Chapter 86: Thankful to the double standard.

Thankful to the double standard.


“Hey, are we really going to do this?”

“Of course we are.”

“Can you like, think about it again?”



Revealing her unease about the plan that I came up with, Sara asked me to consider the situation numerous times.

Why did she start hesitating at this point after all that she said earlier?

We had to move as soon as possible since Meru didn’t find us yet, so I just plainly refused Sara’s persistent request.


“You told me that you were ready to do anything to defeat the golem, didn’t you?”

“B-But still, come on…”


Sara checked the posture she was taking as her lips were twitching from fear.


“I feel that I’m going to get thrown at any moment.”


As for the posture she was taking.

She was sitting on the ground while I was grabbing her from the nap of her neck; it looked as if she was getting forcibly dragged by me.


“That’s because I’m about to throw you.”

“I know! Rather, why are you pushing all the hard work on me?!”


Sara complained after hearing my nonchalant reply.

My plan was to throw Sara at the chest of the normal golem so that she can destroy his core.

That was all. Simple is best.


“That’s because I believe that you can do it.”

“No you’re not!!”


My attempt to cheer her up seemed to have failed.

Well, she wasn’t wrong. This plan is putting too much weight on Sara.

But I choose her instead of me because I was pretty sure that her hammer would reach the core with a single hit.

I was able to destroy his chest with my fist, so obviously, a hammer with much more power would cause larger damage.

That’s why I choose to throw her, then cover her back while she concentrates only on destroying it.

The right person for the right place. My plan was an epitome of this proverb.

There was another reason behind my plan. It’s the fact that Sara can’t reach the core with her own speed.

It will be faster if I threw her instead.

Ignoring Sara’s loud complainings, I turned to see Meru. the clouds of dust were starting to clear away.


“Where are you, Desu?”


After her vision became clear, Meru looked around the place restlessly.

It was our chance.


“Alright, I’m throwing you. Try to not mess up the plan.”

“Eh? No, w-wait! I’m still mentally preparing…”


We didn’t have time for mental preparation. I ignored her trivial complaints once again and threw her to the distance.




Realizing that she had been cast in the air, Sara shouted with her loudest voice which ended up resounding in the entire hall.

Because of that, Meru finally discovered our location.


“I found you, Desu.”


Noticing the flying Sara, she ordered the golem to take a defensive stance.


“Too bad, I’m letting you do that.”


The normal golem’s hands were smashed.

Now that his hands are gone, there was nothing left for him to protect the core.

The rest depends on Sara.

Sara suddenly stopped screaming midway seeming to have made her resolve and aimed her hammer at the golem’s chest.


“Get crushed!!”


Along with a desperate shout, she swung down her hammer and succeeded in making a direct hit.


Only allowed on



Due to the remarkable speed and the massive weight of the hammer, an enormous explosion occurred from the strike.

The ground trembled and dust covered the place along with an unsupportable explosion sound.




Apparently, even Sara wasn’t able to endure the shock and ended up blown away after letting out a short shriek.

This should be enough to destroy the core.

Doing my best to endure the shock of the explosion, I shifted my gaze back to the normal golem.

Shortly after the dust cleared off, the normal golem appeared again, still standing.




I widened my eyes when I saw him.

I was certain that he lost his balance from the explosion and fell on the ground, but it looks like he was still alive despite all that.

The rocks surrounding his core were already destroyed, but his condition was more than enough for him to resume the battle.


“W-Why is it still alive?!”


Sara as well, couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw him still standing.

It’s only natural for her to think that we’ve won after causing that overwhelming explosion.

I mean, even I thought that we’ve won.


“That was close, Desu.”


Verifying that the normal golem was still alive, Meru let out a sigh of relief.

How could he still be able to stand after receiving that strike?

The moment I started pondering about it, Meru gave me the answer.


“I did well solidifying the rocks surrounding the core, Desu.”


No wonder it was able to resist that enormous explosion.

Ah! Dammit.


“Looks like it didn’t work.”

“Don’t give me that!”


When I purposely tried to look disappointed, Sara began complaining at me once again.


“What are you gonna do now!? Nothing is working against him!!”

“Well, calm down. For now…”


Now that my plan ended up as a failure, I walked and lifted a rock next to me while calming down Sara.

The golem was still regenerating and his core was exposed, so I tried aiming the rock at it.




Following that word, I threw the rock at the core. I wouldn’t have been able to make it in time if I run, so throwing a rock was much faster.

The rock flew directly and hit the core.

For a moment, I thought that I did it, but soon after it appeared that the core was still unharmed.


“The core is strong. Your weak attempts are futile, Desu.”


I felt a bit irritated from the unexpected toughness of the core.

That’s quite unfair.

The golem finished regenerating and the core got buried back inside his chest. I contemplated the next plan and turned to ask Sara.


“Hey, can we do it once again?”

“No, I’m not doing it again! Besides… Ouch!”


Shifting her gaze to her ankle, Sara exclaimed in pain. Looks like she twisted her ankle earlier because of that explosion. It was swollen and its skin turned purple.

It was clear that she was unable to continue fighting with that condition.


“A dead end, huh…”


As long as I still can’t use magic, it’s impossible for me to heal her.

What should I do…

As I fell in thoughts, Sara’s frustration reached its peak resulting in her shouting.


“Why are you getting in my way!!”

“Because I was ordered by master to protect this place, Desu.”


Hearing Meru’s response, Sare spoke a truth that was better of not said.


“You were abandoned a long time ago by Metron-sama, so stop getting in the way!”


