Chapter 99: Consequence of sleeping together in the same bed


Several days later, Long Yi finally stood on Origin Ice, and looking around this mystical place, he endlessly sighed with feeling. This was a pure white world, so white that there was no trace of impurity. In this place other than ice and snow, there was nothing else.

Origin Ice was indeed very cold. The temperature was so low that while breathing in air, one could feel ice-cold feeling inside throat and lungs. But Long Yi was still wearing thin cloths, as he used his internal force to protect himself and Wushuang in his bosom. For him, if internal force was unable to resist, then wearing more clothing was also futile.

The matter that made Long Yi most surprise was, Yu Feng also didn’t wear additional clothing. She was still wearing that fox-fur robe that she had worn in Kaifeng City, but she was still standing on Origin Ice as if nothing.

“Aren’t you cold?” Long Yi asked feeling surprised.

Yu Feng shook her head, then placing her jade hand on her chest, she said with a smile: “I am wearing my clan’s inherited treasure Phoenix Jade, so I am not afraid of cold.”

“That’s good.” Long Yi nodded his head. After that, he scanned the Origin Ice which stretched as far as the eyes could see and suddenly didn’t know where to start. Origin Ice was so large, so where could he look for Ruyi Ice Silkworm ah, moreover, because the light reflecting property of snow was very intense, it was very easy to suffer from snow-blindness and cause eyes to lose its sight.

“Where do we go? It seems everywhere is same.” Yu Feng asked.

“Walk straight forward.” Long Yi said. Now, he can only rely on Heaven, hoping to find Ruyi Ice Silkworm and obtain its blood within a month.

After walking for an entire day, no need to mention Ruyi Ice Silkworm, they didn’t encounter even a single living animal. When day darkened, the already unreasonably cold temperature actually still dropped down vertically, now the breathing out breathe would change into ice powder and fall down. Long Yi used two fireballs to illuminate, but to his surprise, both fireball instantly froze and got extinguished. One could well imagine to what extent the temperature was low. Fire magic was useless here, so he had no other choice but to use a light ball to illuminate.

Long Yi tightly held his bosom’s Wushuang. This place was too abnormal, and he also didn’t know whether she could sustain until he finds Ruyi Ice Silkworm or not.

“Long Yi, where are we now?” Even though Yu Feng was wearing Phoenix jade, she had drawn back her neck. Now she also felt somewhat cold, as the temperature of the night was actually so much lower than the daytime.

“I also don’t know, but let’s sleep for the night here. And we will again begin searching at dawn.” Long Yi helplessly said. He wanted to camp on the spot, but right now cold wind which was like sharp sword suddenly blow up in Origin Ice. So if the tent was stuck on this ice, then he feared it would be blown away.

Long Yi pondered for a little while, then used his sword to dig the ice. Not long after, he dug up a square-shaped crater in the ice, then put up the tent inside there. Now wind would not be able to blow away this tent.

After putting up the tent, Long Yi looked at Yu Feng, only to see her standing at one side in a daze, so he couldn’t help but said: “Why are you standing there like a fool? Quickly put up a tent and have a rest.”

Yu Feng woke up with a start, then seeing Long Yi directly entering into his tent, she resolutely stamped on the ground and began putting up her tent, while muttering: “Smelly Long Yi, scoundrel.”

Yu Feng curled up and shivered with cold inside her tent. Although she would not get frozen stiff due to the warmth emitted by the Phoenix Jade, but even after covering herself with the quilt, she didn’t feel any warmth. And especially her small legs, they were always ice-cold. She didn’t know how to deal with this.

After tossing from side to side for countless times, Yu Feng gritted her teeth and stand up. Then she hesitatingly came over to the outside of Long Yi’s tent.

“Long Yi, are you awake?” Yu Feng kicked the tent of Long Yi and yelled.

“What’s the matter?” After lighting a magic lamp, the voice of Long Yi came from inside.

“I’m very cold, and I can’t sleep.” Yu Feng hugged her arms as she said in a trembling voice.

Long Yi removed the barrier to let Yu Feng enter. He had laid out this barrier that could resist the invasion of cold air, so his tent was a lot warmer than the tent of Yu Feng.

Seeing a big luxurious bed and soft silk above it inside the tent, Yu Feng was inwardly shocked, and simultaneously had a strong impulse, strong impulse to jump to that bed and sleep.

“What now? Do you want to sleep together with me?” Long Yi lying on the bed with Wushaung still in his embrace, teasingly said.

“Yes, are you unwilling?” Yu Feng asked with the red face.

“If you promise you will not molest me while sleeping, then you can.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Do you think you are delicious cake ah, even if you want me to, I will not.” Yu Feng snorted, then walking over to another side of the bed, she lied down. And inside the quilt, she had a kind of sweet smell of warmth.

She comfortably turned her body towards Long Yi, then wrinkling her jade nose, she said: “You sleep over there, you are not allowed to come over here, otherwise…” Yu Feng made a cutting movement, making Long Yi feel a chill.

“You can sleep without any concern, I already have warm fragrant jade in my bosom, so why on earth do you think I will do something to you?” Gently looking at Wushuang in his bosom, Long Yi said while lovingly caressing her cheek.

