Chapter 101: Evil Long Yi

“Snowstorm Divine Marten? How come I have never heard of it?” Yu Feng curiously asked.

“That is legendary duel elemental magical beast with wind and water magic. It’s as fast as the wind, and legend says that when it grows up, Snowstorm Divine Marten can easily use even the combined forbidden magic spell of both elements.” Long Yi solemnly said. He didn’t know whether this Snowstorm Divine Martin was grown up or not, but merely with its current level of strength, he knew that even if it was not adult, it was very hard to deal with.

“Ah.” Yu Feng exclaimed. Originally she believed that she was very experienced and knowledgeable regarding everything in Divine Wind Continent, but by the side of Long Yi, she always heard about the things that she had never heard before or see things that would dumbstruck her. For instance Long Yi’s all attributed magic physique, magic douqi and so on, all of these made her feel as if she was dreaming. And hearing his narration of what he had experienced in Huangmang plain made her unable to close her mouth for a long period of time. Furthermore today she saw Long Yi’s SS rank super magical beast pet, and now she was seeing this Snowstorm Divine Marten which could cast combined forbidden magic spell, so now she couldn’t even imagine what she would encounter next.

Snowstorm Divine Marten went around in circles and never got anywhere near Violent Lightning Beast, and it would frequently issue squeaking sounds. This made Violent Lightning Beast fly into a rage, but was powerless to do anything. This little fellow was very clever, as it seemed to know that it was in disadvantage in the frontal confrontation.

Suddenly, Long Yi saw the silver horn of Violent Lightning Beast flashing with lightning, so he immediately pulled Yu Feng and impatiently retreated. After that suddenly dark clouds densely covered the sky, and thunderclap rumbled, changing this snow falling season into lightning and thunder. This change could be accomplished only by magic.

The denser the dark clouds got, the lower the pressure became. Ear-splitting thunderclap and lightning wander around within these dark clouds, and it had might that seemed to be capable of destroying heaven and exterminating earth. Suddenly, the entire space seemed to tremble, and more than ten lightning suddenly strike down from this dense dark cloud, shrouding the Snowstorm Divine Marten.

Snowstorm Divine Marten panicked, and changing its small body into a white light, it moved around the crowded together lightning. But Violent Lightning Beast was really enraged with this little thing, and again let other tens of lightning strike towards it, wanting to burn it into carbon.

“Zhizhi.” Snowstorm Divine Marten who had changed into white light suddenly stopped. After that thick lightning struck it head-on. Zhizhi, it cried out in pain while lying down on the snow ground. But would Violent Lightning Beast let this chance slip by? Violent Lightning Beast immediately let another lightning strike towards the body of Snowstorm Divine Marten.

Yu Feng cried out in alarm and reveal unable to bear expression on her face. She believed that this cute Snowstorm Divine Marten was already screwed. Not only had she thought so, even Long Yi also thought like that. It was impossible for anyone to survive the strike of these more than ten lightning. Perhaps he himself might survive, as he originally had survived the water bucket wide lightning strike and arrived at another world.

After the final lightning strike, the dense dark clouds in the sky quickly dispersed. And the snow began to fall again.

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“Squeak Squeak.” The Snowstorm Divine Marten whom Long Yi had thought would certainly die unexpectedly jumped out from the ground, but the pure white fur on its body was burnt black. Now its body was emitting cyan mist, and was wrathfully looking at Violent Lightning Beast. And strong magic fluctuation began to spread from its body.

Cyan colored rays of light flashed around the body of Snowstorm Divine Marten, and countless huge ice chunks flew up from the ground and began to rotate rapidly. Soon five huge ice tornados were formed, and these tornados advanced towards Violent Lightning Beast form different direction. All along the path these tornados passed, they didn’t leave even the blade of grass, and the loosen layer of snowflakes on the ground were absorbed by it. If people were absorbed into it, then those ice chunks which are rotating at high speed inside them would definitely tear them into pieces.

