Chapter 89: Origin Ice


The air inside Elven Forest was always fresh, and especially in early hours of the morning, when that mixture of simple and elegant fragrant of flower and green grasses’ fragrance blew into the room from the window, all people would be intoxicated.

Now Lu Xiya was laying on her stomach in bed with her both hands supporting her lower jaw, and was intoxicated while looking at soundly sleeping Long Yi’s those unruly dense black dashing eyebrows, and that slightly raised corner of his lips, as if dreaming of happy matter.

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“Bad fellow, even the smile while sleeping is nasty like this.” Lu Xiya reached out her jade hands in an infatuated manner and stroke as well as gently caressed Long Yi’s lips, next, her slender jade finger streak across his perfect bridge of nose, thick eyebrows, and wide forehead over and over again, as if she wanted to carve this outline in her heart more deeply, so deeply that even in her next life, she wouldn’t forget him.

“Little elf, although I very much want to let you touch me sufficiently, but your big sister Youyou is already waiting outside for a long time outside.” Long Yi suddenly opened his eyes and said to Lu Xiya with a smile yet not a smile.

Lu Xiya gasped, and her beautiful face instantly became very red, then she hastily jumped up, causing her breasts to ripple and buttocks to wave which dazzled Long Yi for a period of time. She hurriedly put on her clothing and turned around, only to see Long Yi’s lecherous and passionate looks, making her inwardly happy, but her mouth however grumbled in a flirting manner: “Big Pervert.” Saying this, she opened the door, resulting her to see Leng Youyou standing right outside the door.

“Big sister Youyou, why didn’t you knock on the door ah?” Lu Xiya familiarly stepped forward and pulled Leng Youyou’s hand.

Leng Youyou was somewhat baffled, as she replied: “I just got to the door, and you opened the door.”

Lu Xiya turned around and coldly stared at Long Yi. It seems he had already perceived Leng Youyou was coming over.

“My wives, still not coming over here to help your husband to change the clothing.” Long Yi said with a mischievous smile. Then he jumped up from the bed revealing his below hip’s that thick and long little brother currently erect like a pillar supporting the sky.

Both women came over with red face and gently attended Long Yi to wear the clothes. Naturally, his dishonest wolf claw was bound to get up for tricks.

“Oh, that’s right, what about Wushuang?” Long Yi asked.

“These past two days, big sister Wushuang is at my mother’s place. Mother is in the process of studying her condition, but I don’t know how. We can go over now and take a look if you want.” Lu Xiya answered while leveling the creases on the cloths of Long Yi.

Long Yi nodded his head. Three months of time was truly not very long, so he really hoped Elf Queen to be able to find the method to cure Wushuang.

After arriving at the courtyard of Elf Queen, they discovered seven elders were also sitting on the side of indifferently sitting Wushuang.

Seeing Long Yi had come, the complexion of Elf Queen become unnatural but very soon again calmed down.

“Mother, what disease is big sister Wushuang suffering from? Can you cure it?” Lu Xiya came to the side of Elf Queen and asked with concern.

Elf Queen lightly sighed, and slowly said: “After my and seven elders’ careful examination, we determined Wushuang isn’t suffering from any disease, rather suffering from a kind of evil curse. Fortunately, her body possessed an eternally cold soul to suppress, otherwise…”

“Your Majesty the Queen, then can you and seven elders get rid of this curse? If Wushuang is saved, then I will forever remember this great kindness of Elf clan, and even if you want me to go through fire and water, I will not hesitate.” Long Yi impatiently said.

Hearing these words of Long Yi, the indifferent expression on the eyes of Wushuang fluctuated, and her ‘heart of young girl’ violently trembled, because she could feel that Long Yi’s words were from the bottom of his heart.

Do Long Yi like me? Wushuang couldn’t help but confusedly thought secretly.

Elf Queen looked at this youth before her eyes with a praise. The eyes of Lu Xiya is pretty good, although somewhat frivolous on the surface, but he truly is a righteous man with serious feelings.

“Long Yi, don’t talk about great kindness or not great kindness. It’s us Elf clan that should help you.” Elf Queen chuckled.

Long Yi just blankly stared Elf Queen, not understanding what she was saying.

“You retrieved our Elf clan’s most valuable treasure ‘Great Nature’s Breath’. And after discussing with seven elders, all of us approved your marriage with Lu Xiya. So hereafter you are a member of our Elven Forest.” Elf Queen said with a smile.

Lu Xiya was delighted hearing this, and her face blossomed.

“As for Wushuang’s evil curse, if you can obtain Ruyi Ice Silkworm’s blood within three months, then we can certainly get rid of this curse, otherwise we are also powerless to do anything.” Elf Queen sighed.

