Chapter 92: Dark Fighters


It seems he needed to strengthen his determination ah. Long Yi looked at Yi Lunuo’s swaying white tails down that perfectly round buttocks, and couldn’t help but laugh. He wanted to see what trick this Yi Lunuo was playing.

Yi Lunuo really had some skill. With sweet words from her honeyed mouth coupled with her that delicate and charming appearance, very quickly acquired the trust of Leng Youyou and Wushuang. Both women had expressed strong indignation and heartfelt sympathy with regarding her encounter, and now they were unexpectedly already addressing each other as sisters.

According to Yi Lunuo, their Fox Clan’s branch relies on Lion Clan’s protection. Each year they had to deliver 10 pretty girls of Fox Clan to them, like that, they had survived up until now. Moreover, she was this daughter of clan head of this Fox Clan’s branch.

All along the way, Long Yi always had a smile on his face without revealing any peculiar expression. But Yi Lunuo would frequently turn her head and timidly glance at Long Yi every now and then while talking with two women, making Long Yi to skip his breath. Fox clan’s women were really worthy of being obsequious heavenly gifted extraordinarily beautiful women. If it was not for the case of his spirit power being exceedingly powerful, he feared his willpower would have already sunk into vice and would have lost his control long ago.

Long Yi still didn’t understand, why Fox clan was searching him. He and beast-men were never enemy and also never had a hatred against each other. And this was clearly a scheme directed against them, and for this scheme, they didn’t hesitate to sacrifice two flowery young girls of Fox clan as a price just to draw him to the hook.

Just this time, Long Yi suddenly recalled his conflict of last time with more than ten fighters of Lion clan at Mea Principality because of Bloody Knight Regiment’s matter. Don’t tell me this is because of that matter? But this matter cannot be justified that way, because other than a very small number of beast-men, the majority of them were quite straightforward, and respect the strong. And those more than ten beast-men of Lion clan of last time had left completely convinced, so they were unlikely to behave this way.

Fox clan was truly not far away from the place where that accident had occurred. When Long Yi was still lost in thought, they had already arrived. There were rows of stone houses built relying on the hill, very simple and crude.

“Yi Lunuo, my daughter, where did you go? Your mother nearly died due to worry.” When Yi Lunuo and Long Yi’s group arrived, a very young beautiful woman leading several maidservants looking young girls anxiously welcomed them. The appearance of this beautiful woman was somewhat similar to Yi Lunuo. She was wearing animal skin and rattan woven clothing, exposing her fragrant shoulder and navel. Her figure was extremely hot, and especially that long and soft tail just like fine brush behind her, gave her a kind of very attractive peculiar charm.

“Mother……” Yi Lunuo with red eyes threw herself into the bosom of this beautiful woman while sobbing, then fitfully recount her bitter experience.

“Those damned bastards.” This beautiful woman was so angry that her whole body was trembling, and her complexion also became ghastly pale.

Only after a good while, the state of mind of this beautiful woman calmed down. She gracefully looked towards Long Yi and his group, then courteously said: “Thank you, three benefactors, for saving my daughter’s life, we Fox clan will always remember this grace. I am clan head of Fox clan, please take a sit at my humble home.”

Long Yi’s heart leaped, as he felt strong pressure in his heart. This person’s ability was really a lot stronger compared to little ones. Long Yi dared to determine that she had also used charm technique, but looking superficially, she however had a dignified bearing, and her words were neither haughty nor humble, which had already reached the realm of understanding charm intent.

“Then we will trouble you.” Long Yi said with a smile, but his eyes however were clear as before.

This beautiful woman slightly creased her brows, as if she was somewhat surprised to see Long Yi was not confused. She looked at Long Yi’s eyes, but only discovered his those limpid eyes without any ripple, and this made her feel uneasy.

Along with this beautiful woman, Long Yi and his group entered a comparatively luxurious stone house. All the furniture inside was also made of stone, and although the soft animal skin spread on the bed seemed simple and crude, but it had a special distinctive style of a foreign land.

As soon as Long Yi set foot in that stone house, the blood-colored skull mark on the center of his palm suddenly trembled. And he also sensed a thread of dark aura concealing inside this room.

“What does this mean, don’t tell me it is Dark Church? But for what purpose? Leng Youyou or the matter of Proud Moon Empire’s third prince Murong Feng?” Long Yi maintained his composure while thinking. Since Proud Moon Empire’s soldiers had participated in this matter, he guessed it ought to be because of the second matter. It might be assumed that the royal family of Proud Moon Empire wanted to avenge Murong Feng.