Violent Lightning Beast gave out a heaven shaking roar, then its huge body again rose a bit, and lightning flickered all around its body. And these thick lightning network formed an oval-shaped shield. After that, those five huge tornados violently rammed against the lightning network, then sound similar to teeth grinding which would make people who heard it to directly spit blood resounded.

The huge body of Violent Lightning Beast suddenly shook, and its eyes revealed a suffering looks, ought to have eaten a small loss.

Long Yi with Yu Feng descend slowly and lightly at a distant place. Seeing these ice tornados cast by Snowstorm Divine Marten, Long Yi seems to be lost in thought. This obviously was water and wind combination magic, and that might was definitely at the level of forbidden magic spells. Now he understood that magic could be mix together with each other, and after doing so, its might would be very great.

Right now, two super magical beasts had entered the most difficult period in their fight, so both of them were consuming their magical power rapidly. At this time, Long Yi take a quick look at Snowstorm Divine Marten, then couldn’t help but laugh sinisterly.

“Why are you laughing?” Yu Feng asked curiously.

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“Didn’t you say you wanted to catch this small rat to make your pet?” Long Yi chuckled.

“How can we catch it?” Yu Feng’s elegant eyes showed expectation. If she could have such cute and powerful pet, then she would feel blessed by fortune.

“You just watch, I will go and catch it.” Long Yi confidently said. Now two super magical beasts were at a crucial moment of their magic battle, so if he gave a heavy blow from behind, then wouldn’t it be very easy to grab it?

Long Yi estimated the distance between him and Snowstorm Divine Marten. Approximately in about two breathe of time, he could cover that distance. If he had AoTiabJue of the fifth layer of before, then half breath of time would have been more than sufficient. He took a deep breath, circulated AoTianJue in his legs, then leaving behind after images in the sky, he rushed towards the back of Snowstorm Divine Marten.

Snowstorm Divine Marten detected the movement of Long Yi, but it didn’t dare to withdraw its magic and flee because currently, it was barely trapping Violent Lightning Beast, so if it canceled the magic then it would be definitely trampled by Violent Lightning Beast.

Its small body merely flashed avoiding the grab of Long Yi’s big hand, then ‘squeak’ cried out anxiously.

Long Yi was not able to grab even after trying few times, and Long Yi didn’t feel like exerting great effort, so he used his powerful spirit power on Snowstorm Divine Marten. Then the body of Snowstorm Divine Marten stiffened and fell down. After that Long Yi caught it with his big hand. This moment, Ice tornados suddenly stopped revolving, ice chunks and ice powders dropped down from the sky, nearly burying Violent Lighting Beast alive.

Snowstorm Divine Marten cried ‘squeak squeak’ in Long Yi’s hands as if it was protesting for his such sinister move to catch it.

“Not convinced ah, who told you to be so stupid?” Long Yi said with a smile while pointing its head.

Seeing Long Yi had caught Snowstorm Divine Marten, Yu Feng picked up Little Three and impatiently came over. Then happily looked at this little fellow, although its fur was burnt by the lightning of Violent Lightning Beast, but those clever eyes and human-like character and sentiment however were still quite attractive.

“Little fellow, henceforth she is your master, so listen to her words okay?” Long Yi pinched the head of Snowstorm Divine Marten and turned it towards Yu Feng, then said regardless of whether it understand or not.

Squeak squeak, Snowstorm Divine Marten desperately shook its head as if it would definitely not submit,

Yu Feng said feeling somewhat disappointed: “Since it is unwilling, I can’t make it my pet as it is so powerful.”

This is a problem. Long Yi thought inwardly. This moment, Violent Lightning Beast who had shrunk into puppy form came over to Long Yi’s side. It had tired appearance.

