Chapter 78: Art of Killing People


Hearing they were Icy Wind Mercenary Group, an even brilliant smile appeared on Long Yi’s face. After that, squinting his eyes, he said with a cold smile: “Icy Wind Mercenary Group, truly enemies on a narrow road ah.”

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Hearing Long Yi, that Water Master Magician immediately realized this situation was not good. He believed Long Yi and his group would get scared after they knew their identity, but listening to his speaking tone, he immediately knew that there was a grudge between them. So without wasting any time, with the flash of blue light from the ring, a sealed Freezing Magic appeared in his hand. He threw it towards the sky and a cold air violently gushed out covering the ground. After that, the temperature around instantly decreased by several tens of degree.

Lu Xiya lightly snorted, and a Magic Implement Bow Great Nature’s Breath appeared in her left hand. And after her right hand came into contact with the bowstring, light green rays of light suddenly flashed.

“Spirit of spring breeze kiss the rain arrow.” Lu Xiya yelled in her lovely voice. Then nature’s aura congealed into three green arrows, and just like shooting stars, the arrows were rapid-fired into gushing out cold qi. Everyone felt an influx of fresh feeling in their whole body as if a burst of spring breeze blew on their face. Then white colored cold qi quickly disappeared, just like spring water seeped into the earth.

While on the other side, Barbarian Bull was swinging his Ruling Greenstone with irresistible force towards one of the Swords Master forcing him to retreat successively. With magic club’s strong power coupled with Shaolin Golden Bell Canopy, killing one or two Swords Master was piece of cake, but now he was obviously playing with the opponent.

Long Yi was staring at the remaining Swords Master. Without any movement, solely that aura he gave out by standing cause the nerve of this pitiful Swords Master collapse. As a matter of fact, this moment Long Yi’s mind was wandering, as he was thinking about an issue. That issue was, everything was separated into yin and yang, under yin and yang there again was the five elements. Magic have those five elements attribute, then doesn’t douqi have it too? Was it possible to mix magic’s attribute into douqi, such as integrating water magic elements into douqi. Or was it possible for douqi to own a specific property of water magic element?

After Long Yi had such idea, he immediately began to put it into action. On one side, he quietly used douqi, and on the other side, he began to call in light blue colored water magic elements from his consciousness and integrate it into douqi. But douqi and water magic element repelled each other. They didn’t fuse. Long Yi frowned and began to think hard. He didn’t remember magic and douqi being the complete antagonist with each other.

Suddenly, Long Yi remembered his AoTianJue’s internal force. Can internal force press douqi to merge with magic power, why not use internal force as an intermediary between douqi and magic element to blend together?

Long Yi excitedly yelled loudly. This loud yell caused that Swords Master whose nerves were already strained to its limit tremble. After that he nervously roared madly and jumped, then chopped towards Long Yi with his sword covered with light blue douqi.

Long Yi indifferently smiled, as his internal force successfully merged his water magic element and douqi. The light blue qi covering his huge sword’s sword blade actually scattered completely, and a layer of hazy ice cold qi appeared.

“Look at you grandfather’s ice douqi.” Long Yi shouted loudly. And he swung his huge sword, colliding with Sword Master’s sword blade.

This Swords master immediately gave out a miserable cry, and as if a piece of rock, fall down on the ground from the sky. His both hands were actually covered with a layer of ice and frost and he was trembling nonstop from head to toe as if shivering with cold.

Long Yi was very proud of himself seeing the effect achieved by the ice douqi he had created. Integrating water magic element, the douqi’s might was much greater, and also brought along magic attribute. Long Yi’s Violent Dragon Douqi was basically famous for its destructive power, now mixing this destructive power with powerful magical power, one can well imagine its might.

Looking at Long Yi, that Swords Master was terrified as if seen a ghost. He crawled up after struggling, then unexpectedly turned back and began to run away.

“Do you think you can run even if you want?” Long Yi sneered. After that using Great Cosmos Shift, leaving behind afterimages of himself, he rushed towards this fleeing Swords Master with his sword pointed to his back.

Kacha kacha, the face of this Sword Master turned deathly pale, then the upper part of his body suddenly exploded, and blood burst out like a fountain. But the even more surprising matter occurred, that spurt out rain of blood still remained in the sky without falling down, as a burst of misty cold qi sprang out from the body of this Swords Master, and that as if ‘the heavenly maiden scattering the flowers’ kind of bloody rain with mincemeat froze in the sky, forming a human shape fireworks kind of ice sculpture.

