Chapter 87: Great Nature’s Breath


Long Yi looked at Elf Queen with a smile as if taunting and also teasing her. Then he suddenly threw up a mouthful of blood. Even though blood was flowing out from the corner of his mouth, he was smiling as before, which looked a kind of indescribable evil and weird.

“Long Yi.” Leng Youyou exclaimed and hastily stepped forward to support long Yi. Then coldly glared at Elf Queen and seven elders, the black lotus mark on her forehead fluctuated as if ripples. She absolutely couldn’t bear someone harming her most beloved person. This simply was worse than killing her.

Seeing Long Yi spitting out blood, more tears flowed down from the eyes of Lu Xiya. After that, she hatefully stomped looking towards Elf Queen, then ran towards Long Yi.

“Long Yi, I’m sorry, all of this is my fault.” Lu Xiya wept.

“Good girl, don’t cry, I’m fine.” Long Yi shook his head and consoled Lu Xiya, while his hand held onto Leng Youyou’s wrist, signaling her to not act rashly because at present dark magic was something that shouldn’t be exposed. It was not because he was afraid to fight the whole world, but because he didn’t desire meaningless sacrifice.

Long Yi wiped the bloodstain on the corner of his mouth, then looked at Elf Queen with a smile yet not a smile. Suddenly half squinting his eyes, he said: “Truly maintained properly, felt really good.”

Everyone was unable to make heads or tails of this abrupt sentence, naturally except Elf Queen whose complexion was sometimes red sometimes white. She used gaze that could kill people to glare Long Yi as if she wanted to swallow him whole. How noble was her status, since the time her husband had unfortunately died after Lu Xiya was born, all along she had kept herself pure. But today, Long Yi audaciously touched her sensitive breasts. As a matter of fact, her real intention was not to kill Long Yi but merely wanted to probe his ins and outs, and also give him a very small lesson while at it. But his spirit power was so powerful, and later after seven elders also joined in, even if she wanted to stop, she couldn’t.

“Truly didn’t expect this is how Elf Clan treat their guest. If we are not welcomed, then we will just leave, there is no need to send people to a deathtrap.” Long Yi sneered. Just now if it was someone else in place of him, then he would have already kicked the bucket, so how could he not get angry?

“Let’s go.” Long Yi waved his hand, then led everybody wanting to return back.

But the figure of those seven elders of Elf Clan flashed and surrounded Long Yi and his group.

Long Yi squinted his eyes dangerously, his pupil shrink into a needle-like shape. This usually indicated his fury was already close to the limit.

“Mother.” Lu Xiya looked at Elf Queen brimming with tears.

Elf Queen softly sighed, a woman was born to leave her family, and now her daughter was already that stinking brat’s woman. Even so, how could she truly want her own daughter to hate her throughout her life?

“Was it Long Yi? Just now was my mistake, but we will slowly calculate the matter regarding you swindling my daughter sometime later. Now please enter, otherwise, some people might say we Elf Clan don’t know how to treat our guest.” Elf Queen lightly snorted and said.

“Thank you mother, that’s very kind of you.” Lu Xiya turned tears into laughter and threw herself into the bosom of Elf Queen.

Long Yi lightly smiled, didn’t expect Elf Queen had acted in a fit of pique. It seems because he had robbed her daughter, her heart was in disequilibrium.

Hence, with Elf Queen in the lead, Long Yi and his group stepped into Elf Forest which was said to be a fairyland. After entering, Long Yi found that the legend wasn’t exaggerated at all, inside was naturally too beautiful. Various strange flowers and different grasses could be found everywhere, clear water of brook snaking without end, and the animals here were also very docile and lovable, unexpectedly were not afraid of people at all. They would run back and forth near their legs, and sometimes mischievously bite the bottom of their trouser without letting go.

“Long Yi, isn’t our Elven Forest beautiful?” Lu Xiya returned back from the side of Elf Queen and without any hesitation pulled Long Yi’s big hand.

“M-hm, really just like a fairyland, merely lacking a kind of loftiness. But this place is the perfect choice for spending one’s holiday.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Lu Xiya pouted: “Then is this place bad for living for a long time?”

“Not bad, merely living for a long time in this kind of environment will easily wear out people’s drive, but for Elf clan who are unselfish and without desire, this counts as nothing, that’s all, cough cough.” Long Yi said with a smile, then suddenly coughed as he felt burning pain in his lung region.

“Long Yi, are your meridians injured?” Leng Youyou worriedly asked. Last time in Lost city’s Dark space, this lass had heard Long Yi saying ‘meridians’ once, from that time she had remembered this new word, coupled with another word ‘true qi’.

“Yes, but not that critical, after adjusting my breathing, it will be fine.” Long Yi nodded his head and signaled others not to worry.

After walking inside the Elven Forest for a short while, they saw very spacious meadow, where simple and unadorned exquisite log cabins were built. Next, to this place, there was actually a small lake where many elves’ children were laughing and playing. This scenery was really just like the scenery inside a painting.