“Ruyi Ice Silkworm? Did you mean Origin Ice’s SS ranked super-magical beast Ruyi Ice Silkworm?” Long Yi asked in surprise.

“Yes, that’s it. Ruyi Ice Silkworm just as its name implies is the ruler of water magic. And it is practically invincible existence in Origin Ice. Even SSS ranked magical beast of other places couldn’t defeat it in Origin Ice.” Elf Queen said with some pity in her eyes. She believed Long Yi was not capable of killing Ruyi Ice Silkworm and obtain its blood.

Hearing these words of Elf Queen, the heart of Long Yi instantly shank. He had thought that with SS ranked Violent Lightning Beat coupled with 19 super skeletons, he was 70 or 80 percent assured of success. But immediately upon hearing even SSS ranked magical beast was unable to defeat it in Origin Ice, his heart however was unsure now, because he knew the strength gap between SSS ranked magical beast and SS ranked magical beast. Although there was the difference of only one rank, but that difference however was similar to Heaven and Earth’s difference.

But, was Long Yi someone who would give up easily? No, he wasn’t, because he always believed in the principle of ‘nothing is impossible in this world’. Miracles might happen any second, but the critical fact lies in the fact whether one could seize it or not.

Origin Ice was located in the extreme north of Blue Waves Continent, but Elven Forest nevertheless was located in the west of the continent, following Hengduan Mountains in northward. Long Yi estimated it would require a month or so to reach Origin Ice, that means two months for a roundtrip. In other words, he had only one month’s time to find Ruyi Ice Silkworm and obtain its blood.

Long Yi abruptly stood up, the politely said towards Elf Queen: “Many thanks, Your Majesty the Queen. Since there is not much time left, I will immediately set out to Origin Ice.”

“Do you really want to go? All the magical beasts in Origin Ice are very powerful, furthermore, the temperature there is very low and…….”

But before Elf Queen could finish speaking, Long Yi interrupted: “Regardless of any danger, as long as there is even a gleam of hope, I will not give up.”

Elf Queen nodded her head and said: “Since you insist, I will also not stop you. But you must take Wushuang with you because the blood of Ice Silkworm has effect only if you immediately use it.”

“Mother, I also want to go.” Lu Xiya impatiently said.

“No, our Elf clan’s Sacred Festival is coming very soon, and as a princess of Elf clan, you must attend.” One old woman among the seven elders immediately opposed. Shortly afterward, other six elders also expressed their opposition in succession.

“Lu Xiya, stay here and wait for my return.” Long Yi gently rubbed the small head of Lu Xiya and said.


“Good girl, be obedient.” Long Yi said with a tone that cannot be refuted.

Lu Xiya lowered her head, clenched her hands and had grievance look on her face, however she didn’t persist.

After that calling Barbarian Bull, Long Yi, Wushuang and Leng Youyou accompanied by Lu Xiya and Elf Queen walked towards the exit of Elven Forest. En route, they encountered Nika and her squad. Long Yi amicably smile towards her but Nika glared at him with a murderous look in exchange. Long Yi just touched his nose without minding her look because yesterday’s matter could be counted as him taking advantage of her.

Just before parting, Lu Xiya finally couldn’t stop her tears. Since the time she had met with Long Yi, they had never separated once, furthermore, she who was always enjoying sweet love naturally was very reluctant to part with him.

“Long Yi, you have to be careful, and you must come back, if you don’t come back, then I…I will also die for you.” Looking at her beloved with her misty eyes filled with tears, the heart of Lu Xiya felt sour and astringent.

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Long Yi hugged Lu Xiya and caressing her that supple beautiful hair, while softly consoled: “Little Elf, I promise you I will definitely return. I don’t place that Ruyi Ice Silkworm even in my eyes, so you still don’t believe me?”

Lu Xiya in Long Yi’s bosom nodded her head, then said while choking in sobs: “I believe you, but I’m going to miss you very much. And will you forget me?”

“How can it be? Even if I forget myself, I will never forget my lovely Little Elf ah.” Long Yi vowed solemnly while speaking sweet words of love.

Elf Queen sighed with emotion looking at this embracing pair of lovers, and her eyes blurred somewhat, as if recalling something and as if disappointed. Seeing her daughter so infatuated, she didn’t know whether this was good fortune or misfortune.

After walking a long way, Long Yi couldn’t help but turn around and saw Lu Xiya was still idiotically standing at the same place and waving her hands nonstop. Instantly, Long Yi’s nose turned sour, and his heart was greatly touched.

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