Volume 2, Chapter 10: Trap

Yes, Xiao Bei finally could not stop trembling.

Liu Xin just so happened to have business with Xiao Bei. When he found that Xiao Bei had already left the history category, he directly headed towards region customs area where Yang Chen was. “Brother Liu, we had been fooled. ” Xiao Bei said.

“Oh? Why is that so? Say, let’s hear about it.” Liu Xin was still carrying archaeology records in his hands when he saw Xiao Bei in a daze.

“Look at this.” Xiao Bei passed the Feng Ji Yi Wen Lu book to Liu Xin and then started to narrate the story. Only when the story mentioned the Dead Subduing Treasure Mirror did Liu Xin finally seemed to have come to a realization.

“You are saying that that story might actually be real?” Liu Xin was flabbergasted.

“No, although all these coincidences had helped to connect all the situations we had come across together, don’t you feel that these coincidences seemed to be too big?!” Xiao Bei grabbed back the book that was in Liu Xin’s hands, “If I did not guess wrongly, that information you got your hands on must have been related to another tomb, right?”

Liu Xin’s expression changed. What Xiao Bei said was correct. That information was indeed the situation about another tomb.

Xiao Bei flung the book that was in his hand onto the next table.

“That person had all along been misdirecting us, causing us to make a big turn! In fact, the actual problem isn’t over here. Perhaps this was just a way to stall for time! By delaying the time, that person would be able to arrange another puzzle! Coming to Luo Yang was actually the wrong choice!”

“Because he is in the shadows, he is able to clearly detect our every move. From the time when I had lost consciousness in the depression, he had already begun to plan. He had purposely harmed Uncle Qia then had me return to Harbin!”

“All of these are nothing, but the most critical thing is that why is it when I just returned to Harbin, Brother Liu, you then had new findings? Also, all these clues were pointing to this place?! Why are we able to so easily find these clues? That statue that contained the map, why was it placed in such an obvious place?! This clearly shows that somebody had actually done all these!”

“Since the appearance of the black cat is the beginning of his calculated arrangement, then why did that person not play tricks on us again? Look at this!” Xiao Bei put his strength in slapping the cover of the book that was on the table. “Once again, he is currently trying to lure us to head towards the next trap, black cat, rumors, tomb! This is really too much of a coincidence! The flaw is that the coincidence is really too big!”

“Where did the underground river take the coffin to? Why did I appear in the little village where Uncle Qia is staying in? Since the ancient jade and the Dead Subduing Treasure Mirror were both able to flow into Luo Yang, this proves that the underground river really does flow through here”

“When we were in Li Jiang, both the now deceased Second Uncle and I had the feeling that we were being watched. It seemed as if someone was watching our every action. I then understood. Before I jumped into the depression and fainted, he had always been tightly following me and led me to another fork of the underground river. As for himself, he left for a period of time as he followed the underground river and reached Luo Yang and arranged all these!”

Xiao Bei bitterly shook his head and then continued to uncover this shocking news.

“This has also reasonably explained why during my recuperation, it was very peaceful. However, after some time, something happened in the village. Over there, I found the pawprint of the black cat, then the sudden re-appearance of the Gui Mian Cao which caused Uncle Qia to land himself into danger. It’s all because that person had come back. Though I was being forcefully pushed into the original plan, over there, I was rescued by the villagers and that is where I met the resourceful Uncle Qia. This was outside his expectations. Hence, he had no choice but to design a plan to force me to return to the original course of the plan!”

Liu Xin and Yang Chen frowned and did not speak a word as they were carefully considering Xiao Bei’s assumption.

Exactly, all of these seemed too much of a coincidence and it was to such a terrifying degree that it was flawless! However, it’s impossible for anything that’s perfect to exist in this world. With his suspicion, Xiao Bei used reverse thinking, trying to rip apart a hole in the humongous whirlpool and cause it to expose the hidden scheme.

