Chapter 85: It’s a tradition to set a trap to activate after the first trap is destroyed.

It’s a tradition to set a trap to activate after the first trap is destroyed.


While Yato was fighting the golem in the hall, Karen seemed to have found an interesting place and told us to follow her.



“What is this place…?”


Lina and I couldn’t hide our expression of amazement.

It was a small dim room with a low ceiling.

I didn’t think that such a tiny room could be hiding in this spacious place.


“Who knew that a secret room like this would be hiding here. I’m impressed, Karen-dono.”



Feeling somewhat happy getting praised by Lina, Karen smiled as she made a peace sign with her hand.

The secret room we found was hiding in the middle of the passage we used when were on our way to the hall.

When Karen asked us to follow her, we didn’t ask for a further reason and walked until we arrived at this room.


“How did you find it?”

“The wall that was leading to the room had a peculiar design in it.”


Apparently, she has been wondering about it since the last time we passed by this wall and when she tried pushing the wall with the strange design, this secret room showed up. Could there be anything more cliched than that?


“What were you going to do if it was a trap?”

“If it was a trap it would have activated for the first time we passed by it.”

“But, still, you did great finding this room just from the design of its wall. I don’t think anyone would be able to do that.”

“If it didn’t automatically activate, then it’s not a trap. Besides, I kept examining the walls on our way to the hall and I didn’t find anything similar to this one, so obviously, something was hiding behind it.”


Karen explained to Lina the way she found the room.

I was honestly impressed by her insight.


She’s amazing…




Halting her words, she shifted her gaze to the thing that was in front of her.


“There’s something else too.”


“You’re right.”


Lina and I moved our gaze to the thing Karen was looking at while agreeing with her.

I looked at that thing and said.


“That’s a magic circle, isn’t it?”


A charming light shining inside the dim room.

I could tell that much since I already saw one earlier in that hall.


“I wonder what type of magic circle this is.”


I uttered while gazing at the circle.

Its pattern was clearly different from the one we saw back in the hall. However, the fact that it was shining implied that it was functioning.

Although I wasn’t able to tell its effectiveness.

Lina who took a closer look at the circle responded to my wonder.


“That’s probably the circle blocking the use of magic in this temple.”

“This one?”


Astonished by how fast it took us to find it, Karen looked at the circle with doubting eyes.


“This room is placed in the middle of the temple. So it’s the perfect place to set a magic circle with an effect enclosing the entire place. Besides, what else could it be if it’s not the one blocking the use of magic?”


So that’s how magic works.

I became intrigued hearing Lina’s explanation about the way magic circles work.

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“So how can we destroy it?”


Karen, who was gazing at the circle until now, asked an important question.

If it was really the circle that was blocking the use of magic, then we had to destroy it as soon as possible.


“That’s easy.”


Lina took out a sword from somewhere and walked before the magic circle.


“From where did you take out that sword?”

“I was placing it in my【Box】skill. The skill doesn’t use magic, so I can use it whenever I need.”


Lina explained as she flaunted her sword.

Wow, skills are really convenient.


“A magic circle possesses many useful effects, but it has also one fatal flaw. That is its subtle and delicate structure that makes it non-functional if it had the tiniest scratch.”

Holding her sword while pointing it at the circle, she prepared to thrust it in the ground.


“In other words, you only need to do this!!”


She then swung down her sword with all her strength.

The sword pierced the ground and caused a tiny scratch in the magic circle.

Immediately after, the light of the circle started to gradually disappear until all of his functions halted. The shining circle turned into a mere drawing.


“It should be alright now.”


Saying that, Lina put away her sword and released some gray haze from her hand to confirm that she can use magic again.

Looks like she succeeded in turning off the circle.

I was surprised by how fast and easy she did it.

I mean, I feel that usually, situations like this wouldn’t resolve with just that much.

When I turned to tell Lina about it…




Rouga began barking as if she was giving us a warning.

What’s could it be?

When I turned back, I noticed that she was glaring at the ground.

It felt as if something of intimidating was climbing its way to us from underground.

What is it?

When I was about to ask Rouga, it was already late.




Only allowed on



Apparently, the fear I had only moments ago became true.

When Lina destroyed the magic circle, this time, a bigger one appeared surrounding us.

A trap that activates after destroying the circle.

I mean, it’s not like I didn’t expect something like that to happen.

Lina revealed an astonished expression while Karen let out a confused low voice as she stayed expressionless.

Having nothing to do about the circle that surrounded us, we disappeared from the secret room.





Magic circle.


“Are magic circle able to do everything?”

“Not everything, but they can be used in many things.”

“Like what?”

“Well, you just saw how they can block the use of magic. They are also often used in teleportation.”

“Hee… so you can teleport wherever you want if you created one?”

“That is if you know the location of the place where you want to go.”

“So it can be used to teleport to school?”

“That’s possible, but I don’t think anyone would use it for that purpose.”

“Eh? Then what about Yato-kun’s place?”

“That’s possible (I’m not letting you do that though!)”


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