Chapter 82: Ice Douqi’s Whirlwind Interlinked Slash


She was, looking at that figure floating outside, Long Yi suddenly froze, and a disbelief look appeared on his face.

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With gentle breeze gently blowing her soft hair, this young girl looked very beautiful, so beautiful that she seemed as if she was not from this mortal world. And with that extremely dense killing intent she was emitting, she resembled an angel that had come here from hell.

Long Yi’s heart instantly became a mess, and as if a tangled ball of strings, the more he tried to untie it, the messier it became.

“Long Ling’er.” Long Yi spat out these three words with difficulty. This young girl branded an eternal mark in his heart, but what kind of feeling he had towards her, Long Yi himself didn’t know. Perhaps it might be guilt or it might also be other feelings.

Long Ling’er silently floated outside the window, while expressionlessly looking at Long Yi as well as his bosom’s that trembling peerless beautiful young girl. Without a doubt, the beauty of Wushuang shocked her, but at this very moment in this type of situation, Long Ling’er obviously misunderstood. She thought Long Yi had used some kind of despicable means on Wushuang.

“Ximen Yu, you wretch.” Long Ling’er’s mouth lightly opened, and she nevertheless spat out bone-chilling coldness.

Long Yi snapped out of his daze, then looking at Long Ling’er’s those eyes which used to be just like a starry sky of autumn, but now had lost its color, becoming empty and ice-cold, his heart just like pressed by a piece of big rock, felt stifling and depressed. Since he had changed Long Ling’er into this appearance, he has an unshrinkable responsibility towards her.

“Do you want to kill me?” Long Yi lowered his head and lovingly reached out to Wushuang’s beautiful hair which was stuck on her forehead and move it to the side.

Long Ling’er merely snorted coldly, and raised her hand’s magic wand, causing blazing hot aura to spread all around.

And just then, Barbarian Bull, Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou rushed in. Then seeing Long Ling’er outside the window, they were dumbfounded.

“Long Yi, what happened to big sister Wushuang?” Noticing Wushuang in the bosom of Long Yi, Lu Xiya immediately asked in shock. Her eyes however were looking at Long Ling’er with hostility, then taking out Great Nature’s Breath, she straightly aimed an arrow towards Long Ling’er.

“She suddenly had a headache, and her whole body is ice-cold. I checked her up but didn’t find any reason.” Long Yi lightly sighed and answered.

“Then who is she?” Pointing towards Long Ling’er who was floating outside the window, Leng Youyou asked. This young girl had dense killing intent directing towards Long Yi, making her worried.

Long Yi stared blankly for a while, then with complex expression in his eyes, he replied: “She is Long Ling’er, Violent Dragon Empire (Kuang Long Empire)’s Little Princess.”

Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya looked at each other in blank dismay, their man was becoming increasingly mysterious. They couldn’t even guess how he had incurred hatred of princess, so they just retreated to one side, then quietly looked at this noble princess’s that murderous look. Perhaps Long Yi might have let this person down or something, so they decided to not intervene in this kind of emotional matter.

After seeing the appearance of these three women, Long Ling’er’s heart had terrifying waves. When she had heard all three women were wearing a veil from the report of Bloody Knight Regiment, at that time she had thought they were definitely either dubious women following Ximen Yu or were following him for his wealth. But now she knew that her previous thoughts were completely wrong. These three young girls, each of their appearance was as beautiful as her own appearance, and their deposition was also not something ordinary women could possess.

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But because Long Ling’er hated Long Yi to the bone, moreover as the saying ‘prejudices die hard’, she firmly believed that Long Yi must have used some kind of means to deceive them.

At this moment, Barbarian Bull suddenly asked foolishly: “Boss, is this Little Princess also your woman?”

Long Yi was stupefied, and his depressed mood relaxed due to these words of Barbarian Bull. After that, he answered with a smile: “Correct, she is my woman.”

“Who is your, perverted crook’s woman?” Long Ling’er roared, no longer able to maintain a steady state of mind. Perhaps her mind was never steady and smooth from that night. She immediately began to frantically gather mana, and the heat released by that gathered fire magic element seemed to want to burn even the air.

“You are my woman, and always will be.” These words Long Yi had said after he had raped her had always reverberated continuously inside Long Ling’er’s mind.

Long Yi saw Long Ling’er was becoming hysterical, and he knew that she would very probably burn down this inn with her magic. So he held Wushuang in his arms and stood up, then turning around, he said: “You all stay here. This is a matter between us. I will tell you about it later.”

Seeing Lu Xiya and others nodding their head, Long Yi no longer hesitated. He directly jumped down from the window and went out. And Long Ling’er naturally followed behind him.

Barbarian Bull scratched his head and returned back to his room to sleep, leaving behind Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou sitting on the sofa with a different expression.

