Chapter 98: Stubborn Yu Feng


With chilly wind and snow, the entire world was covered with whiteness. At this moment, Long Yi entered the hall of Phoenix Inn, but his body however was not soaked by snow. Just now he had sendoff Leng Youyou, and also had bought necessary articles.

Currently, he was unable to get rid of Leng Youyou’s tearful eyes from his mind and was feeling sad in his heart, which made Long Yi’s mood rather downcast.

Entering the room, he met the opened eyes of Wushunag. After that, he immediately showed a happy look.

“Long Yi, how long was I asleep? I notice I was somewhat thinking about you…and Leng Youyou.” Wushuang said with a smile. After sleeping for a few days, her spirit seems to be pretty good.

“Yes, for three days, if you hadn’t woken up any longer then you would have become a pig.” Long Yi teasingly said.

Wushuang looked at Long Yi, then she suddenly said: “It seems you are not too happy even though I wake up, so I am going to continue sleeping.”

“Am I unhappy? Don’t you see smile blooming like a flower on my face?” Long Yi crack open his mouth, revealing his white teeth.

Puchi, Wushuang laughed, a red tint appeared on her pale face, and her dim eyes also shone. After that, she said with a smile: “Indeed blooming, but blooming like a dog tail. Don’t you feel you are smiling too reluctantly?”

“You don’t know how to appreciate, if I was outside, I am afraid countless beautiful young girls would have already fascinated to death.” Long Yi proudly said.

“Not with your deficiency, where is Leng Youyou?” Wushuang asked.

The smile of Long Yi stiffened, and he softly said: “She had a small matter, so she returned.”

Wushaung nodded her head, then softly said: “Aren’t you unhappy because of this?”

“Yes, I’m a little bit sad, but this is life ah, there is meeting and also separating.” Long Yi said while shrugging his shoulder.

“Yes, all good things must come to an end. Haven’t you heard these words, parting is for a better reunion.” Wushuang softly said.

Long Yi looked at Wushuang in surprise and said: “Never thought you can also console people.”

“I’ve always been this way, did you notice only now?” Wushuang said with a mischievous smile. Long Yi had never seen this manner of speaking and smile of Wushuang before. Right now, the cold and haughtiness of her body seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

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While chatting in this fashion, the complexion of Wushaung suddenly become slightly strange, and her lovely body slightly trembled.

“Wushuang, what happened? Are you feeling uncomfortable?” Long Yi anxiously asked upon seeing this.

Wushuang just gritted her teeth without answering. Her beautiful face became very red, and her eyes also flickered with uncertain.

“Where are you feeling uncomfortable ah? Quickly tell me.” Long Yi questioned closely.

Wushuang bashfully closed her eyes, and said in a mosquito-like voice: “I want to go to the toilet.”

Eh…go to the toilet? Long Yi was dumbfounded. Before, Leng Youyou would help her in these matters. But now, could it be that he, a grown-up man should help her to pee? He however did not mind, merely how could Wushuang this girl endure it?

“Wait a minute, I will go to look for people.” Long Yi get up and said. He thought of Yu Feng, as he could only count on her to help her.

He sounded the bell of the Yu Feng’s room, but no one answered, so Long Yi became even more anxious. Even if he was not anxious, Wushuang was anxious ah. As the proverb says, the need to answer the call of nature could suffocate people to death.

Now, who should he ask for help? The inn was deserted this time, moreover, inn manager and all the servants were also grown men. Was it possible that he truly needed to personally help Wushuang?

“No matter, in any case, Wushuang will become my woman sooner and later.” Long Yi inwardly said, then turning around, he rushed into the room.

Right now Wushaung was continuously suppressing, and her body was also trembling lightly. And seeing Long Yi had returned, she asked while trembling: “Do you find a person ah?”

Long Yi didn’t speak, directly stepped forward, then pick up Wushuang and ran towards the toilet. After that, he softly said: “Can’t find a person, I will help you, so just think I am Youyou.”

“You… don’t.” Wushuang protested with a red face.

“‘Don’t?’ don’t tell me that you want to pee on your body?” Long Yi chuckled, then kicked open the door of the toilet.

After that Long Yi reached out his big hand towards her belt, and Wushuang just closed her eyes with a red face. As it was extremely easy thing for Long Yi to take off the clothing of women, he smoothly took off her belt, then smoothly lowered her pants, revealing her snow-white ** and a silk panties

The nose of Long Yi became hot, nearly having a nosebleed, as Wushuang was too bold. The inside panties unexpectedly was semitransparent, and he could faintly see black colored bush.

At this time, the charming body of Wushaung quivered violently, which woke up Long Yi from his daze. After that, his big hand slowly reached over and grabbed the edge of her panties, then began to pull down little by little.

“Long Yi, you are not allowed to look.” Wushuang impatiently said with embarrassment.

“Okay, I will not look.” Long Yi suppressed his surging **, and closed his eyes, cough, strictly speaking, he had left behind a small crack.

After silk panties slowly slide down, that young girl’s mysterious flower completely became visible. Long Yi took a deep breath and swallowed a mouthful of saliva. And after supporting Wushaung to sit on the toilet, his back was unexpectedly soaked with sweat.

