Chapter 100: Snowstorm Divine Marten

Eh… Long Yi was speechless. Seeing Yu Feng was looking at him with passionate and resolute eyes, he didn’t know how to respond for a short while.

The atmosphere became very awkward, the passion in the eyes of Yu Feng gradually dimmed and tears appeared in the rim of her eyes. Just now she had really summoned all of her courage, but seeing she didn’t get his response, she felt a stinging pain in her heart.

“Ah, how come today still isn’t getting bright?” Seeing very grieved expression on the face of Yu Feng, Long Yi wanted to change the subject.

Yu Feng didn’t speak, merely turned around facing her back towards Long Yi, suddenly feeling very cold.

Long Yi lightly sighed and said: “Yu Feng, I have more than one wife.”

The lovely body of Yu Feng quivered, then softly replied: “I know.”

“Neither I will abandon them nor it’s possible for me to marry into your Phoenix clan, do you understand?” Long Yi softly said.

“I know, I know you will neither abandon them nor you will marry into Phoenix clan. And I also know that you and I are not destined to be together, but, I don’t know, I really don’t know why your shadow always appears in my mind, and don’t know why I can never forget you. I also don’t know why I can’t control myself, and I always wanted to be together with you, and even in death I want to be together with you.” Yu Feng turned around, her tears were sliding down, as she said with trembling voice.

Long Yi stared at Yu Feng who had tears all across her face in a daze. He truly had never thought that Yu Feng had actually loved him so much. Hearing her this words of wanting to follow him abandoning everything else, Long Yi was touched. He lifted his hand to wipe her tears, but the more he wiped, the more tear fell.

Feeling Long Yi’s intent, Yu Feng jumped into the bosom of Long Yi and wept.

“Yu Feng, now I don’t have any other thought, I am wholeheartedly thinking of getting the blood of Ruyi Ice Silkworm to cure Wushuang. So how about we talk about this matter properly again sometime later?” Long Yi patted the back of Yu Feng and said. If all the matter of Origin Ice went smoothly, then perhaps Youyou and Lu Xiya might have another sister, don’t know whether they will get angry or not?

“M-hm.” Yu Feng nodded her head. Although Long Yi still hadn’t directly accepted her, but at least he hadn’t rejected her, this meant she still has an opportunity. As for how to explain this to her clan, she had already ignored it completely. Women, when fell in love, were emotional and impulsive, and consider the matters thoroughly from only the emotional angle, so some people say, the IQ of women in love is zero.

Sorting out with Yu Feng, Long Yi relaxed, but outside was still pitch-black.

“Why is sky still not bright? Something is not right.” Long Yi thought inwardly. His biological clock was quite sensitive. He felt this moment ought to be morning, but why was outside still so dark?

Long Yi felt something was wrong, so he jumped off the bed and went out. But it was still pitch-black outside, and snowflakes were fluttering in the sky along with the bone-piercing cold wind.

“What happen?” Yu Feng asked. Now her emotion was already stable.

“What time do you think it is right now?” Long Yi asked.

“I seemed to have fallen asleep for a long time, but the sky outside is still not bright, so it ought to be very early.” Yu Feng answered.

Long Yi shook his head, and said: “No, if my feeling is not mistaken, this time ought to be dawn.”

“Then what’s going on? Why is sky still not bright?” Yu Feng nervously asked.

Long Yi thought for a bit, suddenly a divine light flashed in his mind. In his previous incarnation on the earth, inside the polar circle of the North Pole and the South Pole of the earth, it would regularly have a polar day or a polar night circumstance. Could it be that this Origin Ice was Blue Waves Continent’s North Pole region? Long Yi thought of a possibility.

“Pack up the things, we are moving. It seems for a period of time in the future, we have to spend our time in the darkness.” Long Yi said.

“Why?” Yu Feng exclaimed.

“I also don’t know why.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulder, as explaining about latitude, longitude and so on to her was just like playing the lute to a cow.

Just as the expectation of Long Yi, following several days were only night, so throughout the way he had to use several light balls to illuminate.

Snowstorm got bigger and bigger, so the accumulated snow also become denser and denser. If not for his Body Lighting Magic, their legs would have sunk down to their thigh in one step. And this big snowstorm was a very big obstruction to use Soaring Magic too. Moreover, Long Yi had never stopped using internal force since Wushuang had collapsed and also had to spend even more internal force to protect themselves from the low temperature of this Origin Ice. Fortunately, AoTianJue was circulating 24/7 without stopping, replenishing his internal force. But if he flew, then he needed to spend even more internal force, and after that, if he encountered any trouble, then he feared he would have to stay here forever.

But walking like this was also not good as it was truly too slow.

Just then, Long Yi recalled Violent Lightning Beast within his dark space. The actual size of this fellow was very huge, so using it as a coolie [1] to pull a sled ought to be no problem.