Seeing Elf Queen and seven elders had returned, all elves came over and greeted them in courtesy. And every one of them strangely looked at Long Yi and others. Majority of elves had spent their entire life inside Elven Forest, so they basically hadn’t seen outside world, no need to mention about seeing humans or any other races.

Elf Queen brought Long Yi and his group to her palace, but the so-called palace was slightly bigger unique and pleasing to the eye log cabin. The decoration inside was very warm and cozy with fresh flowers everywhere. Really deserve to be called the race closest to nature.

Elf Queen made Lu Xiya stay behind with her, then called people to lead Long Yi and his group to a small courtyard for them to rest. As Long Yi’s meridians had suffered injuries, he was in urgent need of adjusting his breathing, so blowing a kiss towards Lu Xiya who was reluctant to part, he followed behind. However, seeing her daughter’s shy and happy appearance receiving this kiss, Elf Queen unexpectedly couldn’t help but hatefully gnashed her teeth secretly.

“Lu Xiya, tell me everything you experience outside this time from the beginning to end.” Elf Queen brought her daughter inside her room then asked with a stiff face.

Lu Xiya leaned on Elf Queen’s shoulder, and mumbled to herself: “It’s uncomfortable if it is not Long Yi’s shoulder.”

“What did you say?” Because Lu Xiya was mumbling, Elf Queen didn’t hear what she was saying clearly. If she had heard clearly, then it was unknown what she would have done.

“It’s nothing, mother. Don’t you want to know what I experienced outside? I will tell you now, please listen. After I leave the Elven Forest…..” Lu Xiya began to speak about various things she had experienced outside. Just like this, time gradually passed, and the sky had already become dark.

At this moment, Lu Xiya began to narrate how she got to know Long Yi in Light City, how they team up to go to Huangmang plain. She stressed how Long Yi bravely fought against Silver Backed Earth Dragon, and also how he planned to pass through blood bug’s sea. She also stressed how Leng Youyou fell into space crack for the sake of rescuing her and how in order to save Leng Youyou, Long Yi also fell down into that space crack. Finally, she narrated how they were surrounded by undead creatures, how they explored the secret room of City Lord Mansion, and how they discovered a sleeping beauty who was slumbering for several thousand years inside the pool Wushuang and her disease.

Lu Xiya spoke nonstop, and also gestured with dancing eyebrows and radiant face. While talking about thrilling moments, her that expression and movements could cause anyone to split one’s sides laughing. She emphasized Long Yi’s valor and quick-wit so much that, Long Yi was already an unstoppable character of a literature.

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Hearing her daughter’s vivid description, Elf Queen couldn’t help but felt as if she was experiencing all of those herself, and the view towards Long Yi inside her heart also changed greatly. Hearing her daughter’s narration, she understood that this mysterious youth was definitely not ordinary. He was brave, was quick-witted and also had lofty and unyielding character. He was the perfect match for her daughter, merely those seven elders were very stubborn, and she feared they were very unlikely to agree to let her daughter marry a human.

“Mother, look.” With a dazzling flash, Lu Xiya’s magic implement Great Nature’s Breath appeared on her hand. She wanted to show off her treasure to her mother.

Seeing Great Nature’s Breath’s that fine matchless appearance and sensing that powerful nature aura on it, Elf Queen’s complexion changed greatly, then trembling, she asked: “This bow, where did you get it?”

“Long Yi found it in secret chamber of Lost city and gave it to me as a present.” Lu Xiya slyly laughed.

“Isn’t this bow called Great Nature’s Breath?” Elf Queen agitatedly asked.

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“Ng.” Lu Xiya nodded her head. Then she circulated her mana on it, causing this godly bow to release a splendid light, and words began to emerge in the air from the body of this bow. These big words in bold cursive calligraphy read as Great Nature’s Breath.

“This really is Great nature’s Breath. After losing it in the continental war of two thousand years ago, it finally returned back to our Elf clan’s hand once again.” Elf Queen gently caressed this godly bow with excited expression on her face.

“Mother, did this bow originally belong to our Elf Clan? How come I didn’t know about it?” Lu Xiya asked.

“There are a lot of things you don’t know. Only after you became Elf Queen, you will know all of those things.” Elf Queen said with a smile. Then looking at Lu Xiya, she said: “Now with this bow, I think all seven elders will agree to your marriage with that stinking brat.”

“Mother, why are you calling him stinking brat stinking brat, he however is your son-in-law.” Lu Xiya happily said.

Hearing this ‘son-in-law’ words, Elf Queen’s complexion couldn’t help but become somewhat odd. Recalling this soon to become son-in-law actually felt her breast, she couldn’t help but felt embarrassed and also unbearable anger rose in her heart, altogether felt a kind of strange feeling lingering in her mind.

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