Chapter 79: Si Bi’s cousin


Long Yi withdrew his internal force, then slowly opened his eyes after releasing a long breath. Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou immediately walked over in concern, then one in the right and one in the left help him wipe his sweat.

“Benefactor, my husband, is he fine?” Tensely looking at Long Yi, Susu asked. Her heart was full of gratitude towards these several people who gave out a helping hand.

Long Yi laughed, and said: “Now there is nothing serious, only his body is very weak, and it will take a long period of time to recuperate completely.”

Susu finally relaxed and muttered: “As long as he is fine, it’s good. Taking a long period of time to recuperate doesn’t matter. In case he had left me alone, then I would have followed after him immediately.”

Hearing these words, Long Yi and others couldn’t help but were visibly moved. And Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya couldn’t help but look towards Long Yi with a happy expression on their face. They were also lacking nothing because they had also met a good husband. Although he was quite fickle, but he nevertheless was a good man who would rather die than abandon them. The matter occurred in Huangmang plain had already proved this point.

Susu watched Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya who were leaning closely against Long Yi with smiling expression in her eyes. It seems this benefactor’s luck with women is not shallow. But polygamy is absolutely not tolerated in Moxi clan.

“Thank you for your great kindness, Susu will always remember this in my heart. This bead is my keepsake, please take it. Hereafter, if you need any help from me, then please come to Moxi Clan with this keepsake and look for me, as long as benefactor opens the mouth, even if Susu have to give up her life, Susu will accomplish it.” Susu took out a milky white bead from inside her space ring, and handing it over to Long Yi, she said. Just like, one could know a zebra from its strips, from her words, it could be seen this woman was forthright, truly was an outstanding woman.

Long Yi took the bead. He was full of admiration towards this woman, and others also felt the same way.

Susu carried her husband on her back, then without any more ceremony, she began to walk away.

“Big sister, is it possible to wait for a moment?” Long Yi hastily called her to stop.

“Is there anything else?” Susu turned around and asked.

“I would like to ask what relation big sister has with Proud Moon Empire’s Saintess Si Bi.” Long Yi asked.

“Si Bi? You know her? She is my cousin.” Susu answered.

As expected they were relative. Long Yi immediately got agitated, and asked impatiently: “Then do you know where she is now?”

Susu shook her head and said: “Si Bi left Moxi clan two years ago. So I also don’t know where she is now?”

Hearing the answer, Long Yi’s expression become extremely depressed. In this boundless world, where did you hide, Si Bi?

Seeing the expression of Long Yi, Susu was surprised inside her heart. Looking at his expression, it was as if he and her cousin had something between them, so she immediately asked: “Why are you looking for my cousin? If I meet her, I can help you pass on your words.”

Long Yi took a deep breath, shook off the anxiousness in his heart, and said with a smile: “If big sister meets Si Bi, tell her I, Long Yi am looking for her. And I will absolutely fulfill my promise. Even if she runs to the ends of the world, I will find her and make her my bride.”

Susu was taken aback. She erratically looked at Long Yi for a long while, then slowly said: “Do you know our Moxi Clan’s marriage custom?”

Long Yi said with a smile: “I know, isn’t it one husband one wife?”

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Susu nodded her head. Meanwhile, Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya on Long Yi’s side turned pale with fright, and their jade hands firmly held Long Yi’s arm, as if they greatly feared Long Yi would run away.

“I already have two wives, but I still want to marry her. Regardless of what rules your Moxi Clan has, I, Long Yi will—definitely—marry—her.” Long Yi said word by word. Then waving his hand, he led everyone towards west direction.

Susu watched Long Yi and his group’s gradually getting further figure, then lightly sighed while shaking her head. Then with her husband on her back, she floated away.

Throughout the way, Long Yi was rather silent. The expression on his face kept on changing irregularly. Happy, distressed, moved, furious and so on emotions mingled together, finally after sighing, his expression reverted back to normal.

Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou looked at each other’s face, then both of them simultaneously relaxed. They were completely unaware for a long time, there was one such important person in Long Yi’s heart, moreover, she was Proud Moon Empire’s Light Church’s Saintess, the one who was said to be exceedingly ugly, Vicious and Merciless Saintess Si Bi. But both of them knew that Long Yi will never abandon them, so they didn’t mind inside their heart, instead, they were curious of Si Bi as their sweetheart was deeply worried about her.

In the resting time en route, Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou lean on Long Yi’s left and right shoulder respectively.

After a long while, Lu Xiya suddenly asked: “Long Yi, is big sister Si Bi really just like the rumor………..”

“You want to ask whether Si Bi is as ugly as the rumor, isn’t that so?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“En.” Lu Xiya felt somewhat embarrassed. After all talking about other people’s shortcomings behind their back was not very good behavior.

