Chapter 83: Burning both jade and common stone [1]


Long Yi also didn’t bother to waste his time with Long Ling’er. He directly used Great Cosmos Shift to its limit, and suddenly appeared behind her out of thin air. Then he placed his cold sword blade on her neck.

“Long Ling’er, you lose.” Long Yi said with a muffled chuckle. With his eyesight, he could clearly see those small goosebumps on Long Ling’er’s that snow white soft neck.

Long Ling’er shivered. Thinking she had again fallen into the hands of this perverted crook, she couldn’t help but feet dread in her heart. Now in this uninhabited outskirts, he was able to......Thinking up to here, Long Ling’er shivered. If such thing really happened again, then she feared she would not have any reason to live anymore.

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“What do you want to do?” Long Ling’er suppressed her fear and coldly asked.

“In a moonless day, we a single man and a single woman, you say what do you think I want to do?” Long Yi grinned and said. He was secretly thinking to scare her because without learning her lesson from the previous mistake, she had so easily followed him to such desolate and uninhabited place.

The redness of Long Ling’er’s face completely disappeared, and become almost transparent pale. After that her eyes become resolute, then she slowly turned towards Long Yi.

“Do you really want me?” Long Ling’er blankly stared at Long Yi’s eyes with her lifeless eyes and asked.

Long Yi was startled, he didn’t understand what happened to her all of a sudden. He felt the expression on her eyes were very scary, making his heart shudder.

“Then I will give you.” Regardless of what expression Long Yi had, Long Ling’er jade hand pulled her sash and threw it away, revealing her pale white silk corset. Those healthy and strong full jade peaks seemed to want to tear apart this clothing and come out. And the two cherries were sticking out a bit making themselves visible.

Undeniably, Long Yi was attracted by Long Ling’er’s fine figure and spring scenery [2]. He was momentarily absent-minded, then his heart suddenly pounded violently. After that, he threw himself on her.

Yes, Long Yi threw himself on her with Wushuang still in his embrace. After that, he didn’t grope Long Ling’er’s those jade peaks or her secluded gully, but just like a lightning, he caught her right hand which was emitting strong magic fluctuation.

“Long Ling’er, don’t.” An anxiously calling voice came from behind.

That crisp voice was somewhat familiar, but Long Yi had no time to think. He caught the trembling right hand of Long Ling’er, and seizing one red pellet like thing from her hand, he threw up. Soon afterwards, Long Yi took Long Ling’er in his bosom with Wushuang, then madly circulated the internal force of AoTianJue all around their body to firmly protect their body. At this second, Long Ling’er unexpectedly smiled, and her smile was very sweet, very beautiful and very touching. This was a smile of relief, very pure and magnificent.

Hong longlong, flames shot all around, the earth quaked and the mountains shook. With that red pellet as a center, a radius of hundreds of meters was shrouded with a red blast.

And Ximen Wuhen who was not too far away blankly looked at that strong explosion with tears silently flowing down her cheeks, as she muttered: “Ling’er, how can you be silly like this ah.”

All along Ximen Wuhen knew that Ling Long’er had one pellet where a rank 11 forbidden fire magic spell ‘Burning God Magic’ was sealed. This was something given by Fire Master Archmage PuXiusi to Violent Dragon Empire’s Emperor Long Zhan as a gift. Although the might of sealed magic was inferior compared to same magic fired after chanting incantation, but this sealed magic was after all forbidden magic spell ah. With Long Ling’er’s strength, firing this sealed magic in such close proximity can only have the bad fate of burning both jade and common stone.

Fiery red blast gradually dispersed, and the surroundings around few 100 meters in radius can only be described as having too tragic to look at appearance. More than half of the neighborhood’s wood was destroyed, the ground in the center of the explosion had caved in by several chi, and incomplete branches were scattered everywhere. But the figure of Long Ling’er and her that scoundrel second brother Ximen Yu was nowhere to see. It might be assumed that both of them didn’t even leave behind bones.

Ximen Wuhen couldn’t help but felt sad from the bottom of her heart. She just squatted down and wept in grief. Her best friend, Empire’s honorable Her Majesty the Princess, in just this fashion, took her revenge but paid her own life in the process.

While crying, Ximen Wuhen suddenly heard a hissing sound. Raising her head, to her surprise, she discovered the ground which was in mess began to move. Suddenly the earth flew about in all direction, and with a flashing of blue light, a man holding two women jumped out from inside the ground. He was covered with a layer of light blue water barrier.

Long Yi moved backward and endlessly made a wry smile inwardly. The personality of Long Ling’er was too unyielding, actually choosing the method of burning both jade and common stone. Recalling that terrifying explosion of just a moment ago, the scalp of Long Yi tingled, and cold sweats flowed down. So that was the might of forbidden magic spell? It naturally was too terrifying. It seems he was too small against the might of forbidden magic, and Master Archmages were definitely pinnacle existence. If one wanted to win against them, there was only one way, i.e. to suppress them before they could fire magic, otherwise, only death awaits. But if they had several pellets with forbidden magic sealed within it, then casually throwing two of them, even God won’t be able to stop them.