I froze in my place when she said that.


“Y-You idiot…”


Why is she making things even worse…

I hastily tried to improve the situation by telling to keep quiet, but…


“What does that mean, Desu?”


Meru was already in a rage.

The tone of her voice changed, but more importantly, the ambiance around her was different.

Failing to notice, Sara continued to add fuel to fire.


“I came here under the order of Metron-sama and he didn’t speak a single word about you! That’s because he forgot: he abandoned you!”


Feeling irritated because she couldn’t defeat her, Sara resorted to using the truth as her next weapon.

I held my head in my hands as Sara continued to shout.

No good. That’s it, we’re done.

Meru remained hanging her head and silently listening to Sara.




Then she suddenly muttered.


“What is wrong?”

“You are wrong!”


With a tone that was totally different from the one she was using until now, Meru yelled with a loud voice. Looks like she even forgot to add  “Desu.” at the end of her lines.


“Master is not like that. Stop saying things for your own convenience.”

“I served Metron-sama for much longer than you did! Stop trying to sound as if you know him well while you only spent a few weeks with him! You’re the one who’s saying things for her own conveniences!”

“Shut up, Desu! You’re the one who doesn’t know him, Desu!”


Their quarrel was about to reach the climax.

Both of them refused to admit defeat and so continued to dispute.

I avoided telling Meru the truth because I feared that the situation would develop to this point.

I let out a deep sigh as I watched the both of them still furiously disputing.

Soon after, Meru was the first one to snap.


“That’s it! I won’t forgive you, Desu!”

At that instant, something irregular happened to the normal golem.

His eyes abruptly gleamed and his entire body became dyed in crimson red.

It was probably the color of the core that spread in it.


“I won’t forgive anyone who traduces Master, Desu!”


It was as if the golem was displaying Meru’s anger. He took a pose to look as if he was roaring, then glared at us.

It’s not like I didn’t warn her.

The situation I was trying avoid from the beginning ended up occurring despite my consideration.

This Sara, always troubling me with her careless acts.

I felt totally tired of having to deal with every situation she caused, but I still decided to take action first while being wary enough of the red normal golem.

I wanted to do something about it before he makes his first move.

I rushed to the golem in attempt to damage him, but…


“You are slow, Desu.”


Meru perceived my move before I was able to hit him.

Despite that, I continued rushing towards the golem before I halted my steps from having a faint premonition.




The moments I stopped running, a red rock fell in front of me.

It was the golem’s hand which he lifted back after missing me by a few centimeters. I felt a cold shiver running down my spine.

I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if I didn’t stop at the correct time.

I had no idea that a golem could power up to such an astounding level. His speed was way too different.


“It is my turn, Desu!”


Judging that I would be a challenging target, Meru shifted her gaze to Sara who instantly realized her trouble and moved her legs to escape. Unluckily, she couldn’t run properly due to her injured ankle.


“C’mon… Ouch!…”



I rapidly rushed towards Sara, but with my speed, the golem’s fist was about to reach her first.

This is bad! At this rate…


“You first, Desu.”



Realizing that she had no mean to escape, Sara closed her eyes as if she gave up.

Dammit! I need to reach her first!

I continued to relentlessly reach out my hand towards her.

However, the distance between Sara and the golem’s fist was shrinking faster as if it was ridiculing my effort.

If his fist was to reach her with that speed…

I earnestly wished to reach her first.

Come on! Reach!

At that moment—— I felt a strange power flowing inside me; my wish has been granted.


“N-No way…”


I felt my heart getting gradually warmer; a feeling of something familiar overflowing my body once again.

I was bewildered for a second from this abrupt feeling, But immediately prioritized my current situation.

The golem’s fist mercilessly shrank its distance from Sara and crashed into the ground.


After a blasting noise, he slowly raised his fist back.


“What does this mean!?”


Meru who looked at the place he just crushed exclaimed in astonishment.


“She is not there, Desu.”


She couldn’t find Sara’s body there and she knew well that the golem’s punch wasn’t powerful enough to make her disappear without leaving a trace.

Then what happened?

Meru looked around the hall before she fixed her gaze on me carrying Sara in my back.


“That was so close.”

“H-How did you do that…”


I let out a sigh of relief.

Sara as well didn’t grasp what exactly happened after she closed her eyes and gave up.

Even I wasn’t expecting my abilities to come back at that exact timing.

It was perfectly timed. Perfect to an abnormal point.


“I used teleportation magic.”


I said to Sara while bitterly smiling.

Something felt awfully made up with the timing, but thanks to it, we were saved. Even though she was an annoying angel, I wouldn’t want to see her dying.


“What did you do, Desu?”


Meru who still didn’t notice that I can use magic again, asked me in a confused tone.

Honestly, I was confused as well.

Why am I suddenly able to use magic inside the dungeon?

The moment I started thinking about it, a new accident occurred interrupting my thoughts.




This time, I heard a familiar voice screaming from above.

I raised my head to check on the person who was behind the scream and widened my eyes.

Huh? Saya?





Maybe I won’t have a turn to play anymore.


“Hey, Yato?”

“What is it, old man?”

“I feel that I’m not showing up in the story very frequently. Is it just my overthinking?”

“Of course it’s not. The last time you got a turn was several chapters ago.”

“I thought so!! I mean, nobody would be happy to see an old man like me getting a turn in the story anyway.”

“Well, you’re being too pessimistic. You’ve got a turn.”

“Really? When?”

“I don’t know.”

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“That’s not an answer! When?!”


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