Chapter 77: Enemies on a narrow road [1]

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Breakfast ended in a somewhat ambiguous atmosphere. Wushuang was even hastier, she casually ate a little, then sat down on the sofa and went on to read.

After Long Yi ate good enough, he spoke: “In the near future, there is Elf Clan’s sacred festival, so our next destination is to go there. I heard Elven Forest is just like Fairyland, moreover, they have the king of wine, Hundred Flower Wine, not going there and tasting it is honestly a great loss.”

Leng Youyou coldly stared at Long Yi, then said with a smile: “I can see through your ulterior motive, isn’t looking at Elf Clan’s beautiful women your real objective?”

Long Yi feign innocence, and righteously, said: “How is that possible, I am already occupied looking at you few beautiful women every day, so where is the time to think about looking for someone else?”

Leng Youyou snorted, the corner of her mouth however slightly rose up. It seems Long Yi’s praise made her very pleasant.

“It might not be a bad idea to go to Elven Forest. Our Barbarian Bull clan’s yearly martial arts competition convention is also about to be held. With skill taught by Boss and Ruling Greenstone, this year’s Barbarian Bull clan’s ‘First Warrior’ title will definitely belong to me.” Barbarian Bull excitedly said with his saliva splashing everywhere.

Long Yi hastily covered his face with his sleeve, then rained curse: “Burly, what on earth is there for you to get so excited and drool like this?”

Barbarian Bull laughed foolishly, then used his hand to scratch his ox horn.

“Barbarian Bull, is there any reward for obtaining ‘First Warrior’ title? Lu Xiya asked curiously.

Barbarian Bull blushed for the first time, then droned: “First Warrior title holder not only get the respect of all clansmen, still can…….”

“Hee hee, still can obtain the good grace of beautiful women, isn’t that so?” Lu Xiya charmingly laughed.

Barbarian Bull nodded his head, then said while feeling embarrassed: “I hear our clan’s little princess wants to marry this year’s First Warrior title holder.”

Princess of Barbarian Bull clan? Inside Long Yi’s brain appeared a seven foot tall, waist like bucket, long hair from head to foot, and a cow face with two horn on the head “beautiful woman”. Immediately goosebumps appeared all over his body.

“Is the princess of your Barbarian Bull clan beautiful?” Lu Xiya asked what Long Yi didn’t ask.

Suddenly two hears appeared in the eyes of Barbarian Bull, then said with a simple and honest smile: “Beautiful, little princess is the most beautiful woman in our whole Barbarian Bull Clan.”

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Long Yi laughed, Barbarian Bull’s aesthetics standards was too different from human. For instance Wushuang, Leng Youyou, and Lu Xiya, towards these kinds of exceedingly beautiful women, he basically didn’t have any feeling. If it was not for the case that he knew them, he might not even lift his eyelid when he saw them.

Long Yi moved sideways towards the side of leisurely reading Wushuang, then a fragrance of orchid entered his nose, making Long Yi to involuntarily take a long deep breath.

Seeing Long Yi’s that philanderer’s movement, Wushuang lightly knitted her elegant brows. Then she sent two ice-cold air inside his collar. Long Yi instantly shivered and hastily moved away. This woman really was made up of ice, not easy to approach at all.

“Wushuang, I only want to ask your opinion, no need to resort to such cruel means towards me.” Seeing Leng Youyou and Lu Xiya’s ‘taking joy in calamity and delight in the disaster of the other’ expression, Long Yi made a wry smile and said.

Wushuang coldly snorted and said: “This is the best method to deal with lecher like you, lest you will think its fine to bully us, women.”

“Then you don’t have an opinion?” Long Yi asked with a bitter face.

“Can I have an opinion here? I am not familiar with this place, so wherever you go, I will also go there.” Wushuang indifferently answered.

“Well then, let’s get things ready to set out on a journey.” Long Yi got up and said.

Outside, the heavy rain had already stopped, but the sky was still overcast, and the streets were still lacking many pedestrians. Long Yi and his group walked towards the west direction of Frost Maple City. Elven Forest and Beast-men’s stronghold Hengduan Mountains were all in the west. Furthermore, these two places were not very far apart.

Along the way, Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou fooled around and bantered in flirtation, and occasionally played with indifferent Wushuang making this journey not boring.

When Long Yi was speaking about the previous incarnation Egypt’s mysterious pyramid, suddenly strong magic and douqi fluctuation came through the air. It might be assumed that some people were fighting in front. Sensing this magic fluctuation, it seems the level of battle was not low.

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“Let’s go, and take a look.” Long Yi waved his hand and said. It would be too unfair to him if he didn’t see the lively happening in front of him.

Five people quickly marched forward. Before long they saw five people jointly attacking one man and one woman in front of them.

“Moxi Clan!” Seeing those man and woman who were in somewhat tough straits, Long Yi couldn’t help but be baffled. That dark green colored hair had clearly stated their identity.

