Chapter 86: Attacking breast to break formation


Just when they had reached the periphery of Elven Forest, several ‘shua shua’ sound came. Several arrows were shot out from inside the forest and nailed on the ground in front of them, then ten people of elf protection squad walked out from inside forest. All of them wore a light green colored elven dress, moreover, all of them were female elves.

Without showing a trace, Long Yi sized up all of them. Sure enough, each and every one was extremely beautiful with fine facial features and exquisite figure. Moreover, all of them looked like they were in their early twenties in age, exactly in the flowery age. But compared with Lu Xiya and other two women in his group, they were still a little bit inferior, after all these three women could be rated as exceedingly beautiful in this world, so how could all the elves compare with them.

Long Yi however was also feeling slightly strange, why was there only beautiful women in the protective force of Elf Clan? Could it be that yin was flourishing while yang was declining in Elf clan? Then wasn’t Elf clan’s male elf hugging in left and embracing in right, while fighting several. [1]

When Long Yi was still letting his dirty imaginations run wild, Lu Xiya happily rushed over, and excitedly said: “Nika, I am back.”

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“Princess Lu Xiya.” A beautiful elf among them exclaimed and come over, then banding together with Lu Xiya, excitedly jumped and cried, as if both of them were still not grown up child.

“Princess, where did you go this time for such a long time? Her Majesty the Queen is worried to death.” That elf girl called Nika anxiously said.

“Ain’t I back now? Do you know? This time I experienced many exciting things, I will retell you later. Now I will introduce you a couple of my friends.” Lu Xiya stick out her tongue and said. Then pulling this Nika, she walked over to Long Yi’s side.

“This is my close sister Nika, Nika, these are my good friends of outside. Long Yi, Barbarian Bull, Leng Youyou and Wushuang.” Lu Xiya introduced while pointing at Long Yi and others in succession.

“Only good friends?” Long Yi chuckled.

Feeling Nika’s strange gaze, Lu Xiya’s beautiful face couldn’t help but become red. Then giving Long Yi a supercilious look, she jumped to the side of Long Yi, and holding his arm tightly, she said while blushing: “Long Yi is my husband, isn’t he very handsome?”

“Husband? Princess you…” Nika mouth was wide open and had a disbelief expression on her face. Then she pulled Lu Xiya to one side and whispered: “Princess, we Elf clan must not marry with humans. If we let elders got the wind of it, then it will be disastrous.”

“Nika, I can’t do anything, because I love him, without him, I will die. In any case, now I am already his, mother will definitely agree.” Lu Xiya miserably said.

Nika was shocked seeing Lu Xiya, because this daredevil and rebellious princess had stirred up such troublesome matter. This time Elven Forest was going to be very noisy.

“Okay, Nika, first let my friends enter, it is not good to keep others waiting for a long time.” Lu Xiya shook away Nika’s hand.

“But Princess, outsiders are not allowed to enter Elven Forest.” Nika said.

“What outsiders ah, is my husband also an outsider? Let us enter, I will naturally explain to mother myself.” Lu Xiya earnestly said to Nika.

“Princess, it’s impossible, because Sacred Festival is coming soon. How about this, I will go to notify Her Majesty the Queen, only after she agrees, I will let them enter ah.” Nika didn’t dare to let these people pass without permission. Although these people did not look bad, but you may know a person’s face but not his heart ah. Furthermore, Princess Lu Xiya was so pure, so there was a possibility of her being cheated. Thinking this, the gaze of Nika was not so friendly towards Long Yi.

Seeing Nika’s attitude was resolute, Lu Xiya had no other choice but to nod her head.

Lu Xiya walked over to Long Yi’s side, and said: “Long Yi, I’m sorry.”

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“Silly girl, that is your Elf clan’s established rule, so why would I blame you?” Long Yi smile and rubbed Lu Xiya’s head.

After waiting for a short time, powerful energy fluctuation came through the air. Long Yi, Wushuang and Leng Youyou looked at each other, then all of them frowned. It seems Elf clan was putting a big parade. It seems outside of Elf Queen, those old fellows were also coming.

“Isn’t this just paying a formal visit to mother-in-law? Long Yi had doubts inside his heart.

