Chapter 85: Elven Forest


The rising sun incarnadined the cloud of the horizon, shining the ups and downs verdant mountain range, making it appear exceptionally beautiful and also spectacular.

Back in the inn, Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya immediately met up and looked at Long Yi with concern.

“Don’t worry, I am fine.” Long Yi said with a smile, but his face was unable to hide his exhaustion, not physical rather mental exhaustion.

Long Yi gently laid Wushuang on the soft bed, and got up to leave but discovered don’t know when but her jade hands was tightly grabbing his clothing. Long Yi arduously turn open Wushuang’s little hands, and gently covered her with a quilt.

“Why on earth are you two looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?” Long Yi turned around his head and discovered Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya were looking at him with a peculiar gaze.

“Long Yi, you are truly gentle to big sister Wushuang.” Lu Xiya’s beautiful eyes shone and said with a little jealousy.

Long Yi mischievously smiled, as he understood she was somewhat jealous. He held Lu Xiya with one hand and held Leng Youyou with the other hand, and walking towards the bedroom, he said: “Don’t tell me that I don’t treat you two gently? Or do you want me, m-hm, to be a little bit rougher?”

Long Yi’s eyes shone nefariously, and two women suddenly reacted to what he had pointed out, then pouting coquettishly sound fell incessantly on his ears. After that Long Yi took petty advantages while having boisterous fun with two women, and the mood gradually calmed down.

Three people sat on the sofa, Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya one on left one on right leaned against his shoulder, feeling extremely warm. They feared they were no longer able to separate from this man.

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“Long Yi, what’s going on with Wushuang?” Leng Youyou asked, however she didn’t mention anything about Long Ling’er. She dared to confirm Long Yi and Long Ling’er had something between them, but as an intelligent woman, she won’t take the initiative to ask, because she believed, one day Long Yi will tell everything on his own accord.

Long Yi sighed, and his complexion become very solemn, making these two women feel stifling.

“Wushuang contacted a kind of strange disease, now she has only three months of time left.” Long Yi seriously said.

“What?” Both women cried out in alarm. After traveling together with Wushuang throughout the Huangmang plain’s slaughter, they had long ago already consider each other as sisters.

“That can’t be, big sister Wushuang is so powerful, how can it be…” Lu Xiya choked with sobs and was unable to finish her words. A little bit of jealousy of just a moment ago completely disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only concern and sorrow.

“Then what’s to be done ah, is there a way to cure her disease?” Leng Youyou also asked anxiously. Her clam heart also couldn’t help but become restless.

“I don’t know, but after finding out the cause, I think we will be able to definitely think of a way, isn’t that so?” Long Yi firmly said. Even death itself will not be able to take away Wushuang.

Lu Xiya heavily nodded her head, then suddenly said: “Long Yi, let’s go to Elven Forest straight away. My mother and several elders might have the way to cure big sister Wushuang’s disease.”

Long Yi slapped his thigh and said: “That’s right, how could I forget your Elf clan’s long history, perhaps they really might have a way to save Wushuang.”

At noon, Wushuang finally woke up. When she came out supporting her head with her hand, Long Yi and others were in the process of eating lunch.

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“How long did I sleep for?” Wushuang frowned, rubbed her temples and weakly sat down on the sofa. Her head felt as if was loaded with several pieces of rocks, making her very uncomfortable.

“Big sister Wushuang, are you alright?” Lu Xiya walked in front of her and asked.

“I’m fine, only my head is feeling a little uncomfortable, but I don’t know why?” Wushuang answered very weakly with listless appearance.

“Wushuang, do you remember what happened last night?” Leng Youyou asked.

“Yesterday?” Wushuang mumbled and closed her eyes, trying to recall.

Suddenly, she tightly held her head and looking painful, she answered: “What did I do yesterday? Why can’t I remember anything?”

Long Yi hurriedly dashed over, pulled open Wushuang’s hand then used his hands covered in his internal force to press her temple.

Wushuang felt a burst of warm air flow pouring into her head from Long Yi’s palm, then the pain on her head immediately subsided by a lot, moreover, she felt a kind of comfortable feeling. She half closed her eyes, then unconsciously went forward and buried her head into Long Yi’s stomach, unwilling to move away.

Afternoon, Long Yi and his group left the inn and leave for Elven Forest. All of them tacitly didn’t mention any matter of yesterday to Wushuang, and also didn’t tell her anything about her strange disease. Since she didn’t remember, so why let her know, which would only invite unnecessary worry.

When they set out, Wushuang’s complexion had already revert back to normal. From her outward appearance, basically, no one would be able to tell that she was a terminally ill girl. Her that indifferent temperament and noble deposition appearance was just as before as if nothing had changed.

Outside of flourishing Mea Principality, there was continuous ups and downs mountain range. Barbarian Bull told Long Yi that, that hazy shadow at a distant place directly sticking into the skies was Hengduan Mountain. Only Gods knows how tall it was, because from past till present no-one was able to climb to its summit. And even Imperial Wind Condor was not able to fly past that mountain chain. And they beast-men clan live at the foot of that Hengduan Mountains.

Throughout the way, Lu Xiya talk about Elven Forest’s beautiful scenery and fun places, making Long Yi and others to look forward endlessly.

After passing two mountain, an ‘as far as the eye can see’ forest appeared in front of everyone. The air here was extra fresh, even the grasses were greener compared to outside, and various kind of crisp bird singing sound made them feel as if they were inside fairyland.

“Sure enough, Elven Forest has a well-deserved reputation, truly too beautiful.” Long Yi gasp in admiration. Living in this kind of beautiful forest, no wonder Elf clan’s men were handsome and women were beautiful.

“This is my house, let’s go in.” Lu Xiya inhaled this fresh air, and with an excited expression on her eyes, she led everyone inside Elven Forest.

But just when they had reached the periphery of Elven Forest, several ‘shua shua’ sound came. Several arrows shot out from inside the forest and nailed on the ground in front of them, then ten people of elves protection squad walked out from inside forest. All of them wore a light green colored elven dress, moreover, all of them were female elves.

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