had taught her at least once. Unfortunately, her mental power was greatly reduced after making a few dishes as she felt a great wave of fatigue coming down on her.

She had a strong urge to sleep.

So, she could only stop.

In addition, it was already late night, so she brought Xing Han back to their place to rest.

After washing up and reaching her room, Huan Qing Yan ordered her servants to leave before she entered the dimension.

She proceeded to the hot spring to recover her mental fatigue, however, she discovered that the hot spring’s ability to recover from mental fatigue due to cooking was slowed down greatly. It was not the same as when she was recovering from fatigue that was accumulated due to daily activities.

Huan Qing Yan could not help but leave the hot spring and dragged her tired self to the back of the house.

The ancient bowl’s dimension used the plants growing within it to level up, just one level of increase had brought her many advantages, allowing her to make food that possessed additional attributes. She wanted to increase more levels as soon as possible as there might be more surprises waiting for her.

“I have a Pig Spirit and this species of Spirit Treasure was known to have large appetites, they require much more food and ingredients than normal. If a normal Spirit Master requires ten thousand spirit energy to rank up, I might need twenty or even thirty thousand spirit energy to rank up. So, the correct path I should take now is to plant more ingredients that possess spirit energy.”

“Ingredients that possessed spirit energy has never been cheap, a normal family needs to spend tons of money just to sustain one Spirit Master’s needs. Stuff like these are always about having the more the merrier, and since they have no upper limit or side effects, they could be consumed daily. The only limit is how much you can eat, digest and how fast the Spirit Treasure can absorb.”

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