Chapter 76: Wretch’s heart has a magic horn [1]


The wind suddenly blew, the sky became completely black, and a very light rain as fine as ox hair kept on falling nonstop. Frost Maple City’s street seemed empty all of a sudden. That bustling with activities situation of this city changed into this bleak appearance chilly wind and night rain.

“It’s raining.” Lu Xiya was peacefully laid on Long Yi’s bosom, and even after hearing the pitter-patter sound outside, she was unwilling to move.

“Yes, it’s raining.” Long Yi gently caressed and stroke Lu Xiya’s silk-like satiny skin and softly said. This was a rainy night which made people distressed, love and melancholy, where one could very easily recall certain sentimental matters.

“Oh, that’s right, little elf, don’t you have something you want to say me? Now you can say it.” Long Yi patted Lu Xiya’s buttocks and asked with a smile. And his other hand however was dishonestly playing with her plump breast’s that **.

Lu Xiya let out a **, seize the mischievous big hand of Long Yi, then rolling over, she pushed down his body.

Long Yi was dumbfounded, and asked with a smile: “Just a moment ago, didn’t I feed you until full? Truly my sin ah, are we going again?”

Lu Xiya however straightly stared at Long Yi, and suddenly the rim of her eyes was filled with tears, then she wept.

Seeing Lu Xiya was weeping, Long Yi couldn’t help but become flustered. He feared neither Heaven nor Earth, but he feared the attack power of women’s tear. Here ‘women’ naturally refers to his women, not other women. In his previous world, when he was in Dragon organization, he however had frequently used ruthless methods to kill many of those delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade female secret agent of other countries.

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“Good baby, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Which bastard bully my little elf?” Long Yi consoled her in a flurry.

Hearing Long Yi’s gently consoling, Lu Xiya’s teardrops burst out even more uncontrollably. Then just like broken string pearls, her teardrops fell on Long Yi’s chest.

“Long Yi, I’m not leaving you, I don’t want to leave you.” Lu Xiya sobbed and burst out in tears.

Long Yi was dumbfounded, and he awkwardly wiped the tears from her face, but who would have thought that, the more and more he wiped, the more and more tears flowed down. It seems the two big hands of Long Yi was unable to stop her tears.

“Ai, women really are made up of water ah, how is their tear duct so developed?” Long Yi sighed inside his heart. Then took Lu Xiya in his arms, and regardless of nasal mucus and tears stuck on his chest, he softly said: “You will naturally not leave me, and I also forbid you to leave me. Now tell me, what happened?”

After a long time, Lu Xiya’s emotion settled down, then she said while choking with sobs: “But I must leave. Not long after there is our Elf Clan’s sacred festival, so I have to go back.”

Having heard what was said, Long Yi relaxed, and then chuckled: “What is there to grieve, don’t you just want to return home?”

Lu Xiya immediately got up, aggrievedly turned around and said feeling wronged: “I know you are looking forward for me to go back early, you hate me.”

Long Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, what is this with what ah, why is the mood of women so quick to change?

“There is not enough time for me to love you, so how can I hate you? My little elf is so lovely.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Hate, you hate me.” Lu Xiya angrily roared, then again turning around, she asked: “If you love me then why do you have an appearance of ‘I don’t care’ when you heard I have to go back home?”

“Why on earth should I care ah, returning home is a good thing ah.” Long Yi said with a sly smile.

“But, but if I go back home, then we will be unable to see each other for a long time. I will miss you, I will miss you very very much.” Lu Xiya eyes became red again.

Seeing Lu Xiya’s tears were about to overflow again, Long Yi no longer tease her. He chuckled: “Stupid girl, don’t tell me I can’t accompany you to return your home?”

Lu Xiya’s eyes lit up, and she said: “Really, will you truly accompany me back to Elven Forest?” But she immediately said with hesitation: “But, but humans are prohibited to enter Elven Forest.”

