Chapter 85 – Dimension Levels Up

The Huan Family was basically a shiny golden money pot!

What’s more, a money pot that could constantly produce silvers!

If Hou San Hao did not stop his parents, they would be here instead of him.

Young Master Hou was an infamous playboy who was born in a powerful family and enjoyed spending without earning any. Therefore, it resulted in an attitude of not treating money with seriousness. His real purpose today was to confirm if Miss Huan Meng Yue looked the same as the picture!

If it was the same, he would marry her.

If she was ugly then sorry to say, he would not go ahead with the marriage. In addition, he would not return the ten thousand silvers paid in advance.

Madam Huan looked at them and said, “So, the both of you wish to take a look at our family’s Meng Yue?”

The matchmaker smiled and said, “Like all youngsters, the Young Master is also slightly impatient, I hope you understand. We will not look at her in plain sight, we will hide behind that screen and peek at her, we do not wish to harm the young lady’s reputation too.”

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Madam Huan displayed a look of difficulty before agreeing, “Ok then. Please hide behind that screen and do not come out. Lest you frighten her.”

Young Master Hou’s eyes shone excitedly and said, “Sure sure sure, thank you Madam.”


Huan Qing Yan slept till late morning before she finally woke up.

Once awake, a notification rang in her mind: Ding. Dimension reached Level 2!

Huan Qing Yan reentered into the dimension with joy.

The seeds she planted last night had all sprouted and covered the land in green.

She could see the various vegetables growing while a portion of the Bean Plants have also began to bear bean pods, and the Gourd Plants have also begun to bear fruit.

Huan Qing Yan casually plucked a cucumber to eat, it was crunchy and refreshing… its texture was exceptionally good!

“Discover Cucumber, Vegetable Type, 20 Spirit Energy Points.”

It contains 20 spirit energy!

This type of cucumber only possessed 10 Spirit Energy outside but when planted within the dimension, it reached 20! The spirit energy it contained had doubled!

After pondering for a moment, it does make sense. Ordinary plants when planted here would bear fruit that possessed spirit energy. Therefore, it was not surprising that the cucumber which already possessed spirit energy by default would double its spirit energy value.

Huan Qing Yan casually plucked another honey orange for a bite, upon holding on to it, “Discovered Honey Orange, Fruit Type, 2 Spirit Energy.”

2 spirit energy points?

It was 1 point yesterday right?

Is it possible that when the dimension leveled up, the spirit energy value of the plants within the dimension would also increase?

Huan Qing Yan began to hum a song happily, when she looked at the horizon, she noticed the bowl-shaped dimension had grown larger than what she remembered yesterday…

The sky within seemed higher and broader too, this led to Huan Qing Yan to have an idea, to continue planting and level up the dimension.

Huan Qing Yan went into the wooden house and found that it had also changed as she had expected!

A door within the Storage Room was glowing as it opened.

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Huan Qing Yan excitedly went in and saw “Basic Storage Room”.

It was a space half-filled with empty shelves while the other half was filled with stored goods.

The stored items all looked stale but possessed a rich variety of dried goods, seasonings, marinated items etc.

Each item seemed to possess spirit energy, and when Huan Qing Yan checked them, she discovered that they each possessed an average of 100 spirit energy points.

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