Chapter 80: A dog can’t stop itself from eating s*** [1]


Seeing the dazed appearance of Si Bi, Susu understood everything in mind. After that, she lovingly said: “Their group went towards the west. If you chase after them now, you might still make it.”

Si Bi suddenly stood up and rushed out, but just after few steps, she again stopped, turned around and softly asked: “Were there other women by his side?”

Susu nodded her head and stated the fact: “There were three young women and one beast-man of Barbarian Bull Clan by his side. He also said that among them two women were his wives.”

“Wives!?” Si Bi’s lovely body trembled, and as if lost her strength, she dejectedly sat down. Even though she was already prepared for this, but knowing him referring other women as his wife, she felt as if a huge hand had tightly squeezed her heart, causing her a mangled kind of pain. At this moment she became so depressed that she almost fainted on the spot.

“Cousin, let’s go back, I miss home.” After a good while, Si Bi with eyes full of tears said while choking with sobs.

Susu sighed. A woman from Moxi Clan falling in love with an amorous man was doomed to not have a good outcome. She pulled Si Bi into her bosom, patted her back and consoled: “Okay, let’s return home.”

With a quick movement of the carriage, one broken heart, one dismembered love drive towards the distant place, until it disappeared in the horizon.

Walking towards the west direction with the mood of traveling from one beauty spot to another, Long Yi and his group also reached the western border of Proud Moon Empire. As long as they passed through Mea Principality, they would reach Elven Forest’s periphery. Mea Principality was a very small country with the population of merely several million, but its area however was two times the area of Soaring Dragon City, naturally including suburban district.

Mea Principality was adjacent to Proud Moon Empire, Elven Forest and Hengduan mountains, and to this, it must be added the well-known Mea Holy Magic Academy of Blue Waves Continent. The flourishing degree of this place was not one bit less than three big empires’ capital city. Travelling merchants were coming and going in an endless stream, and one could see various rank and race beast-men everywhere.

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Long Yi and his group entered Mea Principality and excitedly looked at a wide variety of races. With so many races in the same place, their various kinds of culture and faith’s difference always initiate a number of conflicts, so the incident of fighting happens occasionally inside Mea Principality, making the guards of Mea Principality in charge of city management to be in a difficult state. As a matter of fact, the distribution coming from the front made Long Yi know that there was a lively sight to see.

Long Yi and his group squeezed through the crowd and saw a big fight happening inside. There were ten sturdy Lion Clan’s beast-men currently attacking a knight wearing a blood-red suit of armor. Looking at the douqi color of this knight, this knight ought to be Swordsman. He was not riding the horse, and few bag-packs were scattered on the ground, evidently belong to this knight.

“Bloody Knight Regiment.” After looking at these knights, Long Yi saw a familiar regiment emblem. That emblem naturally was Violent Dragon Empire’s Violent Dragon Legion’s most elite Knight Regiment’s symbol.

Long Yi frowned, although he was unwilling to admit, but his this human body was after all the person of Violent Dragon Empire, moreover, he possessed a kind of peculiar sense of belonging towards the Dragon (Long) word of this country. Furthermore, Violent Dragon Legion was basically Ximen Clan’s army.

“It seems I need to take care of other people’s business once again.” Long Yi thought. Soon when that knight was on the point of unable to go on, his figure flashed, and a move Violent Dragon Chop draw a light blue full moon in the air.

Sword flashed, all people stopped. And those ten Lion clan’s warriors looked at Long Yi who had suddenly appeared in the fight circle in a daze. And just at that time, with several ‘kacha’ sounds, several cracks appeared on the weapons in their hand, then broke into several pieces. Those ten Lion clan’s beast-men look at each other in blank dismay and all of them had a revere expression on their face.

Beast-men always respected the strong, and Long Yi’s this shocking and extremely beautiful sword move made their heart filled with admiration. After that they simultaneously expressed courtesy and walked away, making Long Yi somewhat embarrassed.

“Are you alright?” Long Yi turned around and asked that knight who was watching him in a daze. Long Yi was slightly curious as to why on earth did Bloody Knight Regiment come to Mea Principality.

“I’m, I’m fine.” This knight stutteringly answered.

“Fine then good, just now you fought well, you didn’t make Violent Dragon Empire lose face.” Long Yi patted on the shoulder of this knight and said with a smile. After that, he led his group and disappeared among the crowds in the street.

This knight of Bloody Knight Regiment stood there blankly for a long while, then he suddenly jumped up and very hardly hit his own head, and shouted: “Young Master Ximen, that was Young Master Ximen, I have to quickly return and tell Her Highness the Princess.”

From inside the most luxurious suite of Mea Principality’s one of the most luxurious inn, Long Ling’er was indifferently looking at outside’s bustling scene, but her eyes however completely lacked focus. And Ximen Wuhen was currently holding a basic light magic book and was entranced in it. This moment her temperament and expression was very similar to the appearance of Wushuang when she was reading. But unlike Wushuang’s ice-cold arrogance under indifferent appearance, Ximen Wuhen’s however was above the material attractions of the world’s gentleness.

