Chapter 95: Meeting Yu Feng


Wushuang opened her eyes, her gaze was somewhat dull.

“Wushuang, you woke up? Are you hungry? Want to eat something?” Supporting Wushuang to sit, Leng Youyou happily asked.

Wushuang somewhat dazedly looked at Leng Youyou. For quite a long while her vision focused on her body, then shook her head weakly: “I don’t feel like eating. What about him?”

“Long Yi, he had gone to take a bath in a brook over there.” Leng Youyou said. Then remembering the sorry figure of Long Yi, she couldn’t help but chuckle. At that time, when Seven Baleful Puppets fired three rank 10 magic, Long Yi immediately sensed the situation was not good, so he hastily picked up sleeping Wushuang and Leng Youyou, then rushed out of cliff’s platform. But how could three rank 10 magic be weak, the entire platform was blown and the greater part of it collapsed. the specks of dust and rocks shot out in all direction. Although Long Yi had used Great Cosmos shift to quickly run away from there, but he couldn’t prevent himself from being covered in dirt.

“Why are you laughing? Did something funny happen?” Seeing Leng Youyou laughing without any reason, Wushuang couldn’t help but ask.

Leng Youyou nodded her head while laughing, then mentioned the matter that had occurred just a moment ago.

When Long Yi return back, he saw both Leng Youyou and Wushuang were chatting and laughing. Seeing this he couldn’t help but become happy inside his heart, then he walked over to their side.

“Wushuang, you wake up, are you hungry, want to eat something?” Long Yi impatiently asked, clearly showing his concern feeling in his words and manner.

Wushuang looked at Long Yi, then gently smiled and her dim pupils shone. His words were exactly same as the words of Leng Youyou. In a life, having such friends who cared so deeply for her, even if she had to die now, she will not have any regret. A person can’t be too greedy, isn’t that so? Though her heart had a glimmer of longing and expectation.

Today the spirit of Wushuang seemed pretty good. Only after chatting with Long Yi and Leng Youyou for nearly one hour, she fell into deep sleep again.

“Youyou, is the frontier of Proud Moon Empire in front?” Looking at fast asleep Wushuang, Long Yi asked softly, as his eyes became colder.

“M-hm.” Leng Youyou nodded her head, she didn’t know why Long Yi had asked this question.

“It’s time for Proud Moon Empire to pay their first interest.” Long Yi laughed evilly.

Due to the northwest of Proud Moon Empire being bordered with Hengduan Mountains, in order to prevent the invasion of beast-men clans, there were army troops of about 100,000 stationed here all the year around.

In a moonless windy night, a shadow noiselessly appeared in the sky above the barracks. After gliding past one group after another group of heavy infantry, that shadow stopped in the sky.

“Heh heh, this should be the military supply depot.” Long Yi revealed a sinister smile, then waving his hand, he summoned three Archmage among Seven Baleful Puppets.

And under the command of Long Yi, these three Archmages began to chant incantations. And as for Long Yi himself, he used spirit power to cut off the magic fluctuation of this place. Within the army group of at least 100,000 people stationed here, there were at least thousand magicians, among them there was no lack of Advance Magicians, so now he only wanted to burn this military supply depot. For the time being, he didn’t want to recklessly fight against 100,000 people.

At this time, three Archmage completed the chanting of incantation, then suddenly around the military supply depot, a tall stone wall quietly rose from inside the ground, and it was immediately covered with a layer of thick ice. Meanwhile, Fire Archmage’s Raging Flames Burning the Heaven had already begun to burn the warehouse, quickly changing the grains, clothing and other articles of daily use into ashes.

With the surroundings being covered with stone walls with a layer of ice on it, coupled with Long Yi’s spirit barrier, when the army was able to break through these obstructions, nearly everything within this warehouse ought to be burned to ashes. Now the weather of northwest was getting colder and colder, so without grains and clothing to keep out cold, these army troops of 100,000 might be able to drink only the bottled liquid.

At this moment, the barracks was already in chaos, and many magicians were also flying in the sky. And as for Long Yi, he merely thought inwardly: “Proud Moon Empire, this is merely an interest, next time I will not burn military supply depot, rather will burn imperial palace.”

Long Yi took back puppets, then his figure swiftly disappeared in the middle of the night.

Ten days later, Long Yi and his group arrived at a level two city of the northern frontier of Proud Moon Empire which was called Kaifeng City. Now it was early winter season, and this place being close to Origin Ice region, the weather here was very cold. Currently, the entire body of Wushuang was wrapped up with a thick woolen quilt, and she was increasingly getting weaker. It was already two days, but she still hadn’t woken up yet, this greatly worried both Long Yi and Leng Youyou.

“Eh, Phoenix Inn, I didn’t expect Phoenix clan possess property in such a remote place too.” Leng Youyou exclaimed in surprise.

“Phoenix Clan?” Long Yi shrunk back at the sight of that sparkling signboard in front, and was dazed. He couldn’t help but recall that girl called Yu Feng, and also recalled how she was forcing him to marry her and also how she wanted him to marry into Phoenix clan. Recalling this, he helplessly laughed while shaking his head.

