Chapter 93: Forbidden Magic Spells’ Confrontation (2 in 1)


“Strike.” Long Yi shouted loudly, then as if goshawk pounced on towards the magicians in the vicinity. He absolutely cannot let them finish chanting this incantation. Because Long Yi perceive that they were joining their power to fire a single magic. And that power absolutely couldn’t be compared to the magic fired together by each of them separately, and very probably might possess Heaven destroying and Earth exterminating might comparable to Forbidden Magic Spell.

Originally he had thought that with his speed of Great Cosmos Shift, he could easily kill several of them, then the fusion magic they fired would be greatly weakened. But while still in the midair, he met a huge resistance of qi field which repelled him back.

Long Yi was surprised in his heart, immediately knew that this qi field was unexpectedly released by those more than ten Dark Fighters. It seems this matter of today was troublesome. Now if he wanted to get rid of those magicians in the periphery, then first he must pass through the encirclement of these Dark Fighters.

At this moment, the fluctuation of Dark magic had already become stronger and stronger. And the gorgeous sun shining in the sky just a moment ago was shroud by a layer of thin black colored mist and began to become dense.

Long Yi uttered a long and loud cry, and a huge sword impressively appeared in his right hand, which was wrapped by a layer of dazzling white light. This white light was the Magic Douqi created by him ‘Holy Light Douqi’, which was the fusion of Light magic element and Violent Dragon Douqi. This was the best choice to restrain Dark Douqi of Dark Fighters.

“Holy Light Douqi’s Hell Transmigration Chop.” Long Yi suddenly stopped in the midair, and his handsome face suddenly changed into blood-red, no different from molten steel inside smelting furnace.

At this moment, more than ten Dark Fighters were already aware of the danger, then with cold and evil qi suddenly spreading all over the place, their huge swords’ dense Dark Douqi took the shape of qi blade, instantly surrounded Long Yi in the sky, sealing all of his retreat routes.

Long Yi just smiled, this smile was strangely very evil, and he looked just like the emissary of Hades. Suddenly, his figure as if flowers in a mirror and the moon reflected in the lake blurred, and instantly, the huge sword in his hand unexpectedly split into countless handles, then blue and white mixed colored sword slashes suddenly shot out in all directions with myriad splendor.

Without the sound of shaking heaven and earth, also without metal colliding sound, only several fine sounds of rushing resounded. Long Yi and those more than ten Dark Fighters made a move against each other, but those light and dark neither offset nor blend with each other.

Long Yi slowly landed on the ground, and the blood-red color of his face also faded, becoming somewhat pale. Currently, his clothes were full of holes, and his hands were also shaking involuntarily, while blood flowed down from his wrist dripping down to the ground. The web between his thumb and index finger was split in the confrontation of just now. But there was not a single injury on his body including the place where his clothes were cut by Dark Douqi. If one looked carefully, then from the holes of his clothes, one could see a silver color, which was magic implement grade protective armor he had found in Lost city. No need to speak about impervious to sword and spear, it could still offset 80% of magic and Douqi attack. Leng Youyou was also wearing the same kind of thing. But nonetheless, the remaining Dark Douqi invade his body making Long Yi eat a small loss.

But compared to Long Yi, those ten Dark Fighters were apparently in a more miserable situation. Their whole body was filled with large and small wounds, and some of them were missing some parts of their body. But Long Yi however was not happy, on the contrary, he felt a piercing to the bones chill in his heart, and had a surprised and bewildered expression on his face.

“What’s going on here?” The voice of Long Yi was somewhat suppressed and alarmed. Those Dark Fighters were wordlessly standing as before, and the muscles of their body were still deathly pale, unexpectedly there was no sign of blood flowing out. This strange scene made Long Yi and his group extremely shocked. Can a person survive without any blood? Or were they really not a human just like Leng Youyou had stated.

“I also don’t know.” Leng Youyou shook her head. She also had an equally shocked expression on her face.

At this time, the chanting sound of Dark magicians on the periphery became higher and higher, and the dark elements rushed towards the sky covering the earth. Furthermore, that might as if toppling the mountains and overturning the seas was very frightening.

“Not good, they are using Dark Forbidden Magic Spell, and its already nearing the completion.” Wushuang exclaimed.

Long Yi gritted his teeth, then released Violent Lightning Beast and super skeletons from his dark space. Now he felt that he shouldn’t have been careless in the beginning, if he had used Violent Lightning Beast to attack from the beginning, then perhaps he might have already broken through the encirclement of Dark Fighters.

After Violent Lightning Beast came out, it immediately felt great danger, so it immediately began to get bigger, then furiously roared. After that the silver horn on its forehead suddenly flashed with lightning, immediately causing thunderclaps to resound in the sky. As an SS rank super magical beast, it quickly released its lightning magic.

