Chapter 84: I want you to marry me


Hearing Ximen Wuhen’s words, Long Yi mind blanked out.

How did this happen? Wushuang was always well after she woke up from crystal coffin, and her strength was also powerful, so why was she going to die all of a sudden? This was absolutely not possible. Long Yi absent-mindedly shook his head. He absolutely didn’t believe this ridiculous conclusion of Ximen Wuhen.

“According to this big sister symptoms, she is already beyond cure. She ought to have caught this illness more than 10 years ago.” Ximen Wuhen continued to speak.

10 years? Long Yi murmured repetitively. Then he suddenly came up with a possibility. In the first place, why was Wushuang slumbering inside crystal coffin? Could it be that at that time she was suffering from this strange disease, so the City Lord of Lost City used secret magic to make her enter into slumber inside that crystal coffin with her always maintaining the physical state of that time? Perhaps at that time’s City Lord might have thought that after thousands upon thousands years, there would already be a cure of this disease. But he would have never thought that the person who woke up Wushuang from her slumber would be the person from a civilization which was even more backward compared to the Lost City’s civilization of that time.

“Little sister, I know you hate me, but now that you know this disease, can you think of a way to save her?” Long Yi said to Ximen Wuhen. Although Wushuang was not his woman, but that intriguing link of spirit between them however made the relation between these two people very subtle.

Ximen Wuhen amazedly looked at Long Yi. She could feel her this second brother was really not quite the same from before. The Ximen Yu of before, regardless of whether other people die or live, would never request anyone in such gentle words, even facing his parents was also the same. But he however was requesting her for this woman, which was not something the previous Ximen Yu would do.

Ximen Wuhen shook her head as before, she was really powerless. She looked towards the sky, and slowly said: “Even if you have that strange magic suppress her illness, I fear she will not be able to hold on until tonight.”

“Could it be that there really is no other way?” Long Yi said unwilling to give up. He absolutely can’t let Wushuang die before his eyes like this.

Ximen Wuhen didn’t speak, but with her eyelid drooped, she began to ponder. Suddenly, her eyes lit up as if she recalled something and looked towards stupefied Long Ling’er.

“Perhaps Her Highness the Princess can help you.” Ximen Wuhen turned towards Long Yi and said.

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Long Yi was stupefied, Long Ling’er? She was itching to grind his bones, so getting help from here was even harder than reaching the heaven.

Seeing Long Yi’s bitter expression, Ximen Wuhen’s state mind become good for no reason, so she said: “Ling’er has an Ice Gem Bracelet, made up of Origin Ice’s eternal cold soul. It can suppress the illness of this big sister for three months.”

Long Yi’s spirit shook, one more day means more of a hope. Moreover, perhaps within three months, he could find a means to cure this illness too.

“Little sister, how about you talk to her, and let me borrow her Ice Gem Bracelet to use. Naturally, I can also give something to exchange with it.” Long Yi said with expectation. He had many good things in his hand, if Long Ling’er agrees to exchange, then that naturally would be for the best.

Ximen Wuhen nodded her head and whispered something in the ear of Long Ling’er. Gradually, spirit began to restore in the eyes of Long Ling’er, and her complexion also reverted back to normal. Although was still indifferent and empty, nevertheless was not like a soulless doll of just a moment ago.

Long Yi saw Long Ling’er standing. Suddenly his facial muscles began to twitch unnaturally, and he immediately looked towards other places.

“Ling’er, your clothing.” Ximen Wuhan blushed and lightly yelled.

Long Ling’er lower her head, then the sight she saw caused her to turn pale with fright. At that time when she was releasing that pellet inside’s sealed forbidden magic spell ‘God Burning Magic’, to divert the attention of Long Yi, with no other means, she had untied her outer clothes. Furthermore, because of that explosion blast of just a moment ago, her white silk underwear was also disheveled, so at this moment when she stood up, she revealed a large portion of her snowy white chest.

Long Ling’er hastily turned around and arranged her clothing. And her indifferent face involuntarily blushed. After that when she once again turned around to face Long Yi, she saw that Long Yi was looking far away as if nothing had happened.

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Long Ling’er gritted her teeth. Having something embarrassing happen in front of her enemy made her ashamed and heartbroken, but recalling Wuhen’s words of just a moment ago, her heart felt a little better, and strange coldness appeared in her beautiful eyes.

“So you want my Ice Gem Bracelet?” Long Ling’er indifferently asked, and raised her hand. Then a bracelet emitting milky-white soft halo became visible on her fine spotlessly white flawless wrist which brought out the best in each other.

Long Yi looked towards that bracelet on Long Ling’er’s jade wrist, then his vision glimmered once, and he replied: “Yes, I have few good things with me, I can exchange them with you.”

Long Ling’er shook her head, and staring at Long Yi with cold eyes, she coldly said: “I ask for nothing, I can give you this Ice Gem Bracelet, but you must die.”