Yu Feng turned her body around fuming with anger, then covering her head with the quilt, she no longer spoke. These days, seeing Long Yi meticulously taking care of Wushaung, Yu Feng endlessly envied Wushaung in her heart, dreaming that the day when Long Yi would take care of her just like that would come. Sometimes she was really somewhat perplexed, as she didn’t hope to see this emotion, but still, as if moth flying towards the fire, she would chase after it. Love was truly blind.

Looking at one’s shadow and feeling sorry for oneself, Yu Feng entered dreamland.

Looking at Yu Feng at one side of the bed, Long Yi slightly smiled. This girl had recklessly come to Origin Ice with him risking her life, this action of hers had somewhat touched his heart. And having such a beautiful girl head-over-heels towards him, as a man he was touched, merely he was in no mood to discuss passion and talk of love. Besides he also somewhat comprehend the marriage approach of the Yu Feng’s clan, so putting this aside for a time being and letting nature take its course was comparatively better.

When Long Yi opened his eyes once again, he immediately discovered that other than Wushuang, there was another appetizing soft body in his bosom. This unexpectedly was Yu Feng, he didn’t know when she got into his bosom. Now he could feel two elastic round soft meat buns on his chest, and unconsciously, Long Yi recalled the beautiful spring scenery he had seen while healing her at that time. Perhaps because of cultivating douqi, Yu Feng’s ** were clearly more compact and flexible.

He wondered how it feels when touched, Long Yi shamelessly though this. After that, his big hand slowly passed through her armpit and stroke the edge of **. He softly pressed and really felt very good. If the whole thing could be held in a hand, then it ought to feel even better.

At this time, Yu Feng mumbled and pressed her charming body against the body of Long Yi. Her ** was unexpectedly placed on the body of Long Yi, and the most terrible matter was, her thigh happens to press Long Yi’s little brother who was in high spirits, while unconsciously rubbing. If it were not for Long Yi knowing she was still sleeping soundly from her breathing, perhaps he would have believed that she was intentionally teasing him.

Long Yi emitted an evil fire, as he had not touched a woman after Leng Youyou had left. Although he held Wushaung’s soft lovely body in his bosom every day, but the sickly face of Wushuang only made him feel sorry for her without giving rise to **. But now this beautiful woman Yu Feng was in his bosom, so his ** naturally couldn’t stop as if rigid untamed horse.

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Long Yi took a deep breath, slowly clamming down his boiling beast blood. But at this time, Yu Feng on his bosom moved again, and her jade hand which was on his chest unexpectedly moved down and happened to reach his burning hot hard and stiff little brother. Perhaps feeling the temperature of his little brother, sleeping Yu Feng regarded it as a warming handbag and held it subconsciously, refusing to let it go.

Long Yi breathe in a mouthful of cold air. The fire of lust he had suppressed with great difficulty just now was ignited again. It seems he was still too far away from perfectly controlling his heart ah.

Yu Feng opened her eyes in a daze, and her conscious was still somewhat not sober, only felt this sleep was truly too comfortable. When she drowsily thought to move, she suddenly felt a burning hot thing in her right hand, which was pulsating.

“What is this, how can it move?” Yu Feng confusedly gripped it a little bit tightly, but who would have thought that this thing would actually become a little bigger, and pulsated even more violently.

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Yu Feng woke up with a start, then raised her head only to meet the eyes of Long Yi which were shooting flames.

“Ah…you…” Yu Feng cried out in alarm. She didn’t understand why Long Yi was sleeping beside her now.

“You what you, still not letting it go, you are gripping my family jewels ah.” The complexion of Long Yi turned pale as he shouted loudly. As a matter of fact, Yu Feng had used all of her strength when she was startled, and you should know Yu Feng was Sword Master, so how powerful would the grip be when such expert exert her strength? If it was not for Long Yi’s internal force being powerful, then he feared this time he would have become a eunuch.

“Family Jewel? What is a family jewel?” Yu Feng was dumbfounded for a little while. Then feeling that hard and thick thing in her hand, she suddenly screech and loosen her grip, and her face became red just like the monkey’s butt.

“I…I…who told you to dishonestly come over to take cheap advantage of me.” Yu Feng shyly as well as angrily said.

Seeing Yu Feng making bogus accusations, Long Yi gave a supercilious look and said: “Please take a look yourself, I am holding my Wushuang in my arms in this side without moving, but how come you are in my bosom.”

Yu Feng quietly used her eyes to look, then naturally discovered like that. No wonder she slept so comfortably. When sleeping, feeling the body temperature of Long Yi, she had unconsciously moved over there and leaning against him, she had fallen asleep.

“No words to say, you indecently assaulted me, how will you settle this ah?” Long Yi teasingly said. Don’t know whether she would really seek a hole to burrow herself.

Yu Feng bit her lower lip, then looking straight at the eyes of Long Yi, she said with a red face: “If the worst comes to the worst, I will take responsibility, and reluctantly marry you and take you home.”

After that with a red glow covering her face, and jade hands covering her violently beating heart, she added: “Now that I have already marked you, hereafter you are mine.”

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