With dark clouds coupled with dense black dark qi, the entire sky looked as if it would collapse before long. Suddenly, a silver-colored lightning streak across the firmament, and in the middle of darkness as if a silver snake flashed towards the magicians of the periphery. But suddenly above the crowd of magicians, a layer of dim black colored barrier appeared, and the lightning strike unexpectedly stopped above it. Then as the lightning fell, the entire sky suddenly lit up, and with the roar of Violent Lightning Beast, lightning strike towards the barrier above the magicians in succession. Under such powerful lightning attack, the barrier began to fluctuate. It seems it won’t be able to hold on much longer, but the chanting for their magic was already on its final moment.

And those 18 super skeletons were also entangled with those Dark Fighters. He had not released them at the beginning because, on one hand, he knew that other than Long Two, others skeletons were basically unable to contend against these Dark Fighters, and would only be lost in vain. And on the other hand, he overestimated his strength, he believed that he would be able to deal with this situation if he went all-out. But now he however didn’t take anything into consideration, as people were going to not survive very soon, so leaving behind skeletons had fart use ah.

Long Yi suddenly recalled about that magic implement grade protective necklace of Wushuang, but he didn’t know whether that Water Screen Heavenly Illustrious Barrier emitted by that necklace could protect three people from this Dark Forbidden Magic Spell, escaping with their life.

Long Yi looked towards Wushuang, however he saw she had tightly closed her eyes, and her cherry lips were muttering. Now her body was already beginning to release light blue radiance, and in the sky above her, a strange light blue magic symbol suddenly flashed. The complexion of Long Yi greatly changed, he immediately understood that Wushaung wanted to use a forbidden magic spell to oppose forbidden magic spell. He was always aware of Wushuang having the strength of Master Archmage realm, but the problem was her evil curse. Due to this evil curse, her magical power and spirit power had substantially decreased, so what would be the impact on her for forcedly using a forbidden magic spell? Long Yi was unclear, but he however was certain that it definitely wouldn’t be a good result.

But at this moment, even if Long Yi wanted to stop her, he was already powerless. The powerful magic fluctuation around the body of Wushuang pushed both Long Yi and Leng Youyou away from her.

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At this moment, all Dark Fighters fighting with super skeletons suddenly jumped out of the battle circle unanimously then retreated back quickly.

The eyelid of Long Yi twitched, and he immediately guessed that those dark magicians had already finished the preparation of their magic spell. He keenly glanced at Wushuang who was surrounded by blue colored radiance, then gritting his teeth he took back Violent Lightning Beast and super skeletons into his dark space. After that holding the waist of Leng Youyou, he retreated back.

“Wushunag, you must not meet with an accident ah.” Long Yi quietly said inwardly. Now he really regretted, why did he became so conceited and arrogant, and thought that with their three people’s strength coupled with 18 skeletons and SS rank Violent Lightning Beast, they were invincible. Moreover, even though he perfectly knew that there would be a trouble in the way, but still took the risk of taking Leng Youyou and Wushuang with him.

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While rapidly retreating, from the corner of his eyes, Long Yi suddenly saw Yi Lunuo and her mother currently spearing no effort to run away towards a distance place.

This moment, they were the person he hated the most, so how could he let them run away? He stacked his spirit power layer upon layer within his sea of consciousness, then attacked towards them.

“Exterminating life evil light.” At this time, Long Yi heard a loud shout from behind him, so he turned his head to look. All of those several tens of dark magicians had raised their magic wand, and in the sky above them suddenly appeared a dense black ball, and this black ball was in the process of rotating in high speed. Suddenly this black ball exploded, then Long Yi only felt he saw black before his eyes, and his eyes weren’t able to see anything clearly. After that, his body weakly fell down, and his consciousness rapidly became blurred. He only felt as if a spring flower that had suddenly arrived in winter, in the process of quickly withering.

“Extremely Frozen Chilly Ice Break!” While in trance, Long Yi heard the Wushuang’s that ice-cold indifference yelling voice, then a burst of chill air spread all over, waking up Long Yi with a start.

After that looking back, Long Yi saw a shocking scene, which he would never be able to forget throughout his life. There was a black and white world. Black was pure black, so black that would make people feel fear, and was as if black hole that seemed to have the ability to swallow the mind of all people. White was sparkling and crystal-clear white and was perfectly clear as if ice and snow, and that chill in the air seemed to have the ability to freeze all existence into an ice cube.

Black and white opposing, neither giving way to the other. Nothing was visible on the black side, can only feel that evil aura that could cause people to tremble. Even Long Yi who was already outside its range could feel that all the negative things in his heart were growing rapidly, and extermination was the only end-result. Long Yi shook his head and didn’t dare to look at that side. As for Wushaung’s side, it however was white and was somewhat transparent. The entire word was frozen into transparent ice as if all the things including air within the attacking range were frozen without exception.