All the people were stunned, and coincidentally every one of them blankly stared Long Yi holding the huge sword. They had never thought that the matter of killing a people was also capable of warming the heart and delighting the eyes like this. This was a kind of bloody and cruel aesthetic of art. This moment, with that frozen blood red as the background, Long Yi’s that handsome face appeared a different kind of evil.

Long Yi was also shock still. He had a sudden outburst of this inspiration, and this inspired work unexpectedly gave rise to such effect. He had never expected the effect like this. He calmed down his state of mind and slowly turned around. Everyone was looking at him with their eyes wide open as if they didn’t recognize him.

“Why wasting time, quickly get this fight done.” Long Yi cried out loudly.

Everyone snapped out of it as if awakening from a dream, then again began their fight. Barbarian Bull and Leng Youyou who were not using their utmost strength, hearing Long Yi, immediately speed up their attack to settle this fight quickly. And after seeing that kind of death of their companion, those Water Master Magician and Swords Master’s state of mind was completely in mess, furthermore, they no longer had a will to fight.

In less than two minutes, that Swords Master had his head pulverized by the Ruling Greenstone of Barbarian Bull. And his shining white brain material flowed on the ground. This scene was far worse than Long Yi’s. Seeing this scenery, everyone wanted to throw up their earlier dinner.

The horrible shriek of Swords Master right before his deathbed caused Water Master Magician to lose his focus for a moment. Taking advantage of this moment, the spirit arrow of Lu Xiya pierced through his heart without any politeness.

The battle was concluded, and all people grouped together by the side of Long Yi. They were looking at Long Yi with curiosity and admiration. Naturally, Wushuang this girl was the exception. With an exception of the surprise of that time, her face was indifferent and calm all along.

At this moment, the female of Moxi Clan Susu got up and kneeled in front of Long Yi, the said while crying: “Benefactors, I beg you, please save my husband. Susu is willing to work extremely hard to repay you.”

Long Yi carefully size up this female of Moxi Clan and had a familiar feeling. She was roughly 25 or 26 in age, but her beautiful face was smeared with dust and mud. If these dust and mud were erased, then she was absolutely a country-toppling beauty.

The image of Si Bi appeared in the mind of Long Yi. He began to think Si Bi’s outline was actually a bit similar to this woman. His felt violent shock in his heart, could it be that this girl has some relation with Si Bi?

“Pervert, why on earth are you continuously staring at her? She already has a husband.” Leng Youyou lightly said with dissatisfaction from his side, while her jade hand again began to attend his waist’s soft flesh.

Long Yi gritted his teeth and fondled her jade hand. Her charming body suddenly quivered, and she obediently let go of him.

“Big sister, quickly rise, we will absolutely try our best.” Lu Xiya stepped forward and help this Moxi Clan’s woman to rise. Then looked at Long Yi with pleading eyes.

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Long Yi walked to that man who had only a single breath remained and squatted down in front of him. That stabbed ice arrows had already melted, but his chest however was already frozen solid by cold qi. It might be assumed that all his internal organs were also already frozen.

In this condition, even Holy Cure Magic was also useless. Light magic had extraordinary efficacy towards external injury or wounds, but it however didn’t have any big effect towards internal injuries.

Long Yi found the heartbeat of this man was already very weak. In this critical circumstance, Long Yi no longer hesitated, he placed his one hand on the chest and the other hand in the back of this man. After that slowly transmitted his internal force, slowly unblocking the channels of his chest. He dispersed the cold qi inside his body, simultaneously stimulating acupuncture points in order to activate internal organs’ life-force.

Gradually, that pale face of this man began to recover a bit of redness, while Long Yi was perspiring profusely at this moment. His sweats were running down from his forehead, and his whole body was already drenched thoroughly as if he was dragged out from inside water. Lu Xiya felt sorry and thought to help Long Yi by wiping his sweat, however Wushuang pulled her back, and said: “Don’t touch him, this moment he is using a kind of peculiar technique to heal this man, so he must not be disturbed.”

If it was someone else, Long Yi would have definitely not spent so much internal force to save them. Because Blue Waves Continent, this was a world with law of jungle. At any time anyone might run into something unexpected, if by any chance weak met the attack of strong, then they would be in trouble. Very often life and death merely had a fine distinction. Perhaps he saved many people, however, because of saving a person, he wasted his internal force and got killed, then what’s the point.

But this was a couple of Moxi Clan, and there was very big possibility that they were related to Si Bi. Because of this Long Yi decided to save him.

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