Chapter 91: Fox Clan’s young girl


Eh, this caused Long Yi to thoroughly blank out. Don’t tell me that this meant every time he indulged in ** with Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya, Wushuang would also induce on it? Then wasn’t that covert 3P?

At this moment, Long Yi suddenly recalled that final spring-like trembling voice and his eyes couldn’t help but become strange. At that time he had not reacted, but thinking about it now, it seemed suspicious.

Seeing Long Yi’s suspicious gaze, Wushuang felt somewhat guilty, then she snorted coldly and using rank five Cold Ice Magic, she froze Long Yi into a popsicle.

Long Yi made a wry smile, and used internal force to shatter the layer of ice, then helplessly said: “Did I offend you again?”

“Who told you to look at me like that?” Wushuang coldly said with a red face.

Long Yi mischievously laughed, and feeling his chin with his hand, he said: “I was thinking, your final words for cursing me seemed somewhat not too suitable ah, it very resembled……..”

Before Long Yi finished his words, a burst of orchid fragrant scent assaulted his nostrils, as a soft body suddenly pounced on and her slender jade hand covered his lips.

“Don’t say, if you say it, then I, I……” Wushuang was unable to finish what she was speaking before tears filled the rim of her eyes.

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Long Yi was startled, his impression of Wushuang was, she would always have indifferent face regardless of any matters, and he had never seen her vulnerable side like this. Thinking about it, it seems he had truly caused Wushuang to feel wronged. She was a such a pure girl, but every night she had to listen to his and Leng Youyou as well as Lu Xiya’s indulging in ** symphony. And for a reserved girl and especially someone like Wushuang this kind of innocent and incomparably serious girl, how could she endure that?

Wushuang took a deep breath, suppressed her emotions, then withdrew her jade hand and looked up towards the night sky without speaking.

Long Yi touched his lips where he still had a lingering soft and ice-cold feeling.

“Wushuang, I’m sorry, I really didn’t know it.” Long Yi slowly apologize to Wushung.

Wushuang shook her head, and her lustrous eyes looking at the sky with multitudes of stars had some confusion and fear. She lightly opened her lotus mouth, and said: “Do you know how afraid I was at the time when I woke up and discover my mind was completely blank, even to the extent that I don’t even know who I am? I felt completely incompatible as if I was a person abandoned by this world, even to the extent that I felt I should not exist in this world. So you don’t need to take this risk for me, perhaps it would be the best outcome for me to die here.”

Long Yi’s heart jumped, he had never thought that under the indifferent outward appearance of Wushuang, there was actually such heavy matter weighting her mind. He immediately thundered: “What nonsense are you talking about? Living in itself is reasonable, there is no one who should not exist in the world. You have lost your memory, so it would naturally take time for you to mix together with this unfamiliar world. If you should not exist in this world, then I, even more, should not exist in this world.”

Wushuang was shocked but still asked while looking at Long Yi: “Why?”

Long Yi laughed hollowly and said: “Because we are all immortal being, naturally should not exist in this world.”

Wushuang was dumbfounded, then slightly smiled and she suddenly felt much better, perhaps because she had spoken the matter weighting her mind. She stood up and said: “It’s already very late, I am going to sleep.”

“Then go first to sleep, I will sit here for a little while.” Long Yi chuckled.

Wushuang turned around and walked towards the tent. After walking several steps, she suddenly turned and asked: “That day in Mea Principality, why did you say I was your woman?”

“I have said it?” Long Yi was dumbfounded as he asked. But Wushuang had already turned around and disappeared from before his eyes.

Long Yi thought long and hard, and insist on trying to remember, but he was unable to remember when he had said she was his woman.


Early in the next morning, Long Yi and his group got their things ready and set out again. Today seemed to be especially a fine day, and the sun seemed even more radiant than usual. When Long Yi saw Leng Youyou and Wushuang chatting and smiling in high spirit, he had this kind of feeling. These two women’s nature was relatively nonchalant, and friendship between them also could not be counted as very good, but today he didn’t know why their relation had become close like this. Ai, men will never understand the sentiments among women.

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At that moment, suddenly the sound of woman wailing and men lewdly laughing came from in front of them. Even using a toe to think, one would know what was happening in front of them.

“Scum.” Leng Youyou’s complexion changed, and coldly spat out this word, then rushed forward.