At this moment, a hurried knocking on the door sound came from outside, waking up two exceptional beauties intoxicated in their respective world with a start.

Ximen Wuhen lightly frowned, got up and opened the door. She knew this person was not an outsider because she knew that all around was guarded by Bloody Knight Regiment, making it impossible for any stranger to reach here.

Seeing this knight knocking on the door was the knight she had sent to do her shopping, her complexion softened a little, and asked: “Did you buy the things?”

This knight was stupefied, he had impatiently dashed back to notify, so he had forgotten to pick up those things scattered on the ground.

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“Weren’t able to buy?” Ximen Wuhen asked.

“No, not.” This knight hastily answered anxiously.

“Then things?” Ximen Wuhen asked with her expression gentle as before.

This knight spoke about the matter of him having a conflict with Lion clan’s beast-men all the way through. At that moment, Long Ling’er coldly said after walking out from inside the room: “Who don’t have eyes and bully my Violent Dragon Empire’s people, take me there to find them.”

Ximen Wuhen stopped Leng Ling’er and said: “What happened afterward? There was ten of them attacking you, so how were you able to flee back here?”

This knight’s face instantly turned red, then standing perfectly straight, he angrily said: “We Bloody Knight Regiment will die in battle, but will not flee.”

Seeing his agitated appearance, Ximen Wuhen couldn’t help but be stupefied, then she suddenly realized that she had stabbed his pride, so gently said: “I’m sorry, I spoke improper remarks.”

After the eldest daughter of Ximen apologized, the anger of this knight also disappeared, and he said: “This subordinate naturally wasn’t opponent of those ten Lion clan’s beast-men, but later someone helped me to fend them off.”

“Who?” Long Ling’er asked.

“Is…is…” This knight quietly raised his eyes and looked over to Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er. He didn’t know what kind of consequence would come into being if he said the person who helped him was the same Young Master Ximen who had raped the princess.

“What on earth is zhizhi wuwu? I command you to quickly speak.” Long Ling’er angrily said.

This knight was startled, then standing straight, he said in a loud voice: “Young Master Ximen, he rescued this subordinate.”

Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er shook from head to foot. The charming body of Long Ling’er was even more trembling nonstop, and her complexion paled with no trace of redness on her face.

“Make it clear, which Young Master Ximen?” Ximen Wuhen supported Long Ling’er who was already standing unstably, then asked.

“Little Young Master Ximen.” Seeing Her Highness the Princess’s about to pass out appearance, this knight couldn’t help but withdraw his body, greatly fearing that the princess would slay him out of her anger.

This voice buzzed in the head of both girls. They had never thought they would unexpectedly encounter this person who they didn’t want to see for the rest of their life in this place. Ximen Wuhen recalled her that scoundrel second brother’s disrespectful move towards her just before leaving, then couldn’t help but get angry. She had once vowed that if she were to meet him again, she would definitely return the favor of that humiliation.

“Where is he, immediately take me there.” Long Ling’er gnashed her teeth and said. She could never forget that nightmare like entire night. When Ximen Yu, that perverted crook used his that ugly thing to stick into her body, at that time a deep hatred was carved in her bones and engraved in her heart which was doomed to follow her throughout her life, which day and night gnawed her already heavily damaged heart.

“Subordinate don’t know where he is, after he rescued subordinate, he took his companions and left.” This knight said while trembling. The current expression of Her Highness the Princess was too terrifying.

At this moment, Ximen Wuhen sober up a little, and she asked: “Are you really sure he was Ximen Yu? With his Intermediate Fighter level strength, how did he rescued you?”

“Subordinate is absolutely not mistaken, Young Master Ximen used Violent Dragon Douqi, how can I make a mistake to recognize it. Moreover, now he has already reached the realm of Swords Master. With a single move, he smashed the weapons of those ten beast-men into pieces.” That knight recalled Long Yi’s that dazzling sword move, and his eyes involuntarily revealed respect.

“Swords Master? How can he advance so quickly? What about his companions, what traits did they had?” Ximen Wuhen frowned and asked. She naturally couldn’t believe her that good-for-nothing second brother would reach the realm of Swords master in such a short period of time. Even her eldest brother Ximen Tian who was in the prime in his life was merely in Swordsman realm.

This knight said while recalling: “There were three women and one man. The three women had their face covered with a veil, and that man was beast-man of Barbarian Bull Clan. All of them looked very strong.”

Hearing Long Yi had three women by his side, a sentence simultaneously appeared in Ximen Wuhen and Long Ling’er’s heart: A dog can’t stop itself from eating s***!

[1] (idiom) bad habits are hard to change.

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