Volume 2, Chapter 11: Invitation Card

When a person is feeling restless, he would make some small movements. Xiao Bei isn’t an exception. While he looked out of the window which was covered with white frost, his hands were rubbing against each other.

This time, he went out filled with hope but he still came back disappointed. However, it wasn’t to the extent of being thoroughly disappointed as another fruit was bore. A suspicion emerged from his mind.

Very quickly, he returned to the hotel. He felt that the invitation card he received when he went out was a problem, and it definitely was not a simple one.

Opening the door, he saw Liu Xin holding onto an invitation card. The bright red color in this cold season was extremely eye-catching. On the cover of the card were large words stamped in gold, making it very exquisite. The address was indeed correct, it was to them but who was it that sent the invitation card?

“Xiao Bei, you’re back? Look at this.” Saying finished, Liu Xin handed the invitation card to Xiao Bei.

Xiao Bei suspiciously flipped open the card. Inside was written with black words on white background, very different from the gorgeous style on the cover page.

“Tomorrow night, 7 pm, a dinner banquet will be held at West District’s 23rd villa. Everyone must be present.” There were only this sentence and no signature, which made it seemed to be nonsense.

“Why isn’t there a signature? Brother Liu, are you familiar with anyone here?” Xiao Bei questioned.

“I am also puzzled by this.” Liu Xin sighed and opened up his arms. “There shouldn’t be anyone I’m familiar with here. And, even if there is, he would know about my nature and would not make this kind of jokes.”

Xiao Bei frowned.

He was not an innocent and inexperienced kid anymore. After going through so many unforeseen events, he learnt how to survive, how to use his brains. However, this unexpected change caught him unprepared. Who sent the invitation card? Was there a conspiracy behind it?

It was not that he was thinking of other people as sinister, but that the situation they were in now did not allow him to not be cautious.

“Yang Chen, was the one who sent the card your friend?”

“Impossible. Look at the content, it stated ‘everyone’ and not ‘you’, does this not explain it all? There isn’t anyone who knows that I’ve came to Luo Yang, what’s more knowing you and Brother Liu. This invitation card is aimed at us and not someone among us.”

Hearing what Yang Chen said, Xiao Bei and Liu Xin were enlightened.

Indeed, since the other party had spoken so clearly that it was not directed at any of them, it shows that he knows who those of this side were and also perhaps our every actions.

The more they thought about it, the more they felt it to be very believable, or else how would he know their location?

“Our whereabouts are grasped, don’t you find it weird?” Liu Xin’s eyebrows creased. “I’m now afraid that the other party knows about our goal, and, he might be the one that staged this!”

Xiao Bei frowned even more while continuously rubbing his fingers on the invitation card. Yang Chen’s thumb and index finger were pinching his chin as his eyes looked around non-stop.

“It should not be so. Just because we broke his plans does not mean he would easily appear before us. The one that sent this card should be someone else, but we can’t deny the fact that they might be greatly related!” Xiao Bei shook his head.

“So what do we do now? Have you found your clue?” Yang Chen asked.

“There wasn’t even a clue. My guess was wrong.” Xiao Bei laughed bitterly.

“Go? Or not go?” Yang Chen continued his question.

“This banquet might be our only chance, but it would be dangerous to go.” Lu Xin added while getting up from his chair.

The three felt very worried.

Indeed, in this kind of situation, this would be the only opportunity for them to strike back and who knows they might actually be able to completely end this nonsensical thing by following the vines to get the melon.

From another point of view, if they were to go blindly and went there without preparing, there would be a chance that they would once again be pulled into trouble which would be able to take away the lives of an entire army. This, then, would be an unwise move. Without thorough preparations beforehand, they should not act rashly and blindly.

Are they going to give up on this opportunity?

Xiao Bei understood. But he’s worried that even with thorough preparations, a slight variation would also be able to change the course they intended to head towards; similar to playing chess, a wrong step would cause the player to lose the whole game!

“This invitation card really came at just the right time.” Xiao Bei could only sigh.

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“The other side is observing our every move from the dark, he definitely knows how alluring this is to us. That person is also not afraid as he used ‘must be present’ this kind of writing. This is clearly trying to trick us.” Liu Xin swirled the soup ladle in his hand. “We are really stuck in a dilemma. This could be the situation the other side wanted to see. He might also be laughing at us. This is really not easy ah.”

“Wrong, all along, our actions had always been within his calculations. But this time, we had broken out of it. He shouldn’t have such a fast response. Wait a minute! You just now said that ‘this could be the situation the other side wanted to see’, ah, I get it now!” Xiao Bei stopped his hand’s movement and threw the invitation card onto the table, then slapped his head. “Brother Liu, your words had made me aware. I believe he’s currently also not fully prepared. from the other side’s movement, he must be a sophisticated thinker who pursues perfection and the feeling of having everything within his palm. However, why would he want to see us in an awkward situation? This shows that he once again began his new act while fixing up his plan ah!”

“Is he deliberately trying to confuse us?” Liu Xin also suddenly thought of this question. Exactly ah! All along, that person had been taking the initiative, but if they were to strike back, he definitely would not have enough preparation as he would not expect his plan to have any miscalculations.

“But the most crucial point is that we dare not rashly take this gamble; are we going or not?” Yang Chen cut in.

“Uh…This…” Xiao Bei was lost for words as he didn’t know what to say. Although he could speculate what the other’s intentions were, he still had not completely solved the problem that was before him.

What’s more, they did not have any huge bargaining chips to fight back against the other side.

Xiao Bei once again picked up the invitation card.

“Xiao Bei, you read the content again, perhaps from within the sentences you might be able to speculate something.” Yang Chen reminded.

Exactly. Currently, his mind was in a mess and he did not know how to calm it.

“I still can’t find anything. The other side only wrote this one sentence, very difficult to speculate.” Xiao Bei continued to fiddle with the invitation card till finally coming to decision. “How about we decide by tossing the coin?”

“Xiao Bei! This isn’t the time for jokes!” Yang Chen felt frustrated to the point of wanting to kick the door.

“Exactly, this isn’t some trifling matter.” Liu Xin solemnly stressed it.

Darn it, just a piece of invitation card could be so heavy. It is completely able to cause the lake water to turn muddy, making it so convenient to fish? No, no matter what, we still need to make the other side feel troubled and uncomfortable! Xiao Bei was pissed to the point of wanting to curse in the street, but nothing was able to help lift his spirit.

“Heavy ah, heavy!” Xiao Bei continued muttering without end but suddenly his eyes widened and he turned his head.

His fingers once again fiddled with the invitation card.

Yes! Those words which he had previously spoken unconsciously jogged him to notice that there was a problem with this invitation card’s weight! By right, this kind of invitation card shouldn’t be very heavy. However, when Xiao Bei weighed it with his hand, he noticed that it was much heavier than other normal invitation cards.

Even its thickness was a bit thicker.

Xiao Bei’s body slightly swayed a few times. He found that perhaps there were some mysteries hidden within this invitation card!

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