Chapter 97: Intense passion before parting


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“Yes, I don’t understand, only you understand.” Yu Feng suddenly yelled loudly at Long Yi, then turning around she slammed the door and went out while her tears uncontrollably flowed down.

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Looking at the back view of Yu Feng, Long Yi was startled. He didn’t understand why she suddenly expressed big temper like this, but currently, he didn’t have any thought to go and coax her.

Leng Youyou who was in the process of walking upstairs was dumbfounded seeing Yu Feng who rushed out from the room while shedding tears. After that, looking towards the wide open door, she firmly bit her lower lips and her complexion became very pale.

She slowly walked towards the door and saw Long Yi indifferently pouring wine on the cup. And this red colored liquid reflected his cold stiff face which made her feel restless.

Softly closing the door, Leng Youyou sat down beside Long Yi, and softly said: “I’m sorry, I suddenly encountered an acquaintance, so I return late.”

Long Yi put down the cup, then looking at the complexion of Leng Youyou, he help her dust off the snowflake from her long hair and said: “Youyou, tell me what happened?”

Leng Youyou remained silent and her body quivered all of a sudden. Then she instinctively leaned against Long Yi. Only after that, she felt very warm, furthermore had a kind of feeling of relief.

Long Yi embraced the somewhat cold body of Leng Youyou, and softly said: “If you don’t want to speak then I will not force you. You just need to know that you are my, Long Yi’s woman, and no matter how big of a matter it is, I will shoulder it for you.”

Hearing the words of Long Yi, the heart of Leng Youyou soured. She tightly held the waist of Long Yi, and rub his face against the bosom of Long Yi, absorbing the warmth of her sweetheart.

Suddenly, Leng Youyou straddled Long Yi’s thigh and kissed Long Yi’s mouth with her ice-cold lips, then her fragrant tongue took the initiative to launch an attack on Long Yi while her waist as if snake swayed.

The breathing of Long Yi stopped, and the fire of lust he had suppressed before instantly rose. His little brother as if eaten simulant was in high-spirit, and his head was pressing against woman’s softest secret place.

“Oh, my husband, love me.” Leng Youyou trembled as if she got an electric shock, and her lovely body swayed even more violently. She madly sucked the tongue of Long Yi, and her jade hands entered inside the clothing of Long Yi and showed tender care for that strong physique which had fascinated her.

Long Yi subconsciously felt something was wrong. Although Leng Youyou was more enthusiastic in bed compared to Lu Xiya, but she absolutely was not wild and coarse like this. Long Yi first inclined his head avoiding the pink lips of Leng Youyou, then caught her arms and asked: “Youyou, stop for a moment.”

Leng Youyou however struggled free from Long Yi’s hands, then pushed down Long Yi on the sofa. After that sitting on his waist, she tore apart his clothing.

Long Yi again catch hold of Leng Youyou’s beautiful hand, and jumped off from the sofa, then carrying her in his arms, he walked into the bathroom. After that, he threw her into the bathtub which was filled with warm water.

Leng Youyou bore out from inside the water, fling her beautiful long hair backward, and with her chest rapidly rising and falling, teardrops as if pearls of broken string fell down.

Long Yi lightly sighed and jumped into the bathtub, then hugged Leng Youyou and patted her back.

“Long Yi, I don’t want to leave you, really don’t.” Leng Youyou said while choking with sobs, and she currently had a heartbroken expression.

Long Yi suddenly shook, and he suddenly had a bad premonition. Listening to her manner of speaking, it seems as if she had to leave him, so he couldn’t help but recall Si Bi, this girl who was carved in bones and engraved in the heart. He feared Leng Youyou would also leave him just like her.

“Today I met a person of Dark Church, he told me my master Lafaer had cultivation deviation while cultivating Dark Magic, and is already at…at the point of dying. He had brought a letter from my master to me, and the handwriting on the letter was indeed of my master’s handwriting. He said he wanted to see me for the last time.” Leng Youyou choked with sobs. With regarding Dark Priest Lafaer, although they were master and apprentice, but they however resembled more father and daughter.

So it turned out to be like this, Long Yi sighed. Leng Youyou ought to return back to see her master for the last time. But couldn’t this be a scheme? Long Yi inwardly thought.

“Youyou, is it really just this?” Long Yi asked.

“Ng.” Leng Youyou lowered her head and answered, then wiped the tears from her face.

“Then you should return, I will accompany Wushuang to go to Origin Ice. You should know that now I possess 18 super skeletons, Violent Lightning Beast and those 5 Seven Baleful Puppets, so going to Origin Ice will not have any danger to me. So after handling the matter of your master, you can come to Elven Forest to find me.” Long Yi said. He indistinctly felt that the matter shouldn’t be as simple as Leng Youyou had stated, but he couldn’t think of where was wrong.

Leng Youyou nodded her head, then deeply looking at Long Yi, she suddenly blushed and angrily said: “Just a moment ago I greatly lost my face, you better compensate me.”

Long Yi lewdly smiled and asked: “Then how do you want me to compensate you?”