The scene appeared in front of them made all three of them very angry. Currently, five soldiers wearing Proud Moon Empire’s clothing were laughing heartily while tearing apart the clothing of one Fox clan’s young girl, regardless of this young girl shouting until hoarse and exhausted. Furthermore, another two young girls of Fox Clan were motionlessly lying on the ground with blue and purple marks on their dainty body, as well as bloodstain scattered about on their genitals. Moreover, their neck also had clear purple strangle mark, and it seemed their neck was broken, obviously were abused to death.

Not waiting for Long Yi to raise his hands, Wushuang fired several ice arrows and pierced through those five soldiers’ body. And that naked young girl of Fox Clan shivering with cold huddled together and wept in grief.

Because the border of Proud Moon Empire was not far away from here, soldiers of Proud Moon Empire being here was also not a surprising matter. The girls of Fox clan were well-known for their beauty and were obsequiousness by nature, but their resisting strength however was very weak. Generally, they would depend on other powerful beast-men clans to survive, and the price naturally was beautiful women.

It was conceivable that these five soldiers of Proud Moon Empire ran into these three girls of Fox clan here, giving birth to lust, then they carried out a savage act that would make one’s hair stand up in anger. Fortunately, Long Yi and others arrived in the brink of time, letting this one girl escape danger.

Leng Youyou and Wushaung stepped forward and consoled this girl of Fox Clan. After this girl stopped crying, she timidly looked towards Long Yi and his group. She looked very pure, gentle and beautiful, which could make Lu Xiya stake it all to compare. Moreover, those tattered clothing and fearful teary eyes could make all people involuntarily give birth to the heart of pampering her.

This girl of Fox clan stood up, which revealed a large portion of her snow-white breast, and her slender ** was also laid bare in the air. After that, she knelt down towards Long Yi and his group, then said in sobbing voice: “Yi Lunuo thanks benefactors for helping me out to retain my purity, merely my pitiful sisters, all of this is my fault, I insist on coming out to play which brought calamity on them. These beasts raped and killed them.”

Yi Lunuo said while already choking with sobs. Because she was bending down, those worthy of pride ** could be seen very clearly from the tears of her clothing, which truly was perfect ah.

Taking advantage of time Leng Youyou and Wushuang was consoling Yi Lunuo, Long Yi began to very carefully examine this girl of Fox clan. From top to bottom, she was no different from human other than those rise up ears on her head and buttocks’ that beautiful tail. Don’t know why but, when Yi Lunuo looked at him with tearful and hazy eyes, that delicate and charming appearance which could instantly soften the heart of people made Long Yi to subconsciously have an intoxicated feeling.

Long Yi’s eyes flashed and involuntarily revealed an amused smile. This girl of Fox clan called Yi Lunuo was intentionally or unintentionally…, Long Yi’s heart decline to comment anymore.

Turning around, Long Yi looked at those corpses of two Fox clan’s girls laying on the ground while thinking doubtfully. Three girls of Fox clan and five ruthless soldiers, don’t tell me that these five people would queue up first to ** those two girls, leaving one to enjoy at last? This doesn’t make much sense ah.

When Long Yi was lost in thoughts, suddenly he heard Leng Youyou hatefully shouting: “I loathe this kind of scum who violates women the most. In just this fashion, make them die along with their whole family.”

Long Yi’s complexion suddenly became somewhat rigid. If she knew that his this body had actually done this deed previously, then will she stab him with a knife? Regardless of how he tried to shrink responsibility, this black spot was already set on him, moreover Long Ling’er the victim of that evil deed truly exists. Long Yi didn’t dare to imagine, if the women by his side knew his identity, will every one of them leave him?

“Long Yi, Yi Lunuo invited us to her clan as a guest, should we go?” Leng Youyou asked Long Yi.

“What do you say?” Long Yi answered with a question.

Leng Youyou and Wushuang looked at each other’s face, then nodded their head.

“Since both of you agreed, then let’s go ahead.” Long Yi said with a smile while thinking: “It seems the charming ability of Fox Clan is very high and is actually capable of enchanting both men and women. She could even let indifferent Leng Youyou and Wushaung have good opinion of herself.”

“The branch of Fox Clan is not far ahead from here, so we will arrive very soon.” Yi Lunuo said. Then before turning around and walking ahead, she used her those beautiful eyes to casually take a quick look at Long Yi.

Long Yi suddenly felt hot and dry all over, and his heart started to beat violently. He was actually excited by her look.

It seems he needed to strengthen his determination ah. Long Yi looked at Li Lunuo’s swaying white tails down that perfectly round buttocks, and couldn’t help but laugh. He wanted to see what trick this Yi Lunuo was playing.

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