Just then, after changing her clothes in her room, Yi Lunuo entered this room with some cup of fruit juice emitting dense fragrance. She placed it in front of Long Yi’s group. This fruit juice unexpectedly had seven colors just like the rainbow in the sky, looked very beautiful.

“Don’t tell me this is fruit juice extracted from rainbow fruit? I have heard rainbow fruit can improve looks and nourish one’s skin, making them stay youthful, but is very rare, it is difficult to buy even with thousand gold coin.” Leng Youyou exclaimed.

“Yes, this is exactly that rainbow fruit juice, only Hengduan Mountains produce few of them. Three benefactors have shown great kindness towards us Fox Clan, so I am also not stingy with these few rainbow fruits, please give it a try, it tastes very great.” This beautiful woman affectionately said with a smile and showed the right amount of warmth to make people feel very comfortable.

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Leng Youyou and Wushuang extend their dainty hand and raised the cup. Which woman didn’t wish to appear beautiful? And not wanted to stay youthful? So this cup of fruit juice had a deadly temptation to them.

Long Yi also raised the cup, then made two circles with his hand holding the cup. After that, he suddenly looked this beautiful woman with deep meaning, and said with a smile: “I heard brightly colored things are dangerous, and all brightly colored and beautiful fruits are poisonous, don’t know whether this rainbow fruit is poisonous or not?”

Hearing Long Yi, the expression of this beautiful woman and Yi Lunuo simultaneously stiffened, then making a wry smile, she said: “Good joke, benefactor.”

And Wushuang and Leng Youyou who had already placed their cups on their lips paused, then Leng Youyou said: “Long Yi, not every brightly colored and beautiful fruit are poisonous, and rainbow fruit is among that nonpoisonous fruit.”

“Rainbow fruit is not poisonous, but if someone added a speck of something, perhaps it would be poisonous, isn’t that so?” Long Yi said with a cold smile and stared at this mother-daughter pair with sharp sword-like eyes.

Leng Youyou and Wushuang immediately threw away the cup, then alertly stared at Yi Lunuo and her mother pair.

To the surprise of Long Yi, this beautiful woman didn’t show a shred of flustered expression, rather giggled looking at Long Yi, which suddenly made her overflowing with charm intent from that dignified state. And her bosom was also swaying just like a wave, which could seduce people’s will.

“Little brother really has good eyesight, no wonder Murong Feng, that worthless thing got killed by your hand. I, this big sister really hate to kill you ah, but unfortunately, you have to die here.” The seductive eyes which could bewitch anyone of this beautiful woman looked at Long Yi’s sturdy physique as if she didn’t take Long Yi and his group seriously.

“Hehe, then let’s see who will die today? I think you should let out those guys who are hiding underground without daring to appear before people.” Long Yi chuckled, then suddenly hit the ground with his palm.

Then after the ground shook violently, this stone house unexpectedly collapsed.

Dust scattered, black mist flashed, and several tens of people who had concealed their whole body with black colored cloak suddenly appeared around Long Yi and his group. And now Yi Lunuo mother-daughter pair had already gone far away.

Suddenly, Long Yi’s squinted his eyes. He felt dense dangerous aura from these black cloaked people, and especially the one in the most front holding huge sword made him feel a kind of jumpy feeling. These people were clearly fighters, but the dark aura in their body however was denser compared to Dark Magicians outside. Don’t tell me Dark Church also researched the method of merging dark magic with douqi?

“Dark Fighters.” Leng Youyou suddenly exclaimed.

“Dark Fighters? What are those?” Long Yi asked.

“They are death soldiers cultivated by Dark Church using secret magic arts. They cultivate dark douqi. Moreover. they are basically no longer human. They are cold-blooded, don’t have any emotion, and only aware of faithfully executing the commands.” Leng Youyou’s voice was somewhat trembling.

It turns out these people were killing machine trained by Dark Church, but don’t know how they will fare against my super skeleton?

“Eh, didn’t expect you to know this much, but I don’t know whether you know even more?” That Fox clan’s clan head said with a surprise.

At that time, Long Yi suddenly sensed powerful dark magic fluctuation, and he immediately knew that this vixen was trying to stall for time for dark magicians in the periphery to chant the incantation. Seeing the intensity of this magic fluctuation, if this magic was fired then it would definitely bring about earth-shaking destruction.

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