Chapter 96: Youyou went missing

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Suppressing the fire of lust, Long Yi gently helped Leng Youyou to fasten up the belt of her bathrobe. And seeing this extremely beautiful body was slowly being covered by clothing, his eyes showed helpless look.

Leng Youyou laughed looking at this expression of Long Yi. This moment he was similar to a child who wanted to eat a candy but couldn’t eat it.

“Okay, you can do as you like at night.” Leng Youyou leaped forward, and heavily kissed his lips.

The eyes of Long Yi brightened, then he laughed mischievously: “You have said it yourself, I can do as I please tonight.”

“Ok, you go and see Wushuang, I will change my clothing and go shopping.” Pinching the waist of Long Yi, Leng Youyou said shyly.

“Youyou, I will also go with you. It is very cold outside, so what will I do if you get frostbitten?” Long Yi said.

“Don’t, Wushuang has already slept for two days, so she might wake up today, and the person who she wanted to see most after she opened her eyes is definitely you.” Leng Youyou chuckled, took a deep breath and pushed Long Yi into Wushaung’s room. If she says she didn’t mind this at all, then that would be a lie, but currently, she was learning to accept, and the reason for this was very simple, which was she loves him.

Long Yi sat at the bedside of Wushuang, and gently caressing her pale face, he softly said: “Wushuang, isn’t Youyou a very good girl? She had changed herself greatly for me and also sacrificed a lot. Being able to have her is the greatest fortune I got due to the accumulated virtue of my ancestors. I very very much love her and…….you.”

Veil of the night quickly enveloped the earth, the pedestrians on the streets gradually became scarce, and now the weather was very cold and the ground was frozen. So no one was willing to stay outside to suffer this hardship.

“It’s already been a long time, but why isn’t Youyou coming back?” Long Yi looked outside while thinking. Now he suddenly felt uneasiness in his heart.

Whoosh whoosh, suddenly a strong wind blew up outside. Long Yi restlessly moved back and forth inside the room. “Normally, what could be bought at this time? Don’t tell me that she had an accident? But relying on her Archmage realm strength couple with her body armor, even if she encountered Master Archmage or Sword Saint, it is impossible for them to silently put her down, but I haven’t heard any sound.”

Long Yi stood at the entrance of the inn. He suddenly discovered snowflake was slowly fluttering down from the sky. Not long after, fluttering about snowflakes changed into goose feather snow [1], making the entire world dressed in white.

Looking at the empty street, the heart of Long Yi became even more restless. Leng Youyou would always handle affairs rationally and was also very discretion, so there was no reason for her to not come back this late. Even if she was occupied, she would definitely come back first to inform him.

Yu Feng opened the window and gently leaned on it. Then looking at the strong wind carrying along the snowflakes outside, she became lost in thought. Even when the cold wind blew in from the window, she was totally unaware.

“Snow, time sure flies quickly ah.” Yu Feng muttered. Inside the boundless snowstorm as if a handsome face of a man appeared, she recalled beautiful and bright spring season when she had met him. From that time he rescued her from the pack of dire wolves, he made her desire a man for the first time. But disregarding her status and beauty, he resolutely refused to marry her. But nothingness, she still didn’t forget about him, not forget for even a single day.

Unintentionally, Yu Feng glanced down, then her whole body as if struck by lightning trembled. She was not confident that tall and straight figure was real him. “Is that really him?”

Yu Feng turned and walked down, then asked: “Do you see that man standing there just now, he was still there just a moment ago, wearing pale blue silk robe.”

The manager looked at Yu Feng in surprise but was somewhat clear in his mind. He replied: “Yes, he was there. He is the guest who had rented luxurious suit today. Just now he was there, but in a blink of an eye he disappeared.”

“He said he stays here, then, then he will definitely come back, isn’t that so?” Yu Feng muttered, then asked.

“He will definitely return, he still has wounded companion inside their room, so he will surely come back.” Inn Manager answered.

Yu Feng nodded her head and sighed in relief. After that, she turned around and walked, but after two steps, she paused and asked: “Is that wounded companion man or woman?’

“Woman, and it seemed their relationship is also not shallow.” Inn Manager answered. He was just a servant so he couldn’t take part in the emotion problem of Eldest Miss, that’s why he could only answer her question straightly.

Yu Feng trembled, and softly sighed, then went upstairs.

And as for Long Yi, now he was using Soaring Magic to drift in the sky within large snowfall and disordered wind. He circled around Kaifeng city looking for the trace of Leng Youyou, but Leng Youyou however seemed to have disappeared into a thin air.