Long Yi turned his head and waited for a long time, but still didn’t hear the sound of peeing.

“What’s wrong? Weren’t you in a hurry just now?” Long Yi asked.

“My…my pee won’t come out.” Wushuang said with a trace of crying voice.

“Relax, don’t be nervous. Since I have seen your body, I will definitely take responsibility for you. Then with this, you are my woman, so why are you worrying in front of me?” Long Yi softly caressed the beautiful hair of Wushuang.

“Ng.” Wushuang softly answered and laid down the guard on her heart. After that, she sprayed her pee which was collected for several days.

After that looking at Long Yi who was helping her in wearing her pants, Wushaung softly asked: “Am I your woman?”

Long Yi nodded her head with a smile, then carrying her, he walked out from the toilet.

And at the time of setting off, Wushaung was lying in the bosom of Long Yi with a sweet smile.

There was still boundless wind and snow outside, and throughout the way, one couldn’t find any human figure. In this type of day, no one was willing to come out. But Long Yi with Wushuang whose whole body was covered with a cloak in his bosom lightly stepped on the ground and then disappeared in the middle of wind and snow. Even though he was walking in this thickly accumulated snow, he didn’t leave behind any footprints.

While hurrying along the path, Long Yi suddenly noticed fiery red human figure calmly standing in the midst of wind and snow in front of him.

“Yu Feng! How can this girl be here?” Long Yi exclaimed in surprise.

“Why are you coming just now? I have waited for you for a very long time.” Yu Feng said with a smile after seeing Long Yi.

“Waiting for me? Why on earth are you waiting for me?” Long Yi frowned as he asked.

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“Naturally to go to Origin Ice with you. It was very difficult for me to shake off my mother’s two maids.” Yu Feng said as if she had already forgotten the matter of yesterday.

“Why are you messing around? Didn’t you say I was going to Origin Ice only to court death yesterday? Is it possible that you also want to follow me to death?” Long Yi directly passed by Yu Feng while speaking to her. He wanted to hurry on with his journey, so he had no time to spend with her here.

“Yes, I am following you to die.” Yu Feng stubbornly said. Then quickly followed behind Long Yi.

“Enough, Eldest Miss, don’t stir up trouble. I am going to Origin Ice to save my woman, not for a tour.” Long Yi couldn’t help but turn around and said.

“Because you love her, you can go to Origin Ice risking your life, but don’t tell me that I can’t go there risking my life for the person I love.” Yu Feng resolutely said to Long Yi.

Long Yi was astounded looking at Yu Feng, then shaking his head, he said: “Do as you wish.” Saying this, Long Yi again turned around and dashed forward, and opened a large distance between them in a blink of an eye. Like this, she ought to return back, Long Yi thought. But he couldn’t help but turn his head to look behind him and saw Yu Feng was still desperately chasing after him.

Long Yi shook his head, then stepping on the ground, he dashed forward again. He thought that after Yu Feng chases him for a brief moment and still couldn’t reach him, she ought to return home. Although he had thought like this, but he knew this eldest miss’s stubborn temperament, he didn’t know whether she would stupidly still chase after him all the way or not. It’s a little dangerous in this weather.

Thinking this, Long Yi use Soaring Magic to fly in the sky, and looked behind, then saw a red speck was staggering along far away.

“This girl is truly stubborn.” Long Yi muttered.

Long Yi floated in high altitude looking at Yu Feng. He didn’t want her to meet with mishap because of him, and also wanted to see how long she could persist.

Time gradually passed by, Long Y had believed that Yu Feng would return back after chasing after him for at most for several tens of minutes. But to his surprise, even after several hours, she was still running forward. And she had an expression of never giving up until she reached her goal.

“Aiya.” Yu Feng suddenly exclaimed, then she brandished her fiery red huge sword, sending out a raging flame towards the snow-covered ground.

The snowflakes immediately melted down, and a blood splashed out. A snow monster was chopped into two by Yu Feng, merely its huge mouth was still able to bit her right leg. This was a snow beast, was a kind of special kind of wild beast of the north. It frequently disguised itself as snow and wait for a prey inside the snow.

Yu Feng creased her brows and raised her leg which was bitten by this snow beast. Now there was few bloody hole in her leg, but fortunately, it was not very deep, and also didn’t injure the bone.

She ought to return this time. Long Yi thought inwardly.

But it seems Long Yi had still underestimated the determination of Yu Feng. She merely tore a piece of cloth and wrap up the injury in a very easy fashion, then unexpectedly began to run forward again.

Let it be, since she was willing to go, let her go. Long Yi sighed. If this goes on like this, she would definitely meet with mishap sooner or later.

Long Yi descended from the sky and landed in front of Yu Feng.

“Long Yi.” Yu Feng called out in pleasant surprise.

Long Yi stared at her, then said: “Since you are tired of living, you can come with me, but don’t regret in future.”

“I will definitely not regret. Just you wait for the good prospect.” Yu Feng proudly said.

Long Yi moved Wushuang a little bit upward in his bosom, then walked forward, and couched down. After that tearing the bandage made up of cloth on her leg, he used healing magic to heal her wound, and very quickly her wound was healed.

Yu Feng sweetly smiled and remembering that starry night, her beautiful face unconsciously become red.

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