Chapter 94: Seven Baleful Puppets

In the hazy dusk of twilight, light water mist drifting away from waterfall’s splash was bring about a slight chill in the air.

This was Hengduan Mountain’s precipitous cliff’s one supernaturally fine craft. Mountain spring was swiftly flowing out from inside the crack of the high mountain range, forming a spectacular waterfall.

Leaning his back against a smooth rock with still sleeping Wushuang in his bosom, Long Yi was lost in thought while watching the dimly visible crescent moon on the horizon. And Leng Youyou was silently leaning on his shoulder, and don’t know what she was thinking.

Softly sighing, Long Yi lowered his head, then looked at still sleeping Wushuang in his bosom feeling sorry. She had wasted away a great deal of energy, now her complexion appeared abnormally pale, and her breathing duration was also short. Even while sleeping, her elegant brows were tightly cramped, apparently seemed very uncomfortable. In the past three days, the spirit power of Wushuang got weaker and weaker. Every day she would wake up for only one or two times, and when she woke up, he fed her some fruit and so on things. But in less than ten minutes, she would again fall asleep. With such condition, Long Yi didn’t dare to confirm whether Wushuang would be able to hold on until she reached Origin Ice or not.

“Long Yi, don’t worry too much, nothing will happen to Wushuang.” Hearing her sweetheart’s sigh, Leng Youyou tighten her hold of her jade hand located on his big hand and comforted him. But in fact, she was also greatly worried in her heart. But seeing her sweetheart getting so anxious, she thoughtfully acted the role of confidante.

Long Yi looked at Leng Youyou, and embraced her shoulder with his empty hand, and said: “Thank You, Youyou.”

Leng Youyou affectionately looked at Long Yi, then lightly peck his lips with her pink lips, and said: “Fool, why are you thanking me, I am your wife.”

Long Yi was dumbfounded, suddenly felt that their role seemed to have switched over. Previously he used to call them fool then comforted them, but now he was being comforted. Even so, the feeling of being comforted felt really good, and he felt a particular warmth in his heart.

“Yes, you are my wife, and you will always be by my side.” Long Yi caressed the beautiful hair of Leng Youyou.

“Unless you don’t want me to, I will always stay by your side, and wait upon you throughout my life.” Leng Youyou answered with her eyes somewhat misty.

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“Throughout your life is not enough, I want you to stay forever.” Long Yi softly said.

“How far is forever?” Leng Youyou asked.

“How far? This problem is more complicated, we have to properly research it………….”


In the frozen territory of Fox Clan, the ice was still not melted, and under the illumination of moonlight, it reflected cold light. Suddenly, a red and a blue, two light quickly shot towards this place from the horizon. The human figure flashed, an old man garbed in fiery red magic robe and a middle-aged beautiful woman garbed in light blue magic robe halted at the periphery of this layer of ice. Both of them were incomparably amazed seeing this frozen world and remained silent for a long time. If a person with a little bit of knowledge was here, he/she would have absolutely recognized this old man as Fire Master Archmage PuXiuSi and this middle-aged beautiful woman as equally famous Water Master Archmage Shui Linglong.

“Shui Linglong, what do you think?” This old man turned to the middle-aged beautiful woman and asked.

“Very strong, although I can also use this water forbidden magic spell, but its might will be less than half of this. These frozen ice cubes are not ordinary ice, rather extremely cold Profound Yin Ice. To use this ice, the strength of user must have reached the pinnacle of Water Master Archmage. I wonder when did such strong individual appear in Blue Waves Continent.” Shui Linglong said in her crisp voice. Although she looked 40 or so years old, but her voice however was just like that of a young girl, which was pleasant to hear. With this alone, one could easily imagine she was definitely an exceptional beauty under the heaven when she was young.

PuXiuSi carefully observed all around. Three days ago, when he had visited Shui Linglong to discuss the issue of magic, they had suddenly sensed a vast dark magic fluctuation as well as water magic fluctuation. They immediately knew that someone was casting Dark Forbidden Magic Spell and Water Forbidden Magic Spell to confront each other. Both of them turned pale with fright and immediately rushed towards the center of fluctuation.

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PuXiuSi frowned seeing the two pile of white bones a little bit far away and said with uncertainty: “It seems this dark magic’s forbidden magic spell was cast by the joint effort of these several tens of Dark Magicians. As for Water Forbidden Magic Spell, it was casted by single person. And it is obvious that Water Forbidden Magic Spell was more powerful, yet the reason why these Dark Magicians turned into skeletons is because of the corrosion of dark magic. This means at that time there was the third party of Dark Church.”

“PuXiuSi, look over there, it seems there is two corpse there.” Shui Linglong pointed towards a distant point.

Both of them flew over there and discovered two corpses of Fox clan’s women, which were already stiff.

“They were killed by crushing their neck.” Shui Linglong pointed at their blue-black neck, and when she used her hands to feel, she discovered their neck bones were completely crushed.