Suddenly, the light blue radiance around the body of Wushuang began to slowly disappear, and at the same time, the magic rune also began to fade until it couldn’t be seen any longer.

Ding, this loud and clear sound broke this still world. Wushuang trembled from head to toe, as the necklace on her neck, bracelet on her wrist and rings on her fingers, all of these changed into fine powders. Then she slowly fell down backward.

“Wushuang.” Long Yi and Leng Youyou yelled, then suddenly as if awakening from a dream, run like mad towards her.

“Peng.” Transparent bits of ice swirl in the air. After using Great Cosmos Shift, Long Yi immediately assumed a 大 word in the midair, making Leng Youyou behind him stunned in the place where she was currently standing.

“F***, even the air is really frozen.” Long Yi put forth his strength in his hands and legs and retreated back, then with trembling body, he exclaimed in disbelief. But this moment, he was not in the mood to think much, so making a detour, he hurriedly ran towards Wushuang. Fortunately the surroundings around Wushuang was not frozen, otherwise, he would have to dig her out from inside the layer of ice which would cost him a lot of time, but also, how could the user herself get frozen by her own magic?

“Wushuang, Wushuang, wake up.” Long Yi held Wushuang in his arms, and discover that her body was cold just like an ice cube, no, even colder than an ice cube, simply comparable to the temperature of that cold pond inside Dark space of Lost city.

Long Yi tightly embrace Wushaung in his bosom, while continuously transferring his internal force into her body. He was getting more and more panic within his heart, he truly feared, feared that Wushuang will never regain her consciousness again. As for Leng Youyou, she was also calling out the name of Wushaung, while tears were continuously flowing out from her eyes. This made Long Yi’s heart even more uncomfortable, and his nose was sour, almost shedding tears.

Suddenly, the eyelash of Wushuang moved and opened her eyes with some difficulty. Now those lustrous eyes had become dim.

“Wushuang, you woke up, just now I was so scared that my heartbeat almost stopped.” Long Yi was pleasantly surprised as he exclaimed, simultaneously he hugged Wushaung even tighter as if he feared she would leave him again.

“Wushuang, it’s very good that you woke up, you almost worried me to death.” Leng Youyou said while sobbing.

Seeing crying Leng Youyou and red-eyed Long Yi, the eyes of Wushaung was suddenly filled with tears. Even though her whole body was very cold, her heart was burning hot right now, warming her straight to tears.

“I’m okay, don’t worry.” Wushuang said in a weak voice while lifting her trembling hand towards the cheek of Leng Youyou, wiping her tears. Next, she placed her hand on the face of Long Yi, then revealed a contented smile. This smile was the most beautiful smile she had since the time she had woken up from the crystal coffin. Afterwards, she slowly closed her eyes, and her jade hand weakly fell down.

“Wushuang, Wushuang.” Leng Youyou cried loudly while shaking the body of Wushuang. She thought that she had left them here and now forever.

Long Yi held the hand of Leng Youyou, and said: “Don’t get agitated, Wushuang is only sleeping.” He was able to sense the heart of Wushuang was still beating. Even though it was weak, however it was still beating with his heartbeat rhythm.

Having heard what Long Yi had said, Leng Youyou sighed in relief and said while patting her chest: “Scared me to death, I thought…………..”

Just then, suddenly ‘kacha’ cracking sound resounded. Suddenly countless cracks appeared in the pitch-black world on the other side, then with a ‘peng’ sound, that black world disintegrated and disappeared, leaving behind a thick layer of ice debris, as well as several tens of Dark Magicians lying down underneath this debris on the verge of death. As for those more than ten Dark Fighters at a distant place, with ice and frost all over their body, they were trying to flee with somewhat rigid movement.

And just when Long Yi prepared to chase after them, Leng Youyou pulled him, stopping his movement.

Long Yi frowned, not because Leng Youyou wanted to let them go because they were from Dark Church, but hearing her words.

“Let me.” Leng Youyou coldly said. After leaving Huangmang plain, she had always used only her low-level spirit magic, and because of scruple, she didn’t have a chance to use her dark magic, but today she finally have a favorable position for the use of her skill.

Leng Youyou muttered an incantation, and the black light flashed from that black lotus mark on her forehead, then a huge black lotus shot out from her forehead in the sky in front.

“Black Lotus, swallow.” The jade hand of Leng Youyou pointed, then huge black lotus immediately spun and quickly shot towards those sluggishly moving Dark Fighters. After that the petals of Black Lotus burst forth, releasing a black mist which shrouded the Dark Fighters. After a short while, Black Lotus returned, and those Dark Fighters had already turned into a pile of white bones. Because of Wushuang’s water forbidden magic spell ‘Extremely Frozen Chilly Ice Break’, these Dark Fighters were already wounded, and had extremely cold qi invade into their whole body, so they didn’t have any resisting power against the Black Lotus of Leng Youyou.