Leng Youyou smiled, then naughtily flickered Long Yi’s dishonest little brother. Then with a flirtatious expression, she glanced at him and asked: “You say?”

“Little bewitching spirit, you are intentionally seducing me, look how I will punish you today.” The big hands of Long Yi caressed the Leng Youyou’s two circular big, flexible and soft meat bun. Separated with clothing, he fiddled with her two soft and fair bulging.

Leng Youyou let out a bewitching sound, and with her misty fawning eyes, she said: “Still don’t know who will punish who.”

Long Yi laughed mischievously, this not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth girl actually dare to question his ability, it seems the lessons of before were still not deep enough.

Long Yi immediately peel off all the clothing of Leng Youyou with nothing left on her body, revealing that jade body. Long Yi inwardly gasped in admiration, this truly was a masterpiece of God, abundant breast, rich buttocks, and slender waist, furthermore that female celestial like facial features, and skin which even the first-rate silk couldn’t compare.

Long Yi played with her those **, making various shapes out of it. As for Leng Youyou, she had half closed her misty eyes which had passionate hot gaze, and her breathing was even hotter as if the steam of boiling hot water. Her jade hands held the arms of Long Yi, refusing to let it go, and her throat was unconsciously giving out unbearable moans.

“Darling, how is it? Do you want it?” Long Yi said with a smile. As a matter of fact, he was also greatly enduring it, and the lower part of his body was already rearing to go. He already wanted to have his way and freely rush headlong into thick grassland, but for the sake of the dignity of man, he was enduring.

Leng Youyou charmingly snorted, and biting her lower lips, she closed her eyes, then looked sideways, refusing to admit defeat.

Long Yi chuckled, and his big hand slid down. Passing her smooth lower abdomen, he lightly caressed the inner thigh of Leng Youyou, but refused to get over to her secret garden. This time Leng Youyou felt empty to the extreme.

Then seeing her sweetheart’s grinning face, Leng Youyou gritted her tooth. After that rising up, she sat down, then pulled open Long Yi’s belt, and raised her snow-white buttocks, and sitting on Long Yi’s hard-on, she rocked back and forth.

Perhaps because they didn’t have made love for several days, and also perhaps because they would bid farewell shortly, these two people spared no effort. From the bathroom to drawing room to bedroom, they left the mark of their joyous love everywhere. Finally with outmaneuvering, stamina and explosive force, Long Yi won, and as for Leng Youyou, currently, she was as if koala weakly hanging on the body of Long Yi. Now she didn’t have the slightest strength to even raise her body.

The snowfall had gotten bigger, so after a one night, it had accumulated to a thick layer. Leng Youyou who was nestled on the warm bosom of Long Yi opened her eyes, then sighed inwardly. Very soon, she had to bid farewell to the owner of this warm bosom. When can I see you again? For no reason, Leng Youyou felt fear in her heart.

Leng Youyou knew time was already late although the sky was still not bright. The habit of a person could be feared, and she was already accustomed to having Long Yi by her side, so if she separated from him, then will she go crazy? No longer can smell Long Yi’s man smell, no longer can feel his embrace, no longer hear him dotingly calling her darling, and no longer see his grin, how can she live without these ah?

Feeling moist in his chest, Long Yi opened his eyes. As a matter of fact, he had not slept for the whole night, afraid that Leng Youyou would also leave him just like Si Bi when he was sleeping.

From the bosom of Long Yi, Leng Youyou looked upward and saw her sweetheart was lovingly looking at her.

“Did I wake you up?” Leng Youyou wiped her tears and softly asked.

“Someone was flooding my chest, so how can I not wake up, otherwise wouldn’t I get drowned?”

“Hateful.” Leng Youyou grumbled in the flirtiest manner and pinched him.

Long Yi sighed, the stopping his smile, and looking at Leng Youyou, he asked: “Were you thinking of leaving just now?”

Leng Youyou was startled, she really had this idea just now, because if Long Yi was by her side, then she would hate to part with him, if she were to say that………

“Even if you want to go away, I want you to tell me and go, I don’t want to wake up and find you have gone.” Long Yi said.


“Don’t explain, I understand, now go, I will send you off.” Long Yi interrupted Leng Youyou, and began to get out of the bed and wear clothing.

“Long Yi, are you angry?” Leng Youyou held the waist of Long Yi from behind.

Long Yi slowly turned around, right hand raised the lower chin of Leng Youyou, the said while shaking his head: “No, only since you have already decided to go back, set off a little bit early, so that you can see your master a little bit early and don’t have any regret throughout your life.”

Leng Youyou idiotically looked at Long Yi for a long time, then nodding her head, she also began to wear clothing.

“I will help you, before you attended me, but today I will attend you.” Long Yi chuckled, but great sadness was flashing in his eyes.

Long Yi clumsily helped Leng Youyou to wear her clothing, from her underwear, panties to her outer robe. Although he was quite fast while removing the clothing of women, but he seemed clumsy while putting on their clothing. While putting on the clothing, he naturally took some cheap advantages. Therefore in Long Yi’s bad smile and Leng Youyou’s grumble in a flirtish manner, they seemed to have forgotten about the sadness of bidding farewell.

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