Chapter 84 – What! That Is Also Possible?!

As Huan Qing Yan was in her thoughts, she reached the backyard of the house.

There were a few tall, mature trees. Seeing how all of them were covered in fruits made her feel indescribably happy, after she plucked a honey orange from one of the trees, a notification rang in her mind: Discovered Honey Orange, Fruit Type, 1 Spirit Energy Point.

“Eh? Honey Orange seeds I used were normal plant seeds that came from fruits without spirit energy. How come it became a fruit containing spirit energy after it was planted in the dimension?”

Huan Qing Yan was surprised and curious. She looked at her surroundings, she had scattered the fruit seeds randomly, therefore the vegetable patch, grain patch and fruit patch all possessed mature trees.

The honey orange she plucked was from a tree grown in the fruit patch, to confirm her guess, she plucked a honey orange from a tree grown in the other patches.

The honey oranges plucked, be it color or size were all lower quality than the one grown within the fruit patch.

In addition, there were no sounds of notification coming from them when she plucked them.

These proved that these oranges were normal ones that did not possess any spirit energy.

Huan Qing Yan arranged her thoughts, the various plots of lands were separated by plant categories, if the correct category of plants were planted, the produce would possess additional spirit energy. However, she could also plant without bothering about categorizing, the only result would be the lack of additional spirit energy in the produce.

“It’s unfortunate that they have taken root, if not, I would have planted them all properly in the fruit plot!” Huan Qing Yan sighed in regret.

Suddenly, a miraculous thing happened.

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The fruit trees began to move as though they had legs and shifted towards the land in the fruit plot, upon entering the area, the fruits on them all grew larger and emitted a healthier glow.

Their appearances had obviously improved by more than one times.

What! That is also possible?!

It looks like she need not worry about planting the wrong seeds in the wrong plot of land from now on.

However, there was an obvious side effect as Huan Qing Yan suddenly felt a wave of fatigue coming over her, just short of sleeping on the spot as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

She quickly took out the seeds that Huan Jiu Li retrieved for her and planted them in the vegetables and grains section.

She had no energy to plant them neatly and decided to throw the seeds on the two plots of land randomly.

Huan Qing Yan had wanted to water the seeds but discovered that she was at her limits. She felt her head feeling light before finding herself being sent out of the dimension and back onto her bed. Huan Qing Yan could no longer control herself and immediately slept.


The next morning, Madam Huan was talking to the matchmaker sent by the Hou Family.

Not only that, Young Master Hou had also visited the Huan Family with the matchmaker.

“Our Young Master is very pleased with these marriage agreement, he immediately dragged this old woman early in the morning to bring the betrothal gifts. Young Master Hou is the heir to a renowned family and is very sincere in making this union happen. It is just that we are not sure of the background of this young lady and hope to learn more…” the matchmaker was wearing the standard flowery red attire commonly worn by matchmakers.

Young Master Hou on the other hand, was checking the interiors of the Huan Estate with proud arrogant eyes.

Young Master Hou had immediately discussed with his parents after returning home last morning, telling them of his intention to marry the adopted daughter of the Huan Family. He had thought that his parents would disagree but unexpectedly, his mother was the first to agree to his request. Her reason was that he was of age now, the lady being interested in him, was a blessing he accumulated over eight lifetimes…

Only his father was silent for a moment before Hou San Hao analyzed the current situation of the Huan Family to him.

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The Huan Family had very few children, only a son and daughter, that adopted daughter could be considered half a daughter herself. Now the master of the Huan Family was gone, the Young Mistress would eventually be married away while the Young Master was still small and unable to head the household for some time. The Huan Family had many assets, when he becomes the son-in-law of that family, wouldn’t it be easy for him to obtain some good stuff from that family in the future?

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