“No, she is very beautiful, as beautiful as both of you.” Long Yi said with a smile.

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“Really? Then the rumor is wrong?” Lu Xiya shyly said with a smiled and was quite pleased inwardly.

“Also not I suppose, she might be very ugly in the eyes of others, but she nevertheless is the most beautiful person in my heart.” Long Yi’s voice was somewhat low spirited. He seemed as if he was recalling.

“Long Yi, can you tell us more about the matter between you and Si Bi?” Looking at that appearance of deep feeling in Long Yi’s face, Leng Youyou’s heart couldn’t help but turn somewhat sour.

Long Yi nodded his head and began to tell his and Si Bi’s every aspect. He told about him picking up her that Beauty Shop’s underwear from the river, peeping her in the bath and afterwards due to the unexpected mishap of strong wind, giving rise to spring scenery too. Carrying on, he told them, because he had touched her leg, she forced him to marry her, moreover, how when they were facing Earth Bear, she sacrificed herself to save him, and how she resolutely left him even though she felt great sorrow because she didn’t want to implicate him.

Listening to Long Yi’s narration filled with emotion, the rim of Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou’s eyes become moist. Both of them were greatly moved by Si Bi’s infatuation and broad mind. They thought, the sentiment of Si Bi towards her sweetheart was so deep and heavy, no wonder Long Yi deeply bear her in his mind constantly.

“Long Yi, you don’t need to worry, when big sister Si Bi knows you are looking for her, she will definitely come, at that time, she can attend you together with us.” Lu Xiya consoled.

“My husband, I will also be close to you just like Si Bi, no, I will be even closer than her.” Leng Youyou who was always eager to be first hugged Long Yi from sideways, and buried her head in his shoulder. Usually, she addressed Long Yi directly with his name, only when she gets worked up, she would call him ‘My husband’.

Long Yi’s heart was touched. He spread open his hands then embraced both women into his bosom. And he felt somewhat tingly in his nose.

Not too far away, calmly looking at those hugging together three people, Wushuang lightly snorted: “This bad fellow, what a character and ability he has, actually making several women dead set on him.”


Susu with her husband on her back arrived at Frost Maple City, and bought a luxurious carriage, then headed towards Moxi clan’s territory in a hurry.

The hazy cloud layer in the sky gradually dispersed, and the sunlight poured down warming this world. A person garbed in white colored with gold edge priest robe and wearing a black bamboo hat was gliding in the sky. The figure of this person was incomparably graceful.

Suddenly, the person floating in the sky casually looked down, then immediately stopped.

“Cousin.” A clear and crisp voice entered Susu’s ears, then looking up, she saw her cousin Si Bi garbed in her trademark ritual robe, slowly descending from the sky.

“Si Bi.” Susu exclaimed in pleasant surprise. After Si Bi landed on the carriage, both of them immediately hugged.

“Cousin, you always take a carriage to travel ah, where is brother-in-law?” Si Bi asked.

Susu took Si Bi inside the carriage, where her husband was still in a coma. But she was not very worried because according to Long Yi, he would wake up only after a day or two.

“What happened to brother-in-law? Who wounded him?” Si Bi’s body emitted a burst of cold qi. Her parents had died early, so from her childhood, her cousin’s family had brought her up, as a result, she had very deep feeling towards her cousin’s family.

Susu told Si Bi everything. As a matter of fact, that third prince of Icy Wind Mercenary Group had taken a fancy to beauty Susu. Soon afterwards, using a trick he wanted to rape her, but this husband and wife ran away having seen through him, so that third prince sent people to hunt them down.

“Icy Wind Mercenary Group, Murong Feng, I will absolutely not let you get away with this.” Si Bi gnashed her teeth as she said. She however didn’t know that Icy Wind Mercenary Group and third prince Murong Feng were already exterminated by Long Yi long ago in Huangmang plain.

“Oh, that’s right, cousin, afterward, who saved you?” Si Bi asked.

Susu strangely looked at Si Bi, up and down, down and up, but didn’t say a word.

“Cousin, why are you looking at me like this, who exactly is he?” Si Bi felt somewhat uncomfortable, as she asked.

“That person pledged regardless of the ends of the earth, he will definitely find you and make you his bride.” Susu lightly laughed.

Su Bi trembled from head to foot and was completely dumbfounded at the same time.

Susu sighed lightly, reached out her hand towards Si Bi’s bamboo hat and take it off. Then she saw Si Bi’s pale complexion, her beautiful as if starry sky pair of eyes were turning misty and her trembling lips were continuously opening closing. If carefully listened, then one could hear her repetitively saying two words “Long Yi”.

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