Long Yi forced himself to calm down, he was already about to go mad due to anxiousness. In the end who had such ability to silently took Leng Youyou away? He looked for a place and descend slowly and lightly. This was the street where groceries were sold, so Leng Youyou had surely come here to purchase.

Long Yi inquired about Leng Youyou in every shop. After describing her, only two adjacent shops’ shopkeepers said they had seen her. In other words, after shopping in these two shops, she disappeared. Long Yi asked them whether there were any abnormalities occurred at that time, to which one of the shopkeepers said, it had occurred. Because at that time, after Leng Youyou selected the necessary goods, she suddenly said she didn’t want it, and had hurriedly run away.

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“Dark Church!” The eyes of Long Yi flashed with dazzling brightness, immediately thinking this. According to the description of this shopkeeper, Leng Youyou ought to have recognized the identity of other people, so she hurriedly ran out. When Long Yi heard that, he immediately suspect Dark Church.

Perhaps she had voluntarily…., suddenly this thought appeared in his heart. If not voluntarily, then with Leng Youyou’s strength, it was impossible to not cause any movement. Perhaps that person might be someone she was familiar with too.

Long Yi no longer tried to search her, and return back to Phoenix Inn, thinking perhaps she might have already returned back.

After entering the hall of the inn, he was disappointed. He could sense Wusheng’s aura in the room, but not able to sense the aura of Leng Youyou. She actually hadn’t come back yet.

Long Yi went upstairs, when he just reached the door, suddenly a trembling voice came from behind him: “Long Yi, is that you?”

Long Yi turned around and saw Yu Feng standing behind him. Her eyes were watery, and her pink lips were lightly trembling in excitement.

“Yu Feng, long time no see, how come you are here?” Surprise appeared on his face but quickly disappeared, then said in a tone which was intimate yet there was a distance.

“This is my clan’s property, so you say why can’t I be here? I heard you went to Huangmang plain, was everything alright?” Yu Feng said and took a deep breath to calm down her excitement. At that time she intended to find him next day, but next day she was informed that he had already left. Then she knew that he had unexpectedly gone for the mission of Huangmang plain with a group of people after inquiring around everywhere. At that time, she was so worried that she was unable to fall asleep for many days.

“There is no meaning in asking that question, if I wasn’t alright then would I be standing here?” Long Yi said with a smile.

Yu Feng lowered her head with a red face. This moment she was bashful just like a little girl yearning for love without that domineering appearance of that time.

“Aren’t you inviting me inside?” Yu Feng asked.

Long Yi opened the door, then made the please enter first gesture.

“You can sit anywhere, I will go in and take a look at my companion.” Long Yi said while walking into the bedroom.

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“Wushuang, why are you not waking up? We are almost there at Origin Ice, so you must persist in.” Long Yi softly said while gently caressing the face of Wushuang. Currently, his heart was really feeling vexed, as Wushuang hadn’t woken up even after few days, and Leng Youyou had also disappeared so suddenly.

Yu Feng peeped through the small gap, but she wasn’t able to see the face of Wushuang as Long Yi’s body had blocked her face, still seeing Long Yi’s that intimate appearance, she couldn’t help but felt throbbing pain in her heart, eyes immediately shed tears, furthermore that last glimmer of fantasy she held in her heart completely shattered.

Long Yi came out and sat on the sofa, then poured two cups of wine to suppress the heart’s fidgety feeling.

“What’s wrong with her?” Yu Feng asked while looking towards the bedroom of Wushuang.

“She is suffering from a kind of extremely evil curse, and then for the sake of saving us, she changed into this. Every day she sleeps like this, neither eat nor drink.” Long Yi sighed and said in a hoarse voice.

“Curse? Isn’t that a legendary evil technique? Then where are you all going?” Yu Feng asked. She was experienced and knowledgeable. Once she had read this record in a book, but the book stated that this evil magic had already disappeared long ago in the long river of history.

“Origin Ice, as long as we find Ruyi Ice Silkworm’s blood, she can be saved.” Long Yi answered.

“What? You want to go to Origin Ice for Ice Silkworm? Do you know where Origin Ice is? No human can endure the temperature of that place, moreover, Ruyi Ice Silkworm is SS rank super magical beast, so aren’t you just courting death?” Yu Feng said while turning pale in fright. She decided to dispel the foolish thoughts of Long Yi.

“I already know all of these, but I must go.” Long Yi resolutely said.

“Even if that is no different from dying? You love her this deeply.” Yu Feng stood up and tearfully stared directly at Long Yi.

“Yes, these things you don’t understand.” Long Yi lightly said while turning the wine glass in his hand.

Just then, Long Yi suddenly sensed a familiar aura within his perception range, then his brows involuntarily loosened.

[1] goose feather snow (idiom): big heavy snowfall

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