Long Yi chuckled sinisterly, then took out many materials from inside his space ring. Very soon under the surprised gaze of Yu Feng, these materials changed into a strange looking sled, unexpectedly was luxurious box type. In the final analysis, it was only a smooth metal plate attached to a simple iron house, with two chairs inside, nothing more.

After that opening the dark dimension space, he let out Violent Lightning Beast, but to the surprise of Long Yi, little tiger Long Three who was only eating and sleeping continuously for these past days also came out. Now its build was a lot bigger, it seems it didn’t eat those magic cores for nothing.

Little Three came over to Long Yi and feigned spoiled as if it was protesting for not letting out to play for such a long time. It seems it didn’t feel any cold in this low temperature of Origin Ice. And only after running wildly two laps around the snow, it returned back to Long Yi.

However Violent Lightning beast curled up and shivered with cold when it came out. It seems it was not very accustomed to such cold weather, but as an SS rank super magical beast, it instantly recovered from cold.

Long Yi gave an order to Violent Lightning Beast to pull the sled, in exchange for this order, it gave out a discontent ‘wuwu’ sound, but since its master had ordered it, it had no choice. Instantly its build became just like a small mountain, and it appeared very brave and fierce.

“Long Yi, this, don’t tell me this is legendary SS rank Violent Lightning Beast?” Yu Feng disbelievingly asked with her eye wide open.

“Yes, it is Violent Lightning Beast, my pet.” Long Yi proudly answered. Having SS rank super magical beast as a pet, in this world only Long Yi might be such person.

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“Pe…Pet?” Yu Feng nearly fainted and looked at Long Yi as if he was a monster.

“Okay, don’t look at me with worship like this, you should already know that my face is very thin.” Long Yi mischievously laughed. After that pulling Yu Feng, he sat inside the sled. And as for Little Three, it reduced its size and also entered inside. This truly made Long Yi surprised, he had never expected this gluttonous can now freely change its build, this however was S rank magical beasts’ ability. Don’t tell me that Little Three is also S rank magical beast? But its strength was at best comparable to only mid B rank magical beast.

With his thought, Violent Lightning Beast began running rapidly, pulling sled along it.

“Does it feels good?” Long Yi chuckled and asked.

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Yu Feng caressed the fur of Little Three without letting it go, then looking at Long Yi with sparkling eyes, she said: “M-hm, you truly make people look so light, in the end, how many secrets do you have ah?”

“I have a lot of secrets, you have to slowly excavate it.” Long Yi chuckled.

Yu Feng blushed, and her eyes flashed with the hue of a pleasant surprise. Those words of Long Yi seemed to contain hint inside, so had no other choice but to laugh hollowly to conceal it.

Violent Lightning Beast pulled the sled and had already run several hundred li, but the spirit power of Long Yi still hadn’t sense any trace of life.

“Ice Silkworm ah, I beg you quickly come out.” Looking at Wushuang in his bosom, Long Yi inwardly yelled. From last time, it had already been five days since she was awake, and her complexion was also getting paler and paler. Now she had a kind of miserable beauty just like about to wither flower in the autumn.

Suddenly, the spirit power of Long Yi shook, and Violent Lightning Beast also stopped instantly and gave out a heaven shaking roar. And Yu Feng with Little Three in her bosom cracked her lips due to the sudden stop of the sled.

“Ruyi Ice Silkworm?” Long Yi and Yu Feng exclaimed. Both of them got excited and nervous at the same time.

Long Yi send out ten light balls in the sky which emitted a soft white light. But the vision of Long Yi didn’t find what the thing was in front of them, and he could sense other party seemed to have no life fluctuation. Although he couldn’t confirm whether it was Ruyi Ice Silkworm or not, but Long Yi didn’t dare to lower his guard. He knew that the life form surviving in such abominable environment, even if it was an ant must not be underestimated.

Just then, Violent Lightning Beast again roared in the provocation and joining the fun, Little Three also roared.

Suddenly, the entire ice began to shake. After shaking violently, the ice cracked opened, which looked just like opened mouth under the dim light. This looked very terrifying.

Long Yi held Wushuang with one hand, and other hand pulled Yu Feng, then floated in the sky. Seeing the crisscross cracked deformed layer of ice and snow, cold sweat appeared on the forehead of Long Yi.

Finally, the shaking stopped, and far away in the dark, there appeared two very small blue specks, which shot towards Long Yi’s side in high speed.

“Ah, so cute ah.” Yu Feng exclaimed while blankly watching that palm-sized martin possessing azure blue eyes and snow-white fur.

In front of that huge body of Violent Lightning Beast, this snow marten looked so tiny that one step of Violent Lightning Beast would change it into a pile of meat pulp. But Violent Lightning Beast however was cautiously looking at this little thing and released its sky covering aura to pressure it.

This snow marten flashed several times to avoid the pressure of Violent Lightning beast. Its speed was incomparably fast.

Where have I seen this thing ah, seeing this snow marten, Long Yi inwardly thought. After that, he began to recall the content of magical beasts introduction book.

“Snowstorm Divine Marten!” Long Yi suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

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