Chapter 87 – She Likes Ninth Prince

Huan Meng Yue’s status within the Huan Family had always been awkward. Her initial role when she first joined the Huan Family was as a studying companion for the Young Mistress, later Madam Huan liked the way she did things while finding her obedient and honest; and casually said to accept her as an adopted daughter and assigned two serving girls to Huan Meng Yue. However, she was never officially added into the Huan Family’s genealogy.

Her identity between a young mistress and a servant caused questions. Yet, she had nowhere else to go.

She also did not wish to leave the Huan Estate…

She had a thought buried within her heart…

After preparing herself, Lou Xiang brought Huan Meng Yue to Madam Huan’s place hurriedly before learning that Madam Huan had moved to the front hall to handle some matters and rushed their way there again.

There was no one else except for a Madam Huan drinking tea within the hall.

Huan Meng Yue lightly and carefully approached her to give her morning greetings.

Madam Huan did not ask her to sit but casually asked her random things, “Meng Yue, you look pale, is it because Master had just passed away and it caused you to tire? My child, you always had a soft character…”

“I am well, Madam. Meng Yue is still young and could recover quickly, I worry about Madam’s body instead, please do not let sorrow overburden you.” Huan Meng Yue gently said.

Suddenly, the screen placed at the back of the hall had sounds.

When paid attention, a male voice could be heard, “What a wonderful little lass, it is this Young Master’s favorite type. A light and soft body that is easy to pin down, a beauty that was even more beautiful than the most popular courtesan of the capital… I want her, I must marry her!”

“Shh, My dear Young Master, please lower your volume, you might scare the young lady.”


Huan Meng Yue’s face instantly turned pale as she understood why Madam Huan summoned her out for no reason.

It was to allow that Young Master to look at her.

In addition, he used such vulgar comparison of comparing her with a courtesan? What kind of hooligan is he? That person does not even have half of Ninth Prince’s elegance and grace…

As mixed emotions ran through her mind, she said, “If madam has nothing else for me, Meng Yue shall take her leave.”

Madam Huan looked at the screen in reproach, they agreed to watch silently, yet they started an embarrassing discussion causing her to lose face and replied, “I have nothing else, do return and take good care of your body.”

Huan Meng Yue left the hall as though she was escaping a pursuit.

Lou Xiang and the other serving women were waiting outside the hall and did not understand the situation, they could only chase after Huan Meng Yue, “Miss Meng Yue, please wait for us…”

Huan Meng Yue’s little legs moved even faster, tears fell uncontrollably.

Only at this moment did she truly feel fear and anxiety about her situation.

She grew up with the Young Mistress and was also the person who led the Young Mistress and the Ninth Prince to be together.

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At that time, there were many princes visiting the Huan Estate causing the Young Mistress to be confused on what to do. It was then that she occasionally mentioned the good points of the Ninth Prince in front of her.

That was how she slowly began to notice the Ninth Prince, making him stand out from the others. Yet, little did anyone expect, the Young Mistress rejected the marriage bestowed by the emperor.

She rejected the Ninth Prince!

That day, when the Young Mistress asked everyone to touch the robe of the Master, her heart was extremely nervous. She was worried that after she touched it, the secret she kept deep within her heart would be exposed by the Master’s spirit!

She liked Ninth Prince, she had fallen for him ever since she saw the handsome and devilishly charming man for the first time! However, she knew that he was beyond her status, therefore all she wanted was to have the chance to accompany the Young Mistress as her servant when she married Ninth Prince and if possible, find a chance to become his concubine. If not, even as a mistress, it would be fine.

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