Among the five that were jointly attacking, two were Swords Master, and other three were magicians. Among them, one was Water Master Magician, and other two were Fire and Earth Advance Magician. This lineup was extremely luxurious.

And among the couple from Moxi clan, the man was Swords Master, and the woman was Fire Master Magician. The gap between the strength of two sides was not small, but the mutual cooperation of Moxi Clan’s couple was very well coordinated, moreover, they wore many protective and attacking magic accessories on their body, otherwise, they would have already become a pool of blood in five steps.

“They are on the verge of death.” Leng Youyou said.

“Long Yi, are we going to save them?” Looking at Long Yi, Lu Xiya said. From the expression in her eyes, she very much wanted to save them.

“Long Yi, Long Yi, what happened?” Seeing Long Yi was blankly staring without a word, Lu Xiya pulled the sleeve of his garment and said.

Long Yi woke up from his daze, then said with a stiff smile: “I’m fine.”

“These are Si Bi’s clansmen. Where in the world are you now making me so worried? I wonder if you have returned back to Moxi Clan or not?” Long Yi thought inside his heart.

Right now the fight in front was quickly getting close to end. The strength of this couple of Moxi clan was clearly insufficient. At this moment, that Water Master Magician shot a series of Ice Arrow Magic towards that woman who had already exhausted her magical power.

“Susu.” Moxi Clan’s man madly roared and spared no effort to rush over to that woman.

With a stabbing sound, sharp ice arrows pierce through his leather armor, and half of the ice arrow entered his body. After that, the ice cold qi began to quickly destroy the tissues inside the body.

“Husband!” Woman sadly cried and hugged her husband on the verge of death.

Long Yi softly sighed. Even if it not for Si Bi’s face, he might have saved them out of goodwill.

Long Yi began to stir the cyan colored magic element inside his sea of consciousness, then waved his both hands. Ten spinning wind blade, under the urge of internal force streak across searching towards five people with trials of green light. This was the first time he had used Wind magic to attack. This wind blade with the urging of internal force was even more flexible.

“Be careful.” That Water Master Magician was first one to be aware of the danger, but Long Yi’s wind blade was very fast. After crying out in alarm, he hastily released a sealed protective magic.  Two Swords Masters brandish their sword and flicked the wind blade attack, but those two Fire and Earth Advance Magicians were not so lucky. Magicians didn’t have the slightest degree of close combat ability, if they became aware of crisis only after it had already arrived by their side, then it would be too late for them to do anything. Before those two people could cry out, the spinning wind blade had already cut their throat.

The effect of this elementary wind blade magic far exceeded the expectation of Long Yi. He had believed that at most it would only force them to move back, but unexpectedly it was able to kill two. As a matter of fact, this was the result of the surprise attack. If magicians were prepared, then killing them was quite tricky.

Seeing the tragic death of his companions, that Water Master Magician gnashed his teeth while looking at those leisurely walking over Long Yi and his group.

“Shameless people, actually using despicable means such as sneak attack, Light God will punish you.” That Water Master Magician hatefully said.

Long Yi brilliantly smiled, Light God? In his views, those Gods were something scoundrel fabricated to con people. So funny, these people who bully less with many as well as kill people also had Light God hanging on their lips.

In Blue Waves Continent, every believer of Light God whether good or bad, greatly despise sneak attacker. But again, there were also many people who craved this kind of things, such as thief, this profession specialized in the assassination by sneak attack. On one hand, many people despise thief profession, but on the other hand, they also spend a huge sum of money to request the matter they despise.

Very unfortunately, in the previous incarnation, Long Yi was sneak attack assassination expert. He didn’t care about any Light God, if a sneak attack was more likely to succeed, then why on earth he would do the arduous and thankless task without tricks.

“Youyou, Lu Xiya, that guy is for you.” Long Yi said while pointing at that Water Master Magician.

“Boss, then what about me?” Barbarian Bull hurriedly said. He had not worked out for several days, so his hands were already itchy.

“Those two with swords, which do you want?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“Won’t choosing both of them do?” Barbarian Bull asked. Passionately looking at those two Swords Master rank fighters, Barbarian Bull was full of fighting spirit.

“Won’t do, I also want to try my hand.” Long Yi chuckled.

Hearing Long Yi and his group talking with each other completely ignoring them, these three people’s lungs were about to burst with rage, but they however were also not stupid. From the cold killing intent being emitted from the body of Long Yi and his group, they (three people) knew that they (Long Yi and his group) possessed the ability to kill them (three people).

“We are Icy Wind Mercenary Group, belong to Proud Moon Royal Guards. Today we have received the order to hunt this adulterous couple. So I ask you, people, to walk away making everything easy?” That Water Master Magician softly said. He believed if he made his identity known, Long Yi and his group would have misgivings to some extent.

Hearing they were Icy Wind Mercenary Group, an even brilliant smile appeared on Long Yi’s face. He squinted his eyes, and said with a cold smile: “Icy Wind Mercenary Group, truly enemies on a narrow road ah.”

[1] Enemies on a narrow road (idiom): enemies run into each other frequently.

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