Long Yi was stunned, it seems humans are truly prohibited to enter Elven Forest. He laughed: “Elven Forest naturally is off-limits to outsiders, but I should not be count as an outsider. I think my mother-in-law Elf Queen will not cold-bloodedly refuse her son-in-law outside the gate like that.”

Lu Xiya beautiful face became very red, then thought inside her heart. Now Long Yi was her husband, so her clansmen ought to accept him.

Early in the next morning, Leng Youyou with drowsy-eyed came out from inside her room, and she had ‘not had slept well’ appearance. At this time, Wushuang also walked out while yawning. Both of them were dumbfounded when their eyes met, next their beautiful face reddened.

“Elder sister Youyou, elder sister Wushuang, both of you have got up. Long Yi asked me to come over to call you to have a breakfast.” Lu Xiya walked over in high spirits and said.

The two women unnaturally nodded their head. Then seeing Barbarian Bull coming out from his room with clear and refreshed looks after Lu Xiya knocked his room door, it seems he was able to have a pretty good night sleep yesterday.

Various type of fine breakfast was spread over the dining table of the hall, Long Yi was calmly and composedly sitting on the sofa. When he saw everyone coming in, he said with a smile: “Good morning everyone, did you have a good night sleep yesterday?”

Barbarian Bull answered with contented face: “Good, very good, I had never slept so well.”

At this moment, Long Yi saw Leng Youyou and Wushuang had weariness in their face, so he couldn’t help but strangely asked: “Youyou, Wushuang, did you two went to steal yesterday night, there is a wrinkle in your face.”

Everyone loves beauty, let alone women. Hearing Long Yi, both women immediately covered their face in panic. Then Leng Youyou walked over to Long Yi’s side, and pinched his soft flesh behind everyone, and softly said in his ear: “This is all because of you, when you and little sister Lu Xiya did that evil deed yesterday, you didn’t use soundproofing barrier, so because of the noise, I was unable to sleep well whole night.”

Long Yi laughed, then pinching the perk buttocks of Leng Youyou, he said: “I forgot, but if it was that noisy then why didn’t you use it by yourself?”

Leng Youyou was stunned, biting her lower lip, she stamped Long Yi’s leg, then moving towards dining table, sat down. Yesterday night when she heard two people divulging in ** sound, in her heart outside of some envy, she even more had ** rising. Yesterday night inside her mind, she continuously imagined the person who was indulging with Long Yi was herself. She wanted to use a barrier to cut off that exciting sound, however, she was like ‘want to stop but can’t’.

Long Yi swung his leg while making a wry smile, and eyes looking towards Wushuang. ‘She ought to also have heard. Looking at her appearance which looked as if she didn’t have enough sleep, it seems both she and Leng Youyou had heard.’ Thinking this, Long Yi very naturally revealed an ambiguous expression.

Sensing Long Yi’s those different kinds of gaze, Wushuang unnaturally turned around, blushed and cursed Long Yi this wretched guy inside her heart. As a matter fact, yesterday night when she heard the sound of Long Yi and Lu Xiya’s misdeed, she immediately used a barrier, but she however was surprised to discover that it was of no use. Because she could feel Long Yi’s that surging ** and divulging in ** as if it was happening to herself, even to the extent that she had a kind of illusion as if she herself was the protagonist of that flesh sport. So how long Long Yi rolled about in yesterday night, Wushuang also endured that long. In the morning when she woke up, she found her pants was drenched, at that time she was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole and squeeze into it.

Wushuang didn’t know what she should do, she and Long Yi’s heart had magic horn’s reaction. If every time he did bad deeds, this happened, then she would definitely fall apart. That kind of continuous panting of spirit and colliding, even recalling now, she felt hot all over.

“This bastard, this wretch’s heart has a magic horn!” Wushuang gnashed her teeth inside her heart and cursed. If she was given a choice again, then she would rather choose to sleep inside the crystal coffin without waking up.

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[1] magic horn: rhinoceros horn with its threadlike white core, mentioned in old texts as having a high sensibility.

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