“That Long Ling’er said Long Yi was a perverted crook, big sister Youyou, do you think Long Yi would take a cheap advantage of other people?” Lu Xiya asked. In her heart, although her sweetheart was always grinning cheekily, and every now and then would also take petty advantage and so on of them, but was far away from being a perverted crook. These two so strong offensive wording ought to be far away from Long Yi.

“Perhaps.” Leng Youyou lightly answered. Her mentality was much more mature then Lu Xiya. She could feel Long Ling’er’s deep grief and hatred. That was absolutely not because of something simple like taking petty advantage, perhaps……… Leng Youyou didn’t dare to think any more than this.

Holding Wushuang on his arms, Long Yi elegantly floated ahead, and Long Ling’er was following behind him with a fixed distance between them. The reason why he didn’t leave Wushuang in the inn and let Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou take care of her was because if his internal force didn’t suppress her condition, then even he didn’t know what type pain Wushuang would suffer.

After arriving at the uninhabited outskirts, Long Yi stopped. Coincidently this place also happens to have a woods nearby. And in this dark night, this place unexpectedly seemed very similar to that time’s place where Ximen Yu had put his hands on Long Ling’er.

Long Ling’er naturally also noticed this point, then her complexion immediately turned pale and stopped in the midair. Even her hands were slightly trembling uncontrollably.

“Don’t you want to kill me? Now, are you afraid?” Long Yi lightly chuckled and said. He had a relaxed expression on his face because Long Ling’er was already his woman, no matter what happens, this point would never change. Since she wants revenge, then he would let her get her revenge, since she cannot kill him.

Seeing Long Yi’s that relaxed look, Long Ling’er couldn’t help but gritted her teeth. This scum after raping her, not only was he unfettered and beyond the law as before, furthermore, he was still enjoying women on his left and right. So how could her heart which was living in pain swallow this? This made her heart filled with extreme hatred.

“Put her down, I want to kill only you, I don’t want her to accompany you to death.” Long Ling’er coldly said.

Long Yi looked at Wushuang in his bosom for a while, then shaking his head, he said: “I can’t put her down. And she will not accompany me to death because you can’t to kill.”

Long Ling’er no longer spoke but began to chant: “Oh Great God of Fire, please bestow me strength. With flame of the violent dragon, burn down all the obstacles, Fire Dragon Skill.”

Long Yi calmly stand at a distant place waiting for her to chant an incantation. If he really wanted to kill her, then it truly was as easy as turning over his palm. Although her chanting speed was very fast, but Long Yi however could absolutely finish her off before she could fire her magic.

A dense fire magic elements formed a long fire dragon which rushed towards Long Yi with a loud dragon roar. This was rank 9 magic Fire Dragon Skill, and its might was very huge. Furthermore, its temperature was so high that it could melt an iron plate.

Seeing fire dragon skill, Long Yi was surprised to realize Long Ling’er had risen in rank and had entered Mage realm. Long Yi’s continuously dodged and opened a large distance between them. But this fire dragon however didn’t disappear, rather under the command of Long Ling’er, it again changed its direction and continued to chase after him. Long Yi didn’t bother to dodge again, he held Wushuang with one hand, and holding the huge sword he had taken out from inside his space ring in his other hand, he directly met head-on with incoming fire dragon with hazy cold qi emitting from his sword blade.

“Ice Douqi’s Whirlwind Interlinked Slash.” Long Yi suddenly roared, sending out an ice and frost sword slash which circled in the sky, lap after lap, forming an ice whirlpool. This whirlpool completely engulfed that fire dragon, without leaving behind even a remnant spark. This was the move Long Yi had created merging his ice douqi and China’s sword move Whirlwind Interlinked Slash. After he carefully studied the attribute of douqi, he had started to try and fuse these moves.

Long Ling’er blankly looked at natural and unrestraint Long Yi from the sky with shock on her face. She had actually still not reached Mage realm, but wearing that sub-divine level fire necklace, her strength was enhanced by a level, and her mana capacity was also increased, but she could use this effect only once every day. And the magic she had fired with the enchantment of this accessory was so easily dissolved by Long Yi, so how could she not be shocked.

“As I said, you are unable to kill me, it would be better to………” Long Yi said with a smile. But before he could finish speaking, silently rows of sharp thorns grew out from the ground below him, and meteors rain down towards him from the sky.

Long Yi immediately flew, then leaving behind afterimages in the sky, he dodged the rain of meteors. He had forgotten Long Ling’er was fire and earth twin attributed magician, nearly having her way.

Long Yi no longer had the mood to dilly-dally with Long Ling’er. He used Great Cosmos Swift to its limit, then suddenly appeared behind her out of thin air, and placed his cold sword blade on her neck.

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