“Long Yi, why are you laughing?” Leng Youyou curiously asked.

“It’s nothing, we will stay here, and buy a number of things, as there is no city like this further ahead.” Long Yi said with a smile.

A long time after Long Yi and his group entered Phoenix Inn, a group of traveling merchants with the escort of mercenaries entered this city.

“Miss, we arrived at Kaifeng city, do you want to go to our clan’s inn to rest first?” A middle-aged man dressed in servant clothing respectfully stand in front of a luxurious carriage.

“Well, everybody is also worn out after a long journey, so everyone can rest for today. Leave all the matters for tomorrow.” A clear and melodious female voice came through inside the carriage. Listening to this voice, it seemed to be the voice of a young girl in the prime of her life.

This luxurious carriage stopped right outside the Phoenix Inn, and the inn manager hurriedly rushed out from inside the inn to welcome this guest. Don’t tell me that the young miss of Phoenix clan inside the carriage is Eldest Miss Yu Feng?

The bright and beautiful curtain opened, then two delicate and pretty maids stepped out from inside the carriage, followed by a golden-haired young girl jumped out from inside the horse carriage. She was wearing a fiery red fox-fur robe and possessed a fiery red huge sword, which made her look hundred percent heroic spirit. So with such dress up and that intimidating temperament, other than Eldest Miss of Phoenix clan, she couldn’t be another person.

“Manager, quickly prepare the luxurious suite for Eldest Miss to rest.” One maid loftily said to this manager.

This manager immediately revealed a pained look, and replied stutteringly: “Eldest Miss, this……….”

“Is there any difficulty? Yu Feng gently asked.

“Eldest Miss, because Kaifeng City is comparatively in a remote place, so the inn had set up only one luxurious suite. Originally people who would stay in that suite are hard to come by even in an entire year, but unfortunately, some people wanted that luxurious suite just some time ago.” Manager answered.

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“Since guests already reside there, arrange us another two rooms.” Yu Feng also paid no attention to this matter. As a shrewd businesswoman, she knew that she absolutely shouldn’t bully the guests.

The manager sighed out of relief, then diligently led Yu Feng and her maids inside.

“Eldest Miss, these are the rooms. Later this little one will send people to bring foods.” Manager respectfully said.

“No need, I want to have a good rest, so without my instruction, don’t disturb me.” Yu Feng said while entering the room. And as for her two maids, they entered the room next door.

At this time, the door of a room of another side suddenly opened, then Long Yi confusedly looked around. Just now he felt as if he heard a familiar voice, which appeared to be the voice of Phoenix clan’s Eldest Miss Yu Feng.

“Don’t tell me I was hallucinating? Also, how could that girl come here in such a remote place?” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders, and decided that he had heard wrong.

“Long Yi, what are you looking?” Leng Youyou in a bathrobe came out from inside the bathroom. Currently, her whole body was emitting a faint fragrance, and with half wet hair hanging down to her waist, she had a different kind of charm.

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“Nothing.” Long Yi chuckled, and while his eyes firmly staring at Leng Youyou’s that fiery and charming body, his breathing instantly became heavy. These days, they were busy running about the wilderness, so it had already been many days he didn’t have any joyous moment with Leng Youyou.

Seeing Long Yi’s that passionate gaze, Leng Youyou grumbled in flirtiest manner: “What are you looking at, big pervert?”

Long Yi smiled, next, he walked over and hugged Leng Youyou with his hands entering inside her bathrobe from the partition in the front, then gently caressed her soft back. Simultaneously he sucked her that delicate and fine earlobe, and softly said: “Yes, I am a big pervert, now big pervert wants to eat little cotton wad.”

Leng Youyou moaned in her sweetheart’s bosom. His big hands as if having magic power made her feel weak. Her lovely body involuntarily quivered, and the wetness on the lower part of her body genuinely reflected her emptiness.

The body of this girl is getting more and more sensitive. Long Yi inwardly thought. Then lowering his head, he buried his head in her fragrant neck. After that he skillfully sucked her snowy skin leaving behind pink hickeys, which looked delicate and beautiful as if a plum blossom in a snow earth.

Continuing downward, Long Yi used his teeth on her flower bud, feeling its burst into bloom inside his mouth. Meanwhile, his hand however slip into that densely covered with fine hair pink ravine.

Leng Youyou’s charming body trembled, and with her ** sandwiching Long Yi’s mischievous big hand, she impatiently said while breathing heavily: “My Husband, don’t.”

Long Yi mumbled while still nibbling her flowery bud: “Baby, you don’t want to?”

Leng Youyou bit her lower lip, and with a very red face which clearly showed her feeling, she shook her head: “No, not, we still have to go out and buy necessary things. And the sky is about to get dark, so we cannot delay.”

Long Yi woke up with a start, yes, they could no longer delay for the disease of Wushuang. If they didn’t buy the items today, then they had to wait for tomorrow, which would delay them for about half a day.

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