Long Yi suddenly recalled how Violent Lightning Beast had used ancient blood pact to become his pet. And the rank of Snowstorm Divine Marten ought to be similar to Violent Lightning Beast, so couldn’t this Snowstorm Divine Marten also use this blood pact?

Super magical beasts ought to be able to communicate with each other. Long Yi though this and told Violent Lightning Beast to tell this Snowstorm Divine Marten to recognize Yu Feng as its master. Violent Lightning Beast could understand the words of Long Yi, but Long Yi however couldn’t under the words of Violent Lightning Beast. He could at most only sense its feeling.

Sure enough, Violent Lightning Beast roared few times towards Snowstorm Divine Marten, and Snowstorm Divine Marten desperately shook its head as before, clearly was unwilling to become a servant.

“Tell this little thing, if it doesn’t agree, then I will castrate it, cut its little thing into pieces, and feed it to itself.” Long Yi strangely smiled and used his thought to notify Violent Lightning Beast.

But Snowstorm Divine Marten cried squeak squeak, and shook its small head as before.

Long Yi immediately got very angry, this little thing would rather become eunuch than submitting? Or could it be that its little thing can regenerate it similar to the tail of lizard? He angrily turned around Snowstorm Divine Marten and search within its white fur, resulting in the painful discovery of it being female. No wonder it was not afraid to be castrated.

“Tell it again, if it doesn’t agree, then I will pull out all of its furs, look for several hundred mice and let them ** it.” Long Yi evilly laughed, suddenly feeling he was quite evil.

Sure enough, Snowstorm Divine Marten began to tremble after hearing the Violent Lightning Beasts’ transmission. This was no laughing matter, it as a noble graceful princess of marten clan, how could she let those filthy low and degrading mouse sully itself? It angrily called out towards Long Yi, finally willing to submit.

After that taking a drop of Yu Feng’s blood, Snowstorm Divine Marten’s azure eyes flashed with strange light. Then this drop of blood slowly floated, suddenly split into two and enter the area between the eyebrows of Yu Feng and Snowstorm Divine Marten.

Seeing Blood pact was completed, Long Yi removed spirit power bind of Snowstorm Divine Marten. After that this little fellow immediately as if running away from the god of plague jumped into the bosom of Yu Feng. It seems Long Yi had left behind a never erasing shadow in its young heart.

At this time, the burnt black fur on the body of Snowstorm Divine Marten began to fall off and very quickly grew another layer of new snow-white tender fur. And its those azure eyes suddenly changed into lake green color, and only now its body’s life fluctuation could be sensed clearly. But Long Yi however felt this fluctuation was very weak as if its rank had suddenly reduced by a lot.

“Yu Feng, use your thought to ask it to use its strongest attack move.” To confirm his guess, Long Yi said to Yu Feng.

Yu Feng nodded her head and used her thought to command Snowstorm Divine Marten.

Cyan rays of light flashed around the body of Snowstorm Divine Marten, then a gale mixed up with nearly liquid state ice qi attacked towards Long Yi.

Long Yi cursed inwardly, never thought the grudge in the heart of this little fellow was unexpectedly this strong. He didn’t dodge, just slashed out with his palm. And the internal force whirlpool collided against it, then that ice cold qi was unexpectedly bounced back by Long Yi’s slash, successfully freezing complacent Snowstorm Divine Marten into an icicle.

Kacha sound resounded, Snowstorm Divine Marten freed itself and hastily ducked into the bosom of Yu Feng.

“Long Yi, how come its attack power had become so weak?” Yu Feng asked confusedly. The ice tornado this little fellow had sent out just a moment ago was high-level magic, so how come now it could only fire merely Advance magic.

“I also don’t know, after Violent Lightning Beast made a blood pact with me, it didn’t become weaker. Don’t tell me that it is breed problem?” Long Yi frowned.

“It doesn’t matter, even like this I am very satisfied.” Yu Feng said with a smile, while lightly caressing the newly grown fur of Snowstorm Divine Marten.

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