Chapter 90: Covert 3P


Towering Hengduan Mountain with rugged peculiar rocks stood tall between heaven and earth. It was so tall that no one had ever seen its top. And everyone believed that this was Blue Waves Continent’s extreme west point.

Long Yi looked towards this natural moat which even birds had difficulty to fly across, and that vigorous grand aura made his heart filled with admiration. If Elven Forest where birds sing and flowers give forth fragrance was an exceptionally beautiful woman, then Hengduan Mountains was purely a man, man possessing most manly taste in the world. If one was able to stand at the peak and overlook the entire Blue Waves Continent, then how great the sense of accomplishment would be. Long Yi thought inwardly.

Being people brought up in such environment, perhaps the valor, vigor and unrestrained nature of beast-men was the gift bestowed upon them by Hengduan Mountains.

“Barbarian Bull, how far is your tribe from here?” Long Yi suddenly asked.

“Not far, just over there. Boss, do you want to go and look at our place?” Barbarian Bull pointed with his finger and answered.

Long Yi shook his head, then patting Barbarian Bull’s shoulder, he said: “Barbarian Bull, you return back to your tribe, no need to come with us to Origin Ice.”

Barbarian Bull was startled and asked anxiously: “Boss, why don’t you want me to go with you, did I do something wrong?”

“No, merely Origin Ice is too dangerous, and you are not skilled enough. So it would be better for you to return home and diligently train Golden Bell Canopy and Evil Subsiding Rod that I have taught you. Moreover aren’t you taking part in Barbarian Bull clan’s tournament and win it? I am waiting for your wedding feast.” Long Yi said while laughing.

Barbarian Bull remain taciturn for a little while, then nodding his head, he said: “Got it, Boss, I will diligently train, and will not become a burden for you again.”

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After saying goodbye to Barbarian Bull, Long Yi left with Leng Youyou and Wushuang. They wanted to go along Hengduan Mountains’ northward and again pass through Proud Moon Empire’s long border to reach Origin Ice, that plain and white cold world.

At the foot of the Hengduan Mountains, other than few plains with a number of hills, others places were haunted by various ranked magical beasts, so they were comparatively dangerous zone.

Long Yi and his group were gliding through the air, two women one at left other at right, handsome man and beautiful women, just like just like an immortal couple. At that time when Long Yi had flown, that had truly made both Wushuang and Leng Youyou surprised, why? Because he still hadn’t broken through Master Magician realm, but he was flying without any problem.

As a matter of fact, Long Yi had used wind magic to create Soaring Magic, which was many times more convenient than Levitate Magic. Moreover, its mana consumption was also not high, but flying higher consumes mana faster, and as long as mana was not exhausted, one could continuously remain in the air.

With regarding him being held up in Advance Magician realm, Long Yi himself also found it very strange. Logically with his current mana, he should have already made a breakthrough. The magic elements inside his sea of consciousness were also so dense that even if it was less than Archmage, it absolutely was at least comparable to Mage. Long Yi still remained puzzled even after pondering over it a hundred times, so he asked Wushuang who had already reached Master Archmage realm, but she was also unable to give the reason why.

Suddenly, the complexion of Wushuang who was gliding in the sky become pale and her body began to sway.

Long Yi saw this situation was anything but reassuring, and he immediately held Wushuang’s pretty waist with his arm, and slowly descended downward.

“Wushuang, what happened? What’s wrong with you?” Long Yi tensely asked.

Wushuang lightly pushed away Long Yi and answered with a cloudy expression: “I feel my spirit power and magical power is getting weaker day by day. Now even using Levitate Magic consecutively is very difficult.”

“Wushuang, don’t worry, just wait for us to obtain Ruyi Ice Silkworm’s blood, then the curse within your body will disappear.” Leng Youyou stepped forward with concern and consoled Wushuang.

“Yes Wushuang, with me here, you don’t need to think this matter is difficult, I will just stretch my hand and bring Ruyi Ice Silkworm back.” Long Yi chuckled.

Wushuang turned around, and with her clear and transparent eyes watched Long Yi and Leng Youyou, then she suddenly lightly smiled, and softly said: “Thank you.”

“Thanks for what? Between us what’s the need of that thanks ah, today is already late, so it would be better to have a rest for the night and begin traveling tomorrow again.” Long Yi said with a smile. Honestly speaking, he truly was not too accustomed to this kind of atmosphere.

Tied the tent, lit the bonfire, and Long Yi prepared roast meat which he was most adept at. Come to speak of it, each and every woman by his side had led a pampered life, so Long Yi didn’t dare to eat the things they had boldly cooked.

Leaning his back against the tree, Long Yi bite a mouthful of roasted meat and drank a mouthful of Hundred Flowers Wine. That taste, no need to mention how refreshing that was. This Hundred Flowers Wine was something Lu Xiya had carefully stuffed into his space ring before his departure. This Hundred Flowers Wine was created using several hundred kinds of flowers as ingredients, coupled with the pure spring water of Elven Forest, and it tasted very sweet and mellow whose aftertaste would remain in tongue for three days without dispersing. So memorable, worthy of its title King of Wine.

Deep in the night, Wushuang was sitting on the hill with her cold face flushing. That obscene feeling in her spirit as if thousands of ants were crawling in her heart, made her almost unable to control herself. She very much wanted to fall asleep but discovered that it was impossible. And the drop in spirit power and magical power had made her willpower weaker and weaker, causing her to almost lose herself in this ** vortex.

