Chapter 86 – Happy Union Grass?

100 spirit energy!

Food possessing 100 spirit energy value was at a realm that could only be bought with spirit stones.

These were all very valuable items.

Food or ingredients possessing around 10 spirit energy could be bought using currencies such as gold or silver, this was because there were a lot of items that fell under this category as they were common items. However, ingredients possessing 100 spirit energy value and above were rare and highly sought-after.

One of the reasons was because a person’s stomach was limited, a normal person would normally feel full after eating two or three dishes per meal. If each dish was worth 10 spirit energy points, then after three dishes it would mean obtaining 30 spirit energy.

On the other hand, if one dish provides 100 spirit energy, then the person could obtain as much as 300 spirit energy in one meal!

Even if the person could only absorb a portion of the total spirit energy due to talent, they would still gain much more than eating a 10 spirit energy value dish.

“Eh? There’s Happy Union Grass stored in the Grass Section?” Huan Qing Yan took a dried, root-like item from the shelf.

Due to being inside the storage room, every item was properly labelled with its name, description, spirit energy value and purpose of use.

The label regarding the Happy Union Grass stated that it was an edible item that was mild and tasteless. It possessed 150 spirit energy and possessed a mild confusion effect. When eaten by a male and female at the same time, it would cause a powerful aphrodisiac effect on both…”

“The spirit energy value is high but, unfortunately, it has a side effect…” Huan Qing Yan mumbled.

For fruits, their spirit energy value was calculated by the amount contained within each fruit.

As for the other items, it was based on the weight, how much spirit energy value for every 500 grams of that ingredient.

There were also certain rare or special ones which were measured by specific number of grams instead.

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Happy Union Grass was calculated per 5 grams. Every 5 grams would provide 150 spirit energy points, showing how valuable this stuff was!

Of course, there were also other items that were of similar value. Huan Qing Yan put down the Happy Union Grass and began to check out each of them.

It was only a Basic Storage Room and it already possessed items worth 100 spirit energy on average, if the dimension leveled up in the future, would there be an Advanced Level Storage Room? Will there be more treasures?

She couldn’t help but feel mildly excited at her future prospects!


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Huan Meng Yue knew she was under house arrest. She had only two young serving girls in the past, this had turned into seven to eight old serving ladies, all of them were strong-looking aunties…

She could only silently wipe her tears as she could not think of any solution.

“Miss Meng Yue, the Hou Family is a powerful family of nobles that has been around for over a hundred years. I heard that their young heir is not only handsome but also a spirit master. This is a good marriage, so you should not be sad and should learn properly on how to sew your wedding dress…” One of the older serving ladies said as she was combing Huan Meng Yue’s hair.

Huan Meng Yue was used to waking up early but she woke up late morning in a bad mood. Due to her house arrest, she could not pay her morning respects to Madam Huan or accompany the Young Mistress to study nor play with the Young Master.

“I understand. You can stop repeating yourselves, my ears are beginning to grow callous.” Huan Meng Yue weakly replied.

“After you become the wife of an heir, you would also reach the same level of status as the Young Mistress’s Princess title. It is an extraordinary status and identity.”

Lou Xiang ignored her words and continue the brainwashing program instructed by her Young Mistress, she must make sure that Miss Meng Yue marries!

Suddenly, someone passed a message from outside, “Madam wishes to meet the lady and receive her morning greetings.”

Lou Xiang went out and saw that it was Madam’s personal serving girl that was here, she knew the summons was not fake and replied, “Okay. Miss Meng Yue will go over immediately.”

Huan Meng Yue was frustrated. They first told her that she no longer needed to give morning greetings since she was about to be married, now they changed their minds and wanted to receive it again.

In addition, Lou Xiang, that serving girl had the audacity to agree to the summons without consulting her, Lou Xiang was obviously not taking her seriously.

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