Chapter 81: Allure attracts calamity?


Lu Xiya was very familiar with Mea Principality because Elven Forest was not far from here. Every time she had to come out and return back, she had to pass through here. So she became a guide and led everybody wandering in the great streets and small alleys of Mea Principality. Although Mea Principality was not very big, but it would take several days to completely roam everywhere.

Perhaps because she was almost home, Lu Xiya seemed especially excited. All along the road, she was chattering continuously. Infected by her excitement, Long Yi and others were also fully enjoying all along the road.

Very soon, one day passed in a blink of an eye, and become dusky. Long Yi intended to set out to Elven Forest after staying at Mea Principality for the night.  According to legend, Elven Forest was just like fairyland, so he was looking forward to visiting this place very much, moreover, there furthermore were many beautiful elves which was feasts for his eyes.

Nearby, they found a luxurious inn to stay and ordered a bunch of dishes. After a day of window shopping, everyone’s stomach was rumbling with hunger.

“How come dishes are still not here ah?” Lu Xiya cried while clutching her stomach.

“Only this time you are feeling hungry? While window shopping, weren’t you still full of energy?” Long Yi scraped Lu Xiya’s small nose and tease her.

“At that time I didn’t feel any hunger, but now I am so hungry that I can even eat an entire cow.” Lu Xiya miserably said.

“Don’t we already have a ready-made cow here? You can eat him, I think he won’t mind.” Pointing at Barbarian Bull, Long Yi said jokingly.

“Boss, don’t. This old bull is still unmarried, wait for me to get married and have a baby, then eat, isn’t that okay?” Barbarian Bull said with a sour expression in his face. After always hearing Long Yi and his women’s usual teasing, he who was a block of wood who previously didn’t know how to joke now had already learned to crack jokes.

Sure enough, Barbarian Bull’s act caused Lu Xiya to giggle. Even Wushuang’s corner of mouth was bent slightly upwards, ought to be smiling.

At this moment, with a knock on the door, respectful and polite call of waiter came from outside.

The door opened, and more than twenty servants came inside from outside in a single line. Every one of them was carrying two plates of fine cooked dishes in their hands. Long Yi however saw red shadows flashed past outside, so he couldn’t help but frowned. Bloody Knight Regiment’s people? Why the hell are they following? Turning around, Long Yi felt Wushuang’s questioning gaze. It seems she had also discovered people tailing.

Long Yi stayed calm and collected. He thought the people of Bloody Knight Regiment might have recognized his identity and followed him, after all, they were also under the command of Ximen clan’s armed forces.

Having drunk and eaten to their heart’s content, everybody returned to their own room. Perhaps they might already have a tacit agreement, Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya, these two women always accompany Long Yi each person per day. The big dream of Long Yi where the alluring situation of all three of them sleeping together had never come true, making him have an unbearable itch for it but was again utterly helpless.

So-called luxury longs for lust, Long Yi laid on the soft sofa with one leg over the other and lightly sipped fine fruit wine. But his eyes however was looking towards the bathroom where Leng Youyou in the process of bathing.

Listening to that ‘hualala’ water sound, Long Yi couldn’t help but imagine Leng Youyou’s that superb beautiful ** inside his mind making his heart feel ticklish, and Little Long Yi also become restless. He put down wine cup, lightly walked over. Then he immediately noticed Leng Youyou sitting inside bathtub via the gap left behind of the bathroom door. That bright and clean flawless pink back captivated his soul.

Long Yi lightly pushed opened the door and walked in, then just when he wanted to hold her tight from behind, who would have thought that Leng Youyou would dodge, and a large amount of water poured towards him. Long Yi naturally didn’t dodge, and let water spray all over him, thoroughly drenching him.

“I knew it was you stinking husband wishing to play a dirty trick. It seems this is still not enough of a lesson.” Leng Youyou flirtatiously said with a charming smile. And those plump ** suddenly surge forth, moreover, those two tender and beautiful rosy cherries were even more dazzling to Long Yi which boiled his beasty blood.

Long Yi instantly removed his clothing and jumped into bathtub pressing himself up against that soft and fiery naked body of a beautiful woman. That silk like feeling fluctuated Long Yi’s state of mind. He strangely laughed, and use his big hand to hold those two round soft ** and said: “In that case, I want to receive even more profound lesson.”

Leng Youyou blushed, then turned to look for Long Yi’s big mouth. After that four lips bonded together, and two people with black and white sharply contrasted ** firmly tangled with each other.

While on the other side, Wushuang was also currently sitting inside the bathtub cleaning her that elegant peerless jade body. Her plump soft and white breasts indistinctly appeared inside the water, which compared to the temptation of bare ** was even more capable of making people spurt blood. If menfolk found this moment’s, this beauty bathing picture, then those with poor enduring capacity might die after having their blood vessel explode violently. Her figure was very fine as if goddess that not everyone could bear it.