That person behind the scene, what does he really want? Why did he spend so much effort to play with him and others? This couldn’t be a boring move as nobody would be so bored to the extent of creating such an enormous puzzle.

But, what to do now? Would the clues break off from here like this?

Other than the pitifully little clues that person had left behind, Xiao Bei and the others had nothing else! Also, they did not even know where to take action!

The three carried their own worries as they went to find a hotel to stay in. On the way, nobody spoke a word. Even Xiao Bei was quiet. It was during dinner time that Yang Chen could not stand it and broke the silence.

“So, what do you all want to eat? I’ll go down and ask.” Yang Chen awkwardly turned his head and asked.

“Āi, I don’t really have any appetite, anything will do.” Xiao Bei sighed and fell backward onto the bed. Both his hands were behind his head as he quietly stared at the ceiling.

“You can do as you see fit. I also don’t know what to eat. How about we go down together and take a look?” Liu Xin felt helpless. During the day, Xiao Bei’s words had given their 100% confidence a blow.

Yes, originally he had also thought that he had found the clue which would then cause the answer to be revealed shortly. However, the fact was that it had tricked himself into a trap. When the mysterious veil that was covering all those facts had been unveiled, it caused him to be unable to advance or retreat, forcing him into a hopeless situation. With this huge problem on their minds, it was natural for them to feel moody.

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“Forget it, it’s better if I go by myself. Brother Liu, you must also be tried, you can go rest first. I still got some energy, while outside, I can also enjoy the wind and breathe in some fresh air.” Yang Chen felt perplexed as he had really underestimated the intensity of the blow this time around.

Everyone seemed like they had lost the will to fight. With the heavy spiritless atmosphere, even he also seemed about to fall apart.

Yang Chen withdrew alone and a short while later, he ran back. The waitress served over the dishes and the three went to surround the table but, no matter what, they didn’t have the appetite to swallow the food down.

“So, what are we going to do now?” Yang Chen asked.

Xiao Bei finally found the reason to put down his chopsticks as if it actually weighed 1,000 jins. Go back home? He was unwilling! Follow the route that was planned out by that person behind the scene? What if it was another trap? At this time, he also didn’t know what should be done so that it would be the right decision.

[TLN: 1 jin = 0.5kg]

“I feel that since we have already reached this point, why not go home first?” Liu Xin also put down his bowl and chopsticks. “Āi, actually, I’m also unwilling but what can we do? We have lost all of our clues and by waiting here, we would become sitting ducks. Why not go home first and organize our thoughts. There will always be opportunities.”

Xiao Bei lowered his head when a sudden thought flashed by in his mind. He grabbed his coat and ran out the door.

Liu Xin and Yang Chen were shocked by Xiao Bei’s actions but they immediately recovered. Perhaps Xiao Bei had thought about something. Hopefully, it would help to recover his current spiritless mood.

The truth was that Xiao Bei had indeed got a clue but he didn’t know whether it would work. He even got the feeling of not wanting to try this method. He was already empty of fighting spirit and would not be able to bear any more setback. But if he didn’t try it, he would probably never know the end result.

Xiao Bei remembered Uncle Qia, he was still in danger. Once he recalled that old doctor who loved to squat on the doorstep and smoked using his smoking pipe, Xiao Bei felt guilty. He could not abandon and disregard him as he did not want to implicate the innocent again! Xiao Bei tightly held the thing that was in his hand as it contained all his hope.

Along the corridor, he collided with a waitress. Xiao Bei, who nearly fell, suddenly saw that the waitress was holding onto an invitation card and the location on it which it was supposed to be sent to was actually the room he and the others were currently staying in.

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Who was it that had sent it?

For now, he did not want to think about this problem as he would know about it when he returned. Currently, the most important matter in his eyes was to find the result he was looking for. Xiao Bei exited the hotel and got in a taxi, driving off and disappearing within the smoke and dust.

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