“These Dark Magicians can also serve as fertilizer for your Dark Lotus, because dark magical power on their body is not weak.” Pointing towards those Dark Magicians, Long Yi said.

Leng Youyou nodded her head, then released her Black Lotus, and those Dark Magicians also changed into white bones. After that. she lightly sighed and recalled her Black Lotus, which again changed back into small black lotus mark on her forehead.

“Are you unable to bear?” Long Yi asked.

Leng Youyou shook her head and said: “No, it is basically survival of the fittest inside Dark Church. Merely I suddenly somewhat miss my master. As far as I’m concerned, my mater is my only relative.”

“Don’t tell me I am not your relative?” Long Yi pretended to be angry.

“Of course you are, furthermore there is Lu Xiya and Wushunag.” Leng Youyou smiled. After that looking at Long Yi with her crystal clear eyes, she rested her head on his shoulder.

“Wait for us to find Ruyi Ice Silkworm to cure Wushuang, then I will accompany you to go back, in addition, I will meet with your master too.” Long Yi softly rubbed the beautiful hair of Leng Youyou and said.

“M-hm.” Leng Youyou nodded her head, and her mood seemed to be extremely happy.

This moment, the black qi in the sky had also already dispersed completely, and the sun had also come out from behind the cloud again.

“Wow, so beautiful.” Leng Youyou suddenly exclaimed. After the brilliant rays of sun shined upon cold layer upon layer of ice, those dense mist unexpectedly refracted it into seven colored brilliant rays. Looking at this sight she had a kind of illusion as if she was already at their final destination Origin Ice.

Long Yi was also somewhat absent-minded and recalling that confrontation between those two forbidden magic spell, he finally understood that, it turned out he was merely a frog in a well. He had believed that after experiencing Long Ling’er’s that fire forbidden magic spell ‘God Burning Magic’ sealed inside the pellet, he had already understood what the strongest magic of this world was, but thinking about it today, he found it ridiculous.

As it turns out, the might of forbidden magic was too big compared to his thought. Now Long Yi understood why Wushuang didn’t select to use Water Screen Heavenly Illustrious Barrier sealed within her protective necklace to withstand this Dark Forbidden Magic Spell ‘Exterminating Life Evil Light’. Now after experiencing the might of this forbidden magic spell, he knew whether the Water Screen Heavenly Illustrious Barrier could withstand Exterminating Life Evil Light or not. Again taking a look at Water Forbidden Magic Spell ‘Extremely Frozen Chilly Ice Break’ used by Wushuang, it froze everything including air itself. And its might was obviously more powerful than Exterminating Life Evil Light by a fraction. But the reason why Wushaung was able to use this forbidden magic was mainly because of those unusual magic ornaments on her body.

Long Yi took a deep breath, it seems he still had a very long way to go in the path of Magic Douqi.

“Long Yi, what should we do with them?” Pointing towards Yi Lunuo and her mother tied up By Long Yi using his spirit power, Leng Youyou said.

Long Yi looked at Wushunag sleeping in his bosom, and his eyes shone with ruthless cold light. They really shouldn’t have injured women by his side, as he really wouldn’t forgive for that sin.

Long Yi signaled Leng Youyou and taking Wushuang, he slowly walked towards mother-daughter pair.

“I beg you, please spare us, we were forced by Dark Church, and now all of our clansmen had also already died without exception.” This beautiful woman of Fox clan said with tearful eyes and miserable expression, which could make others to involuntarily sympathize with her.

“Spare you? Is there any benefit?” Long Yi said with a smile, but his eyes however were ice-cold.

“As long as you spare us, mother and daughter, you can do as you please with us.” This beautiful woman believed that the matter had a favorable turn, so looking at Long Yi with tearful eyes, she spared no effort to invoke his interest.

“Yes, if you don’t dislike our poor appearance, we mother and daughter are willing to wait upon you throughout our lives, and I…I am still virgin.” Yi Lunuo bashfully said with timid expression. She slightly opened her lotus mouth and licked her upper lip with her fragrant tongue. This appearance while saying this could easily bewitch many people.

“Only these?” Long Yi said with a smile. Both hands simultaneously reached out to the lower chin of these two vixens, then lightly caressed. But seeing the move of Long Yi, Leng Youyou who was behind him was unhappy, and her beautiful face became stiff.

Seeing Long Yi was teasing them, Yi Lunuo and her mother were delighted inside their heart, and believed theirlivese would be saved.

“Other than your body, there is nothing else to take, so I’m very sorry, I’m not interested in you, so I’ll dispatch you off in a journey.” Long Yi sneered, and his big hands slipped to the neck of both mother-daughter pair………

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