PuXiuSi sighed: “Nowadays Blue Waves Continent is at troubled times. Although Proud Moon Empire and Nalan Empire still have yet to start an all-out war, but there is constant local war. And Violent Dragon Empire also seemed to be joining in. Furthermore, Dark Church is also moving more frequently nowadays. And now there is such utterly powerful Water Magician. Even Blue Wave Continent don’t know what changes will appear now?”

“If three great empire fought, I fear the people will again be plunged into an abyss of misery and the field will be littered with corpses. Most importantly common people will be the one that will suffer the most ah.” Shui Linglong lightly sighed, and her face had an expression of pitying the fate of mankind.


And as for Wushunag who was considered utterly powerful Water magician by both PuXisi and Shui Linglong, she was sleeping as before. And currently, Leng Youyou was sitting by her side while meditating.

While Long Yi was lost in thought sitting outside the tent. After the ambush of the Dark Magicians and Dark Fighters of Dark Church at Fox Clan, now he had become very prudent and careful. If at that time Wushuang had not risked her life to cast a forbidden magic spell to resist, then he who was filled with complacent would have already died there. Now Wushuang only sleeps all day long, and he also doesn’t know what kind of danger would appear from now on, so it seems he needs to strengthen his strength.

But now his magic was at a standstill, and although his internal force was on the verge of breaking through to the second layer, but this was not the matter of overnight.

Thinking about super skeletons and Violent Lightning Beast inside his dark dimension space, Long Yi couldn’t help but think, if he had more helpers, then wouldn’t that be excellent.

“Aiya, how could I forget about them?” Long Yi hit his own head. How could he forget about those 5 super experts without a soul inside his dark dimension space and also those specters he had caught in the secret chamber of Lost city’s City Lord Mansion. At that time, he intended to refine 5 Seven Baleful Puppets, merely he had forgotten about them afterwards.

Long Yi released those 5 experts from his dark dimension space and made them stand in front of him. Among them, there were Archmage, who individually were Water, Earth and Fire Archmage. And the remaining two were Great Swords Master. It might be assumed that they were great characters before they entered Lost City, but now they became his puppets.

Long Yi had already memorized the method of refining Seven Baleful Puppets. Now he set up a barrier around him and began to stir the dark magic element within his sea of consciousness. Long Yi muttered the incantation, and with black light flashing in his two eyes, five black qi crashed into the space between the eyebrows of those five soulless experts. He wanted to plant his own soul brand in their mind. But at that time, these five people snapped open their tightly closed eyes, emitting an abnormal black light. After that Long Yi’s body began to quiver but he still chanted incantation without stopping.

Seeing he had already planted his soul brand successfully, Long Yi took out those more than ten specters he had caught in Lost city. With Undead Magic’s Change Undead Magic, he could integrate them with these 5 Seven Baleful Puppets. And after integrating these specters, they would be even more powerful and during the time of executing their order, they would be more firm and sinister.

Beads of sweats dripped from his forehead. The consumption of spirit power and magical power within the body of Long Yi was very fierce.

The sky gradually brightened, and at this moment, the body of Long Yi and those 5 puppets by his side were emitting black qi. And after Long Yi spat out an incomparably jerky verse of incantation, those 5 puppets floated from the ground and slowly move about in the sky.

When Leng Youyou had woken up from the mediation, she came out from the tent and saw this abnormal scene outside the tent, but she didn’t dare to disturb Long Yi, merely she quietly guarded by his side.

Suddenly, Long Yi waved his hands, and five drops of blood shot towards the space between eyebrows of these 5 puppets. These drops of blood were absorbed by them as if sponge, then a black light suddenly burst out from their body, and they slowly landed on the ground.

Only after this Long Yi sighed in relief, and just when he was planning to raise his hand to wipe the beads of sweats on his forehead, a delicate fragrance assailed his nostrils, and a cool jade hand helped him in wiping those beads of sweat on his forehead.

Long Yi laughed, and embraced Leng Youyou, then heavily kissed her pink lips, and excitedly said: “Youyou, these are Seven Baleful Puppets I refined, I will let you see their power.”

With a thought of Long Yi, first, those two Great Swords Master held their huge sword and leaped up in the sky, then with dark blue colored sword qi cut apart the air attacking towards the cliff. ‘Hong hong’, two loud sound resounded, and crushed stones flew everywhere, now two nearly ten meters long and two meters in wide crack appeared on the cliff. And at this moment, the incantation chanting of those three Archmages were also complete, and almost simultaneously fired rank 10 water magic ‘World of Ice and Snow’, rank 10 earth magic ‘Rage of Earth’, and rank 10 fire magic ‘Raging Flames Burning the Heavens’ towards the cliff.

“Not good, let’s run away.” The complacent smile of Long Yi’s face changed and he exclaimed. Because his order was simultaneously transmitted to these 5 Seven Baleful Puppets, all the Archmage attacked at the same place of the cliff where those two Great Swords Master had just attacked. And with the target of those three rank 10 magic attack being near, their range however included them too.

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