Just then, Wushuang’s lovely body suddenly trembled. A burst of fluffy and tingling feeling directly came to her heart through lower abdomen, and she felt as if nothing but moaning sound was reverberating in her ears.

“Damned pervert, again playing dirty tricks.” Wushuang gnashed her teeth and cursed. ** firmly pressed together, but was still unable to stop that strong sensation.

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Wushuang semi-closed her beautiful eyes while panting. Her whole body was feeling as if two big hands were comforting nonstop, making her both embarrassed and angry. She had already thought to talk about this with Long Yi, but how could she as a pure and noble girl say it out loud?

When Long Yi’s that burning hot hard-on deeply stabbed into Leng Youyou’s narrow flower, Wushuang felt as if it had happened to herself and her whole body quivered. Along with Long Yi’s pounding becoming increasingly fierce, her jade body involuntarily spasm.

Wushuang tightly bit her pearly white teeth, then enduring the waves of unfamiliar pleasure, she wore her clothes and return to bed thinking to fall asleep. But just at this moment, she felt a burst of violent pain spreading from her head’s sea of consciousness, which was accompanied by ringing sensation in her ears. Wushuang shed cold sweats in pain and felt her sea of consciousness as if balloon filled with air which was suddenly pricked by millions upon millions needles causing her magical power to gradually leak outside.

The pain became increasingly severe, and Wushuang’s whole charming body curl up together while shivering in cold. And her jade hand was firmly clutching the bed sheet.

“Long Yi, that big bastard.” When the pain was becoming difficult to bear, Wushuang muttered while cursing that first person she had seen after she opened her eyes. Even though she was unwilling to admit, nevertheless, she knew that she had a kind of instinct to rely on him.

But right now, Long Yi had just finished vigorously stirring up and spurting. And Leng Youyou as if she didn’t have any bone all over her body was physically paralyzed on Long Yi’s bosom with her tender body lightly twitching.

Just at that time, Long Yi didn’t know why but suddenly felt his heart tightened, as if he heard Wushuang was calling him in pain.

Long Yi knew, from the time Wushuang had woken up from the crystal coffin in the Lost City, both of them always had a kind of intriguing telepathy.

Long Yi held Leng Youyou in his arms and laid her on the bed, then after quickly dressing up, he rushed anxiously towards the room of Wushuang. After that placing his ear on her door, he listened. Sure enough, he heard her ravings in pain. Long Yi didn’t waste any time, he immediately jolt open the door and rushed into her bedroom. There, he saw Wushuang huddle up together and continuously shivering.

“Wushuang, what’s going on with you?” Long Yi rushed and supported her up. Her beautiful face and lips were pale without a hint of redness, and her entire body was soaked with cold sweat. That extremely thin layer of night clothing stuck to her lovely body completely revealing her curves, but Long Yi who was burning with impatience was not in a mood to admire it.

Hearing Long Yi’s voice, Wushuang opened her eyes and whispered as if sleep talking with great difficulty: “Head hurts, very cold.”

Long Yi hurriedly tightly hugged Wushuang and circulating his internal force, he surrounded her entire body. Seeing Wushuang in pain like this, Long Yi felt anguished and cursed heavens. He seeped his spirit power into her sea of consciousness, wanting to take a look why on earth was her head suddenly hurting. But just when his spirit power entered, he discovered Wushuang’s sea consciousness was just like a vortex. He turned pale with fright and withdrew his spirit power. If it was not the case for his spirit power being comparably strong, then he might have turned into an idiot just now.

He couldn’t find any method to resolve this, so Long Yi had no other choice but to hug her and sat on the bed just in this fashion. Then he used his internal force to ceaselessly warm her ice-cold body.

Wushuang tightly closed her eyes, her eyebrows firmly creased due to pain, and her mouth would frequently whisper few things. Long Yi occasionally heard words which seemed to be the name of a person, but he didn’t know anyone she was calling.

Don’t tell me that her memory is being restored? Long Yi inwardly thought.

At that time, Long Yi eye suddenly shone with violence, as he sensed a powerful magic fluctuation outside. Relying on his intuition, it seems other party harbored evil designs towards him.

Seeing Wuhsuang had become like this, Long Yi was already anxious inside his heart, yet now someone actually dropped in to pick a quarrel, so he couldn’t help but get very angry. He slashed out his palm towards the window. Then with a crashing sound, his qi slash shot out from the window.

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A brownish yellow colored barrier radiance flashed, and his attack bounced back and fell down. Long Yi looked towards the window’s magician in a rage, intending to nicely teach him/her a lesson.

She was, looking at that figure floating outside, Long Yi suddenly froze, and a disbelief look appeared on his face.

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