Bk 2 Chapter 152 – That Place

Upon returning to the Purple Heart Two Flames camp, without uttering a word, Zilan returned to his chambers and sealed it.

He walked around the room piecing together what he had gotten from delving into Zest’s memories. At first, he was slightly confused as to why someone like Kring would pay so much attention to him. If he didn’t like him then why not just crush Zilan using the Warlord Faction’s unlimited resources? Why the scheming from the shadows?

However, after finding out from Zest that it was because of that Tausi, Zilan finally began to understand but this did not mean he could accept it.

He was a man and if he thought another man was making advances on his woman, the last thing he would do would be to keep a distance and let the situation continue to play out and develop.

So then why was Kring, a clear Alpha personality, behaving in such a way? It made no sense whatsoever and quite frankly it was making him angry. One of the things Zilan despised the most was being made included in a scheme he wanted no part of. And to make matters worse, in Kring’s scheme Zilan could tell that he was being used for something. Something that involved Tausi.

“What have you gotten me into?” In Zilan’s eyes, a glaring anger could be seen brewing and its target was not only Kring but also Tausi. This was natural as it was not just Kring that was using him but she too was attempting/hoping to manipulate a conflict between he and Kring.

Once again, the reasoning behind her ridiculous decision to choose him, evaded him.

Seeing as how his emotions were starting to get the better of him, Zilan adjusted them using the Gift of Love.

“How do I always end up in these situations?” he sighed before taking off his suit.

“Hahaha, unlike this genius, you have yet to understand how fate works.” Laughed Hihi.

Zilan smiled as he heard that, “Fate?……… You may be right.”

“Eh? What was that? Say it again, Hihi didn’t hear you.”

Ignoring Hihi, Zilan’s thoughts stirred for a while longer before finally, he came to a conclusion. “Very well then. I’ll get involved.”

Having come to a decision, Zilan ran his fingers through the black feathers of his wings before asking,

“Beina, now that there’s time, why don’t you explain why you took me to Origin without notifying me first?”

“O..rigin was going to go away. I cannot go where Origin is going. Master would never get the chance again to visit Origin if he didn’t go.” That sweet infant like voice sounded out in his mind, calming him.

“You could have at least told me. Wait…how do you know that Origin is going away.” Zilan’s tone softened as he asked however, somewhere else Hihi’s body was frozen still when he heard the words spoken by Beina. Origin was an unimaginably important place for the Spring Dragons, with it gone, a lot of things were bound to change. Hihi did not voice this out to Zilan though as he could do nothing even if he knew, his current power was too insignificant to mention.

Hearing his query, Beina hesitated but in the end, gave an answer.

“I…I was not born in Origin.”

“What!?” Hihi’s shocked as well as genuinely frightened voice suddenly erupted.

“What’s wrong?” asked Zilan, bewildered by Hihi’s reaction.

“Um…Beina, this genius was only joking about before. We were just playing before, no need to take it to heart. Ok?”

In response Beina just giggled, much to Hihi’s dismay.

“Tell me what’s going on.” If before Zilan was bewildered. He was as of now, dumbstruck by Hihi’s, never before seen, behaviour.

“Zilan, when Spring Dragons become adolescent, depending on the purity of their bloodline certain gifts are bestowed upon them by Origin since it is the birth place of all Spring Dragons. Mistress and her children are the same and all their gifts have helped them to become the supreme existences in the Universe that they are today. I thought your wings were the same.”

“Is there a problem then?”

“The one thing their ‘gifts’ have in common is that they are things made or born in Origin. Things Origin created with its own power.”


“Why are you all of a sudden so daft?” growled Hihi. “The girl just said she was not born in Origin and I’ll let you know something now, nothing that isn’t born in Origin can survive in or enter Origin.”

“Beina, where are you from?” asked Zilan, still somewhat confused.

“Hihihi, I came with Origin from that place.”

Hihi’s soul left his body when he heard that and it was at this point that Zilan understood everything.

“So you will grow to become like Origin?”

“No, Origin is different. He is a part of that place, me, I am not. I was just born there, bu..but Beina will become very strong. Beina can go anywhere except that place.”

“I believe you.” Smiled Zilan. “By the way, what place are you talking about?”

“A place beyond sense, beyond time, no laws and ungoverned. It does not exist.”

Hearing these words, Zilan’s memory was suddenly jolted. He remembered the Book of Path’s description of Beina. ‘The wings of the void.’

“Master doesn’t need to worry. Not just you but no one has ever or will ever go to that place, it is not a part of the Universe.”

Zilan’s interest was piqued but something inside him told him that Beina’s proclamation was most likely true. He would never get the chance to visit that place.

Hihi on the other hand was frightened to his core. Even though she said that she wouldn’t become like Origin, from his experience and hearing the Mistress talk about Origin and where it might have come from, Hihi knew that Beina would not be far off. Her growth was literally limitless, just like Origin.

He had once predicted that Zilan would become a figure that even giants like the Mistress would have to take notice of however, his position had just now changed. They wouldn’t just notice him, they would definitely fear him.

‘This genius needs to figure out a way to get on that little girl’s good side.’

“Beina, if you came together with Origin, then does that not make you extremely aged?”

The wings on his back violently ruffled as Beina’s cute yet stern voice echoed,

“There is no time in Origin. I only woke up um…I don’t know how long ago. Time is confusing.”

“Hahaha, it’s okay.” Laughed Zilan.

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