Chapter 88: Taking unfair advantage


Deep in the night, a crescent moon reflected on the surface of sparkling lake, reflecting chilly radiances.

A corner of this lake was encircled using layer upon layer of vines, and the sound of water splashing and crisp laughter came out from inside. Inside this vines, Lu Xiya and Nika were currently soaking more than half of their charming body inside this lake water, exposing more than half of their snowy white **, and bright red ** was indistinctly visible underwater.

“Princess, quickly tell me, what happened after you all were surrounded by the undead army?” Nika excitedly asked.

“Afterwards everyone was no longer able to hold on, two fighters were already covered in blood from head to toe, and I didn’t even have strength to stand up, so at that time I really thought we were screwed, but suddenly fierce wind blew abruptly, and in the sky which was lacking light of sun and moon, Long Yi appeared out of thin air. And with a roar, he sent out a golden light from his mouth, which instantly caused all of those undead creatures to fall one after another, hence we were saved.” Lu Xiya was moving both her hands and legs simultaneously while making divine out of Long Yi.

While covering her little mouth, and eyes emitting stars, Nika whispered, “Is he really so awesome? Can he really spat out golden light from his mouth?”

“Of course, he can. And he is my husband.” Lu Xiya proudly laughed. In her heart, Long Yi was God, her heart’s sole god.

“Then afterwards? Afterwards what happened?” Nika asked eagerly.

“That’s it for today, I will carry on tomorrow. Ai, Long Yi will not be together with me for few days.” Lu Xiya sighed, and her mood became gloomy.

“Hee hee, princess, it’s just a day or two, and you already can’t stand it.” Nika teased her.

“A day or two is already very long. If possible, I don’t want to separate from him even for a second. Without him by my side, my heart is empty and desolate.” Without concealing her heart’s deep love, Lu Xiya said to Nika. In any case, there was no secret between Nika and her.

“Princess, you are really happy.” Nika lightly chuckled. She was wholeheartedly happy for Lu Xiya.

“Nika, you will also be as happy as I am in the future. Weren’t there many people pursuing you inside the clan? So did you take fancy on anyone?” Lu Xiya asked.

Nika shook her head and answered: “All of them are very good, but I don’t feel my heartbeat quicken and also don’t feel limp and numb as if getting an electric shock feeling as you have mentioned.”

“Don’t be impatient, you will definitely encounter the right person in the future.” Lu Xiya chuckled.

“M-hm, in the future, I will definitely encounter someone even better than your Long Yi.” Nika lightly chuckled and said. After that, she laid down her lovely body on the surface of the water on her back, with her full, firm and upright breast perching out from the surface of the water. This looked very tempting.

“I’m afraid that’s too difficult because I think there is no one who is better than Long Yi.” Lu Xiya said looking at swimming Nika.

“That is not necessarily true, we’ll wait and see, ah.” While speaking, Nika suddenly screamed, and both of her hands hugged her breasts while looked at Lu Xiya with rebuking eyes.

“Nika, your breasts have gotten a lot bigger.” Lu Xiya said to Nika with a bad smile on her face.

Nika’s beautiful face blushed, then looking at Lu Xiya’s those bulging ** with narrow eyes, she lightly snorted: “Where is ah, yours have gotten even bigger. I remember when you were leaving, at that time yours were smaller than mine, but now yours is a lot bigger than mine. Do the things of outside grow people comparatively faster?”

Lu Xiya giggled, then whispered something in Nika’s ear.

“Damn girl, where did you learn this type of thing?” Nika blushed as if she was going to bleed soon. And her addressing of princess had changed into damn girl.

“This is real, I am not lying you. This is what Long Yi had said. If you want to try, I will help you.” Lu Xiya laughed and threw herself onto Nika.

Two women noisily rolled into a ball. Two naked women up and down on each other’s body while squirming, that scene was naturally very alluring, but it’s too bad, only the moon in the sky was able to enjoy this scene.

After enough playing, both women gasped for breath while floating on the surface of the water.

“Princess, did you really let Long Yi touch your breast? How shameful it is ah.” Not long after, Nika couldn’t bear but ask with a red face.

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“What is shameful, I have already connected with Long Yi, and all of mine is his, so what’s the problem in letting him touch my breast, besides the touch of Long Yi feels very comfortable.” Lu Xiya lightly said. Now her eyes were rippling with thoughts of love, obviously had recalled a certain unsuitable to children episodes.

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Seeing Lu Xiya’s fascinating appearance with blurred beautiful eyes, Nika inwardly thought, could it be that the matter of man and woman is really comfortable like that?

“Princess, can you tell me what it feels like to do that thing ah, I heard someone saying the first time hurts greatly, isn’t that so ah?” Nika hit Lu Xiya with her elbow and asked while blushing.