Just then, the light blue barrier surrounding them disappeared. After that Long Yi looked at Wushuang’s chest’s that one blue colored gem with brilliant lights and vibrant colors. This was magic implement grade protective necklace which had protected the life of three of them. When its owner ran into mortal danger, it would automatically release a high-level barrier called Water Screen Heaven Flower.

Long Yi walked towards Ximen Wuhen step by step. She was neat and tidy as before, but her current appearance of the face full of tears and mouth wide open was arousing love and affection. This was the expression a young girl should have. Although her usual that holy and pure temperament make people feel quite comfortable, however, there was also a kind of unattainable feeling as if while being right in front of one’s eyes, she seemed far away in the horizon.

“Little sister, long time no see. How are you lately?” Long Yi affectionately smiled and asked, simultaneously shook passed out Long Ling’er and placed her on the ground. But still tightly held Wushuang in his embrace.

Ximen Wuhen opened her mouth, and lightly groaned but didn’t answer. After that, she lowered her head, and hurriedly wiped the tears on her face. Knowing this scoundrel second brother saw her embarrassing face of just a moment ago, her pretty face become somewhat red.

Seeing Ximen Wuhen’s cold appearance towards him, Long Yi laughed at himself. Perhaps because of this body, or because of previous incarnation’s lonely bitterness, he indeed possessed a kind of strange sentiment towards Ximen clan. He often missed his cheap parents who were deeply worried about him, and consequently, he also had an amiable feeling towards this younger sister who hated him.

“Ling’er, Ling’er, wake up.” Ximen Wuhen anxiously called out the name of Long Ling’er.

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After a good while, Long Ling’er’s long eyelash quivered, and slowly woke up. With somewhat disordered eyes, catching the sight of worried Ximen Wuhen, she couldn’t help but stare blankly and said: “Wuhen, am I in the heaven? How come you are also here?”

“No, you are in hell.” Long Yi suddenly cut in while smiling mischievously.

Hearing the voice of Long Yi, Long Ling’er trembled from head to toe, and she indeed had a feeling of being in hell. Gradually, the focus of her eyes began to return and raising her head, she saw, currently looking down upon her, Long Yi’s face with that evil smile.

“Why? Why? Why didn’t this forbidden magic spell kill you? Are you a demon?” Long Ling’er hysterically roared as her tears flew all around. She hated, hated him she very much.

Seeing the wail full of despair of Long Ling’er, the smile on the face of Long Yi slowly disappeared. He asked himself honestly, am I really so hateful? Making a young girl hate to this extent. No, she didn’t hate me, but that Ximen Yu whose soul is already annihilated. But even so, the heart of Long Yi still felt unpleasant.

“I’m going, I don’t feel like reasoning with you, hope you will not mess with me again.” Long Yi indifferently left behind this sentence, then holding Wushang in his arms turned around to leave.

Ximen Wuhen turn around and saw Long Yi’s back, and suddenly felt his back looked very lonely and had a kind of melancholy weighting down with sorrow.

“Hey.” Ximen Wuhen unexpectedly opened her mouth and called out.

Long Yi paused, and with Wushuang in his arms, he slowly turned around. Then with an exceptionally brilliant smile, he asked: “How come? Something wrong?”

Seeing Long Yi’s dazzling smile, Ximen Wuhen half-squinted her eyes. This smile truly was very brilliant. She strangely thought, when did this scoundrel second brother of her had such a beautiful smile.

“Is this big sister ill? Can I have a look?” Ximen Wuhen said. Even she didn’t know why she was behaving this way.

Long Yi was startled. Now he remembered Ximen Wuhen was Advance Priest. He immediately nodded her head and returned back. And right now Long Ling’er was blankly looking in the sky.

While Ximen Wuhen inspected the body of Wushuang, her complexion became more and more solemn, and she said: “Does she feel a headache, feel cold all over, and moreover talk nonsense?”

Hearing Ximen Wuhen speaking out the symptoms of Wshuang, Long Yi couldn’t help but become happy, and he hastily nodded his head: “Yes, little sister. Do you have any method to cure it?”

Ximen Wuhen looked at that face of Wushuang which was not of this mundane world, then while shaking her head regrettably, she said: “I have only seen a similar case in a book, but unfortunately, I can’t cure her. It seems you are using strange magic to suppress her illness, if this was not the case, then she wouldn’t have lived up to now.”

Hearing Ximen Wuhen’s words, Long Yi’s brain blanked out.

[1] idiom: to destroy indiscriminately

[2] spring scenery: sight of sth sexy or erotic

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