Wushuang gritted her teeth, and her jade hand quaveringly reached out towards between her legs. That place was already moist long ago. When her finger touched that private parts which had already become incomparably sensitive, her whole body quivered, and pleasant sensation as if tide drowned her. Then, even more, love nectar gushed out, completely soaking her pants.

“Bastard, perverted crook, stinking fellow.” Wushuang cursed, with tears overflowing from her beautiful eyes, while her jade hand rubbing between her legs. This kind of sensation made her ashamed and made her sunk into vice. In any case, this was all his fault.

Inside the tent, Long Yi was kneeling and was rapidly stirring up between the legs of Leng Youyou. Her those tall and erect ** was swaying as if sea wave along with Long Yi’s sprint. Beads of sweats were seeping out from the pores of both people, then dripped down. That suave ** and flesh colliding sound form an extremely obscene scene.

“Bastard, perverted crook, stinking fellow.” Just at that time, long Yi suddenly heard a curse in humiliation. This voice seemed to be Wushuang’s voice, so his movement couldn’t help but stopped.

“My husband, no, don’t stop.” Currently, Leng Youyou was at the crucial movement, so sensing Long Yi had stopped all of a sudden, she half open her blurred beautiful eyes, and said in a charming voice.

Long Yi had no alternative but to continue to work diligently, but his heart however was somewhat doubtful. Don’t tell me that that voice of just a moment ago was a hallucination?

After some strong and powerful sprint, Leng Youyou’s charming body began to twitch, and her flower directly effused a round of warm jade-like wine. Her both hands and both legs as if octopus tightly wind around Long Yi’s body, with her body burning hot as if it was on fire.

Just then, Long Yi seems to have heard a sound, which was more of a moan. He lowered his head and saw Leng Youyou who was flushed all over was laying there with closed her eyes, and her whole consciousness was still immersed in pleasant lingering effect, so this sound was absolutely not hers.

“Wu, Long Yi, you bastard.” That trembling spring-like voice again came, and this time he heard clearly, and it was Wushaung’s voice. But how was that possible? He remembered he had set up a noise canceling barrier. After thinking over from a different angle, Long Yi discovered this sound was basically not heard with his ears, rather directly appeared in his heart.

Wushuang’s breast rapidly rose and fell, then she took out her jade hand from between her legs which was already moist, and her outer pants also had a circle wet stain.

Wushuang gritted her teeth, had a kind of strong humiliated feeling, and her eyes were again covered with a layer of mist. She laid out a barrier, then replaced all inside and outside clothing, and her expression revert back to calmness, but in her heart however, thousands of monstrous waves were rolling over and over.

“Wushuang, why are you still not sleeping this late at night?” Long Yi’s voice suddenly came from behind Wushuang, and she who was caught off guard jumped in fear.

Wushuang turned around and glared at him. She very much wanted to say, if it was not for your tyrannical and licentious behavior, how could I be unable to sleep till now? But she however couldn’t open her mouth.

Long Yi was unable to make head or tails of Wushuang’s glare, but seeing her complexion was red, he immediately asked in concern: “Why is your face red like this, are you ill?” Finished speaking, he reached out his big hand and placed it on her bright and clean forehead.

Wushuang’s heart jumped, and she suddenly recalled this hand of his was still caressing the body of another woman just a moment ago, then a flame of fury rose in her heart for no reason. After that, she snorted coldly and shook off the hand of Long Yi, but remained silent, yes, she didn’t speak.

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Long Yi frowned, it seems he had not offended her, but why was she giving forth such a big temper. Could it be that her each month’s visit from Aunt Flo had come? If so then this could be understood.

“Wushuang, just now didn’t you cursed me?” Sitting down by the side of Wushaung, Long Yi asked.

Wushuang was dumbfounded, but as before didn’t speak.

“Bastard, Perverted Crook, stinking fellow.” Long Yi mimicked Wushuang’s manner of speaking, which contrary to expectation was similar to hers.

Wushuang was stupefied looking at Long Yi, and after a long while, she chuckled.

“You really cursed me? But how can I hear your voice in my heart? Don’t tell me our heart have a mutual sensitivity which had already reached this level?” Looking at Wushaung’s face, Long Yi also couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yes, I cursed you, you deserve to be cursed.” Wushuang stopped smiling and said coldly.

“Did I incur your anger? Why am I deserve to be cursed by you?” Long Yi helplessly asked and sigh inwardly with emotion. Changing face was truly women’s specialty, even compared to previous incarnation’s Sichuan’s changing face specialty, it was matchless. [1]

“You, you are fully aware of the telepathic link between us, yet every night you did bad things, so say for yourself, aren’t you deserved to be cursed?” Wushaung’s beautiful face turned red, and she didn’t dare to look at Long Yi’s eyes.

Eh, this caused Long Yi to thoroughly blank out. Don’t tell me that this meant every time he indulged in ** with Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya, Wushuang would also induce on it? Then wasn’t that covert 3P?

[1] Face Changing (Chinese:变脸) is one deforce in many Chinese operas and enjoys a high reputation home and abroad, of which that of Sichuan Opera is the most famous. It is said that a master of this unique performance can change maximum masks over 30 at a time in 5 minutes.

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