Long Yi’s complexion didn’t change because he had already expected Long Ling’er would definitely ask this. He just replied with a smile: “I still don’t want to die.”

“Then she will die, and you know this.” Pointing at Wushuang on Long Yi’s bosom, Long Ling’er said.

“She will not die.” Long Yi’s eyes narrowed dangerously, then his body suddenly flashed, and instantly appeared in front of Long Ling’er. After that, his one hand pulled her wrist’s bracelet, but strangely he couldn’t take off this bracelet.

This moment the distance between Long Ling’er and Long Yi was very close, close enough for Long Ling’er to smell Long Yi’s that very good smell of male, causing her heart of a young maiden to neat in somewhat messy rhythm. After that, she taunted him: “If I don’t want to, then you can’t take off this bracelet.”

“Is that so? Then if I were to chop off your entire hand, I don’t know whether I can seize it or not?” Long Yi lightly chuckle. But his eyes no longer had pity, rather was ice-cold. It seems he would absolutely do what he had just said.

“Ximen Yu, how can you do this? Don’t you feel you are very despicable?” Ximen Wuhen loudly yelled.

“Despicable? If I am despicable in exchange for her life, then what’s there for me to not become despicable?” Long Yi coldly laughed.

Ximen Wuhen was speechless for a moment. Don’t tell me that he would really chop off Long Ling’er’s hand to sustain the life of the woman in her bosom? I shouldn’t test it, as there are few such people in this world who are able to do so.

“Ling’er, give him Ice Gem Bracelet.” Ximen Wuhen said to Long Ling’er.

Long Ling’er gritted her teeth for a short moment, then glaring at him with hatred, she removed Ice Gem Bracelet and gave it to him.

“Don’t look at me like this, otherwise I think you will fall in love with me.” Long Yi took the bracelet smiling happily and wore it on Wushuang’s wrist., then with soft rays of lights, this bracelet unexpectedly entered inside her body and disappeared.

“There will come a day when I make you feel death is better than life.” Long Ling’er hatefully said.

Long shrugged his shoulder and casually said: “I will be waiting for that day.”

Finished speaking, Long Yi holding Wushuang on his arms walked away. When he passed by Ximen Wuhen, she said with a smile: “Little sister, Thank You.”

Ximen Wuhen was startled. She could clearly feel sincere in his words. He was really grateful to her.

After walking few steps, Long Yi suddenly stopped again, then turning around he looked at Long Ling’er who was looking at him with ‘wanting to eat people’ eyes, and said: “I owe you one favor, so I can promise you one condition, as long as it is not too excessive, I will promise you anything.”

Hearing Long Yi’s words, Long Ling’er dazed. How come this bastard is becoming this good to her? She asked: “Will you really promise me anything?”

“As long as you don’t want my life, or want me to kneel down, kowtow and so on matters which will damage man’s self-respect.” Long Yi lightly said with a smile.

Long Ling’er stared at Long Yi for a long time, then opened her mouth: “In addition to her, are those other two girls also your woman?”

Long Yi found it slightly strange, don’t know why Long Ling’er was suddenly asking this. He wanted to say Wushuang was not his woman, but he didn’t feel like doing so and waste time explaining, so he nodded his head and said: “Yes.”

Long Ling’er laughed, she laughed coldly which seems very strange, and she said: “Didn’t you say you will promise me one thing? Can I speak it now?”

“Speak.” Long Yi’s hairs suddenly tingled.

“I want you to marry me.” Long Ling’er directly said with a cold smile.

Both Long Yi and Ximen Wuhen had their eyes wide open, were they mishearing things?

“You say it again, just now I didn’t hear clearly.” Long Yi was dumbfounded and obviously was not too clear-headed.

“I want you to marry me.” Long Ling’er said it again. Each word was as if thousand jin huge rock falling on Long Yi’s heart making him almost spat out blood. He was unable to understand just why she wanted to marry him who she hated to the marrow of her bones. Although this demand was not at all excessive to Long Yi, as he would naturally take responsibility for his action, but the problem here was, the other party was a woman who wants him dead all the time, so this was abnormal.

A scheme, definitely a scheme. Long Yi roared inside his heart, but his mouth however said with a smile: “Don’t tell me you have really fallen in love with me?”

“If you think you will feel better that way, then when I fell in love with you, you will marry me. Do you want to promise me or not?” Long Ling’er expressionlessly said.

“Since you brought it up, then is there any reason to say not promise? I hope you don’t regret this.” Looking at Long Ling’er, Long Yi said.

“You are the one that shouldn’t regret. You should first think of a way to cure your this sweetheart’s disease. I will wait for you in Mea Holy Magic Academy. Hope I will see you after three months.” Finished speaking, Long Ling’er pulled Ximen Wuhen and left drifting away.

What the hell does this woman want to do? Long Yi still remained puzzled after pondering over hundred times, but fortunately, Wushuang’s disease was temporarily suppressed. Now he had to find a way to cure her disease within three months. Now he only has three months of time.

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