Light green radiances flashed in succession, and not far away from Long Yi and his group, eight more people appeared. Long Yi intently looked forward, then his eyes couldn’t help but give out a mesmerizing splendor. Standing in the most front was a female elf who looked only 25 or 26 in age with a magnificent style unmatched in her generation. Her lotus mouth, exquisite nose, brows as if faraway mountain containing umber, snow skin, and that devilish kind of ‘S’ form curvy figure outlined by gorgeous elf attire, moreover that mature charm of hers, Leng Youyou and other young girls who were just a green apples absolutely couldn’t compare with this completely ripe juicy peach ah. Behind her, there was seven bearded and wrinkled old men and wrinkled old ladies, he guessed they were elders of Elf Clan.

“Mother.” Lu Xiya called out and ran to her.

Long Yi woke up from his daze and sighed inwardly. This woman was unexpectedly Queen of Elf clan, actually was so young, and was also very beautiful. If I get along for a long time, then I don’t know whether I will make a mistake or not ah? Long Yi couldn’t help but let his imagination run wild again.

Elf Queen and Lu Xiya talk with each other in a low voice. Lu Xiya was continuously nodding her head while blushing and consciously or unconsciously looking towards Long Yi.

Elf Queen used her majestic gaze to look towards Long Yi and others, and finally, her gaze fixed on Long Yi. Suddenly, her beautiful eyes emitted a cold light, and her imposing aura suppressed Long Yi. Even the grasses on the ground underneath him stuck to the ground due to this pressure.

Long Yi’s corner of the mouth lightly tore revealing an indescribable smile, while AoTianJue circulated all over his body, and without the slightest bit of weakness, he looked face to face against Elf Queen.

A surprise flashed in the eyes of Elf Queen, and her aura became even more vigorous. Barbarian Bull at the side of Long Yi was forced to retreat two steps, but Wushuang and Leng Youyou nevertheless were oblivious. From this, one could clearly see the gap in strength.

Seeing Elf Queen’s overbearingness, Long Yi was no longer polite. In this world there was no one capable of wantonly doing as they please with him, with a thought, he condensed his spirit power in his sea of consciousness in the space between the eyebrows, then attacked towards Elf Queen.

Exactly how powerful was Long Yi’s spirit power, he feared even he himself was also not very clear. Spirit power attack would directly injure the soul, so he didn’t dare to use it with all his strength. Even so, Elf Queen’s face become abnormally white and she braced herself, but upon the closer look, she had retreated small half-a-step. And the seven elders behind her immediately realized something was wrong, and all of them nodded their head after looking at each other, then additional powerful auras suppressed Long Yi.

Now Elf clan’s eight strongest were jointly confronting Long Yi. He felt universe like vast power was pressuring everywhere in his body. He felt incomparably severe pain in his internal organs as if they were being burned down, and also felt as if ten thousand jin boulder was pressing against his chest making him difficult to breathe. If not for his AoTianJue protecting his body, he feared his body would have already turned into a pile of meat paste.

“Eight against one, truly shameless.” Wushuang and Leng Youyou cursed, and intended to come over to aid.

“Don’t join in, I can deal with this.” But just at that time, Long Yi’s mosquito-like small voice entered the ear of these two women.

Actually, it was not that Long Yi didn’t want their help, rather Elf Queen and those seven elders’ spirit power pressure had formed a strange spirit vortex. If external force entered, then he feared they would be instantly crushed by this vortex. This and the spirit vortex in Wushuang’s sea of consciousness when her disease outbreak was similar.

Long Yi was as if a small boat on the sea with sea waves rising and falling, having the danger of drowning at any time.

Lu Xiya helplessly looked at both sides of this fight with tears flowing down continuously. Both sides were her closely related person, so she didn’t know what she should do. Seeing Long Yi’s that pained expression, her heart broke, but she however could do nothing, because external force should not disturb in spirit power battle.

Long Yi industriously used his internal force, and right now flame of fury was already soaring to the sky inside his heart. He had never expected that these flaunting oneself as kind-hearted Elf Clan would unleash a killer move. He firmly gritted his tooth, and suddenly revealed a strange smile. After that, he instantly changed the form of his spirit power into two big hands, then grabbed towards Elf Queen’s those impressive plump breast, and mischievously rubbed.

With her sensitive place being attacked, Elf Queen screamed, and a crack appeared in the spirit vortex created by the joint effort of eight people. Taking the advantage of this chance, Long Yi attacked sparing no effort. Elf Queen and seven elders simultaneously fell back two steps, and their complexion became somewhat pale.

Long Yi looked at Elf Queen with a grin, as if taunting and teasing her. Then he suddenly threw up a mouthful of blood. Even though blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth, he was smiling as before, which looked a kind of indescribable evil and weird.

[1] yin represent female, yang represent male

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