“Ng, at the beginning, it hurt a little, but later there is no pain…” Lu Xiya whispered in the ear of Nika. Her voice became smaller and smaller, gradually becoming inaudible.


Various colored magic elements wandered about outside Long Yi’s body which gradually entered inside his body. After that he slowly opened his eyes, revealing those pitch black eyeballs as if black hole emitted deadly attractiveness, and no one was able to see the bottom of it.

He lightly spat out a mouthful of foul air, then he jumped up suddenly as lithe as a swallow. He stretched his both hands and twisted his body, causing the bones all over his body to issue a cracking sound.

“This really is excellent, very soon AoTianJue will break past the second layer.” Long Yi muttered. It seems every time his meridians suffers damage and recovers, as if progressing oneself ahead after recovering from an illness, his strength would also progress somewhat.

Feeling uncomfortable due to the sticky body, Long Yi decided to bathe, but there was no bathroom in the room he was staying. At this time, Long Yi suddenly recalled that small lake outside, then thought, since it was already this late, there ought to be no one there, so why not go there and take a bath.

Long Yi lightly stamped, and as if Roc vertically jumped in the sky, then jumping forward few times, Long Yi was already in the sky above the lake. After that inhaling a long breathe, he let himself free fall towards the lake.

“Peng” Long Yi as if a cannonball fell towards the bottom of the lake, and with a move of his internal force, his clothing instantly disintegrated.

Lu Xiya and Nika who were whispering with each other while currently hiding inside the water of lake separated by vines, hearing this sudden sound, were instantly scared out of their wits. Both of them swam to the front of vines and pry open a crack to see the other side of the lake so that they would know who the person was that had come here in such late night.

“Long Yi.” Lu Xiya softly said. Although she didn’t see clearly, but Long Yi’s that pitch-black hair had already made clear of his identity. Now in Elven Forest, only he had hair which was black in color.

“Ah, then we should quickly dress up.” Nika whispered.

“What’s the rush, why don’t we just call him over here to wash together?” Lu Xiya said sardonically.

“Then, you two can wash here like a happily married couple bath, I will not keep you company.” Nika softly said while blushing.

Happily married couple bath? Lu Xiya crooked her head, this seemed like a good idea.

“Hehe, princess, today if you let him massage your breast again, perhaps they might become even bigger.” Seeing Lu Xiya’s movement, Nika jokingly poked Lu Xiya’s breast.

Currently, Lu Xiya was somewhat lost in thought, so the sudden attack on her breast caused her to let out a soft moan.

“Who?” Long Yi who was swimming comfortably, suddenly hearing that soft voice from inside that vine, immediately jumped out from the water and punched that vines wall. With a bang sound, the entire wall made up of vines fell apart.

Eh, Long Yi was dumbfounded looking at currently hugging her breasts and soaking in the water Lu Xiya and Nika.

“Why are you still not turning around?” Nika said in somewhat crying like voice.

Long Yi immediately turned around with his forehead full of cold sweats.

After that he just heard ‘suo suo’ clothes wearing sound, then footsteps slowly going farther and farther away.

“Okay, Long Yi, you can turn around.” Lu Xiya called out.

Long Yi casually rinse twice, then quickly going to ashore, he took out clothing from his space ring and wore it. Only after that he turned around and saw Lu Xiya’s angry and also happy expression.

“I didn’t mean it, I thought someone was peeping me taking a bath. You also know, your husband I always keep myself as pure as jade, so how can I tolerate other people peeping?” Long Yi laughed dryly as he said.

“Less nonsense, speak honestly, what did you see just now?” Lu Xiya pouted.

“I didn’t see anything, with the name of the Light God.” Long Yi swore. In fact, he really hadn’t seen much, only seen just a little bit, really only just a little bit.

“I don’t believe you because your shifty eyes are so sharp. I fear Nika will not be able to fall asleep tonight.” Lu Xiya looked at Long Yi with supercilious eyes.

Long Yi stared at Lu Xiya without blinking his eyes. Just after a bath, under the moonlight, she looked very charming. Her half damp hair hanging to her waist, her fair and tender skin, her blinking big eyes, and clothing which seemed to be open too much in the front, showing cleavage, could cause the will of any man to sway.

“Why on earth are you staring at me like that?” Lu Xiya’s beautiful face became red, as she asked shyly.

“Because you are seducing me ah, I am just coordinating with you.” Long Yi answered in all seriousness, causing Lu Xiya to loosen her fists.

Long Yi’s big hand pulled and hugged warm fragrant soft jade.

“What do you want to do?” Lu Xiya asked in mosquito-like small voice.

“I want to ** matter of making love.” Long Yi made an evil smile. After that holding Lu Xiya in his arms, he jumped and disappeared in this enchanting night sky.

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